✅ TOP 5: Best Dog Beds 2019

Dogs are called a man’s best friends for a
reason. They provide good security, are fiercely loyal
and more recently, have been proven to be able to use their acute sense of smell to
detect diseases such as cancer and diabetes in the human body. It’s no wonder, therefore, that among the
62% of Americans that own pets, seven out of ten times, it’s a dog. Before we get into our top 10 dog beds we’ve
included links in the description for you to check the prices for the various dog beds,
so head on over there now. At number 1 we have the Big Barker 7 Inch
Pillow Top Dog Bed. This dog bed is a top choice for good reasons. It is made out of high-quality American Made
therapeutic foam and is 7 inches thick. It has three layers a 3-inch supportive layer
enclosed in two inches of comfort foam. Your dog will sink into the top 2 inches of
comfort foam and its body will be supported by the middle three inches of supportive material. This will allow enough room for the mattress
to conform to the dog’s frame but also support it at the same time. This mattress is best suited for medium to
large dogs ranging from Labrador Retrievers to Great Danes as small dogs do not have enough
weight to cause a dent in the top layer to reach the supportive middle layer. This means that a small dog will find this
dog bed extremely stiff and uncomfortable which defeats the purpose of a dog bed in
then first place. One of the best features of this mattress
is the pillow top that will support your dog’s neck as it rests its head. The bed cover is made out of a soft suede
that is comfortable to the skin. Maintenance of this dog bed is easy, especially
if you are looking for one of the best washable dog beds there is. You can unzip the cover, slide it off and
toss it into the washer using cold water, just like regular bedding. The Big Barker comes in three sizes: Giant,
Extra Large, and Large. It also comes in three earth-toned colors
which are Burgundy, Chocolate, and Khaki that will blend in well with almost any room setting. The Big Barker comes with a solid 10-year
guarantee which should attest to the maker’s confidence in the quality of the bed. At number 2 we have the Dogbed4less Memory
Foam Dog Bed. This is another dog bed specifically designed
for medium to large dogs. The great thing about this dog bed is its
durability. With a high-quality memory foam interior that
is 4 times heavier and 5 times denser than regular foams, this dog bed was created to
give your dog the perfect balance between comfort and support. This particular brand has a 4-inch and 3.2-pound
high-quality memory foam interior and is covered with two layers of superior quality fabric. The layer directly around the memory foam
is a Tafetta waterproof internal zip-on cover that ensures that the foam does not absorb
any dampness. The outer layer is a durable denim layer that
feels as great on your dog’s skin as your favorite pair of jeans. Dogbed4less also includes an extra MicroSuede
cover that can replace the denim one when it needs to be washed. This dog bed comes in seven sizes ranging
from extra small to extra large. The wide range of sizes means that it may
be suitable for medium sized to larger dogs. Smaller dogs, however, will not appreciate
this dog bed as much because they do not have enough body weight to derive comfort from
it. The Dogbed4Less Memory Foam bed comes in 5
different colors in 3 different fabrics. There are two choices of denim Blue and Brown,
two choices in MicroSuede Gray and Brown and one canvas fabric in Green. These materials are extremely breathable and
will provide comfort to your dog as they do not trap and hold scents for long and they
are comfortable to lay on. Since the covers can be zipped off, this dog
bed is extremely low maintenance. The covers can be thrown into a washer and
washed with cold water to preserve the color vibrancy of the material. You can then air dry them and re-zip over
the memory foam core. Proper washing and drying of the covers will
ensure maximum protection of your dog as the memory foam is already formulated to be highly
resistant to bacteria, molds, mildews and dust mites. In at number 3 we have the Majestic Pet Suede
Bagel Dog Bed. This is a nest-style bed more suited to smaller
and medium size dogs. It is a round bagel dog bed which means that
it is oval in shape and has an inner and out ring. The inner ring iscreated for the dog to actually
sleep in and the outer, more stuffed ring is for support. This bed is stuffed with Super Premium High
Loft Polyester Fiber Fill meaning that it will conform to your dog’s frame and allow
it to be comfortable throughout the night. It has a base that is heavy duty waterproof
300/600 denier. This dog bed is made in a range of sizes for
small to medium sized dogs. It’s size and style makes it a great dog bed
for puppies. While this bed may be suitable for a lot of
smaller dogs, a bigger dog may sink into it too easily causing joint aches and pains. The Bagel dog bed comes in five lovely colors
which are Chocolate, Brown, Rust, Sage and Stone. These colors are also earth-toned and will
blend in well in almost any living space. It has easy wash instructions. The smaller sizes can be tossed into a big
sized washing machine and must be air dried. The bigger size, however, comes with a zipper
to take off the cover and toss in a machine for washing. All washing must be done with cold water. Next up at number 4 we have the Kuranda Chewproof
Raised Dog Bed. This is an elevated dog bed that will be perfect
for dogs that have thick fur. It is made out of Cordura fabric that is as
durable as canvas, abrasion resistant and provides a lot of traction when your dog gets
in or out of the bed. The 6-inch legs are made out of walnut colored
PVC that is a very strong material that holds up well under stress. Altogether, the Kuranda dog bed can support
dogs weighing up to 125 pounds making it a great choice for medium sized dogs. This bed a great choice for dogs with thick
fur because of the mesh fabric and it’s elevated which will ensure that your dog is kept cool,
dry and comfortable all through the night. This dog bed is recommended as an indoor bed
for dogs. The Kuranda dog bed comes in 5 sizes: Small,
Medium, Large, XL and XXL. The Cordura cover comes in four great colors
which are Burgundy, Forest Green, Khaki, and Smoke. This dog bed will be especially beneficial
to dogs who have a habit of chewing and ripping things apart. Because of its sturdy nature, your dog will
be unable to pull this bed apart making it a long-lasting investment for you. The bed is designed in a way that the edges
of the Condura fabric is hidden inside the frame of the bed which will discourage your
dog from chewing the bed. This bed has a one year warranty. The company guarantees replacements of parts
of the bed that is damaged within the one year warranty period. For bigger dogs or more aggressive chewers,
the manufacturers of this dog best suggest the Kuranda All Aluminum bed as an alternative
to this one. This dog bed is fairly easy to clean. A warm wet rug with a bit of allergen-free
soap should give the bed a good polish. And now for our final dog bed in at 5th place
we have the Snoozer Luxury Corner Dog Bed. The Snoozer luxury corner bed is a great choice
for owners will small houses or apartments because it fits right in the corner and saves
a lot of space. It has a sturdy form made out of high-density
foam and a tufted, spring-wound poly filled cushion interior that is removable. The interior cushion is also very heavily
stuffed and therefore your dog will not sink completely to the ground giving a good balance
of comfort and support to your dog. Additionally, the covering is made out of
a luxurious microsuede fabric that will be comfortable against your dog’s skin. This dog bed is tailored more towards small
dogs as the cushion form as opposed to the orthopedic form is generally better for supporting
smaller frames. That being said, the Snoozer luxury corner
bed comes in three sizes: Small, Medium and Large. This is the bed with the most variety in color. All of the beds are two toned with one color
as the main covering and one as the trimming. The Main/ Trim color combinations include
Buckskin/ Java, Butter/ Black, Camel/ Olive, Dark Chocolate/ Buckskin, Saddle/ Butter,
Anthracite/ Black, Red/ Black, Peat/Coffee, Black/ Herringbone and Hot Fudge/ Cafe. This wide range of colors means that you will
definitely be able to find a combination that suits the style of your home. With the additional benefit of this dog bed
being able to be tucked perfectly into a corner, it should blend in nicely in any room of your
house. The covers of this dog bed can be easily slipped
off and therefore laundry is quick and easy with a cold wash. So that sums up our top 5 dog beds, we hope
you enjoyed the video. If you’re new here feel free to subscribe
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