‪2013 Best Husky Moments‬

[ Music ]>>Every year, Marti and I
love to greet the new students at freshman convocation and
the picnic that follows. It’s such a time of
optimism and promise. It reminds us what an
extraordinary place this is when you see all the excitement
that the students generate with all the opportunities
available to them.>>My favorite memory is –>>Living next door to my
sister, my twin sister.>>I was going to say that.>>Giving tours to future
Huskies as a tour guide.>>W Day because
the crowd was wild.>>ECC’s leadership and
diversity training conference because I got to learn about
myself and some of my classmates and how much we have in common.>>I received two
separate phone calls; one from a student who’s
last name was Husky and one from a student who’s
last name was Dubs.>>When we had ESPN Game
Day out for the Ducks game and the marching band and the
drum line, we all got to go and play on Suzzallo steps outside. It was really epic. [ Foreign language ]>>I learned the importance
of bike maintenance when my front wheel locked while
riding down Rainier Vista and I went flying into
Drumheller Fountain.>>Meeting my –>>Best friends.>>My best Husky moment was
sitting next to President Young and recommending to the Regents
that for the next two years, there’d be zero tuition increase
for our resident undergraduates.>>Our favorite memory
of 2013 was marrying my Husky sweetheart. Go Dawgs!>>My favorite Husky moment
was remembering Don James in the beautiful, brand
new Husky Stadium.>>[Inaudible] real blessed
to be able to be here, be at this school, get a
degree and play football.>>Our best Husky moment is –>>U-Dub winning
Apple Cup 2013.>>Go Huskies!>>Woo-hoo! [ Cheering ] [ Music ]

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4 Responses

  1. Tunnel 43 says:

    Terrific video! The only thing better would have been Coach Peterson showing up at the end to say, "My favorite moment was becoming a Husky … Go Dawgs!"

  2. UW (University of Washington) says:

    To reflect on 2013, we asked you—the UW community—to share what made this year memorable. Here’s a compilation of some of your funny, sweet, serious and joyous responses: http://youtu.be/xIIQOsGYuG8

    And you can watch some more of your Best Husky Moment submissions here: http://www.washington.edu/discover/holiday/#fourthPage

  3. Rich Perez says:

    Totally clicked to see real dogs…boooo.

  4. Thomas Boyle says:

    I wanted puppies…

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