❤️ Funny and Cute English Bulldog Doing Funny Things # 4 | 2018 | Animal Lovers ❤️

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54 Responses

  1. Starkiller TV says:


  2. Janet Hoffman says:

    Thank you for sharing this video ???❤️❤️❤️

  3. Karen Murphy says:

    There is nothing any funnier or cuter than English Bulldogs having fun with kids!!?

  4. Sayittomyface Idareyou says:

    I can't get enough of these bulldogs. They are too cute ??

  5. Raz M. says:

    Omg! Cuteness overload.

  6. Jeanique Louet says:


  7. Ralph The Bulldog says:

    Bloody love my Ralph, they are such a character

  8. Paul Masters says:

    That baby eating fries… The two puppies in the bucket in the sun panting are probably thirsty… Car window fully open with a top heavy dog is not a risk i would take… When you have had English Bulldogs you love the dog but you hate what has been done to the breed and i really wouldn't recommend buying one unless you get one from a breeder that is trying to make them healthy again.

  9. Danya Sallis says:

    São muito fofos?

  10. Danya Sallis says:

    5:20 ❤❤❤

  11. ULTIM8WEBSTER says:

    The cutest Dogbreed on Earth?

    Check out Lincoln's World and Reuben the Bulldog!

  12. Nguyen Thi Hong Van says:

    I like bulldogs. They are so cute

  13. Daniel Dimino says:

    Theyre such adorable chubby little pooches just the sight of them makes me smile…. Its real sad though ig sometimes they have some trouble breathing and stuff ?…. They remind me of Mr Reuben the bulldog who i just adore so much i have to watch all of Reubens videos lol

  14. Daniel Dimino says:

    Lol at 1:00 when the momma bulldog started beating up her little pups

  15. Vela roy says:

    so cuteness???

  16. Jonathon Muncey says:

    Lol the burger dog

  17. Bun Hernawati says:

    God bless you good boy ilove you❤❤❤

  18. Freinds Forever says:

    These are sooooooo cute!i am filled with cuteness !

  19. Evon Williams says:

    Really to cute and funny

  20. ชีวิตสาวสกลในUSA Texas Janma Smith says:

    I like it vdo


    Qué preciosidad y divertido video. Me he reído un montón, son preciosos y tiernos. El del columpio, los de la bañera, el del coche, cómo les encanta sacar la cabeza por la ventana. Todos los los videos maravillosos. Pero él primero digno de admirar. Él bebé en él medio, él de la derecha durmiendo y él otro jugando con él bebé, que vídeo más encantador. ????????????????????????????❤️♥️❤️

  22. Wake Up says:

    I’ve had several breeds, my favorite and last breed I owned was a bully. I loved her so much haven’t wanted another dog. You cant replace them, they are awesome!

  23. kellenbonebergdarosa boneberg says:


  24. Rawden says:

    I love bulldogs. With their scrunchy faces, stubby legs, and adorable noises.

  25. Moose The Bulldog says:

    Bulldogs love babies! ???

  26. Karen Gossett says:

    I truly love and respect all dogs/animals! But have to admit that the bulldogs have stolen my heart. Affectionate, protective and loyal to a fault! Great with children and other animals! ?❤

  27. Joseph Smith says:

    These dogs are only cute as puppies. Once they get older you can see why don’t live long healthy lives

  28. Gabriel Angel says:

    Wait, don't both the babies and the bulldogs have chubby rolls?

  29. AARON CHAMBERS says:

    I have one and her name is Raven and she is currently 12 weeks old or in doggy years 1 1/2 years old 😛

  30. Dany Calin says:


  31. schroyerta says:

    It was good until the “music” started.

  32. MashUp Zone1 says:


    More bulldog cute collection

  33. Proud American Son says:

    It’s so amazing to me how a full grown Bull dog knows that it’s a baby their playing with ?
    I mean you can almost see a red Flashing sign going off in their Brain that says, “BABY, Extreme Gentle Mode is Activated”….
    Think about it, these Dogs Jaws must be sawed in Half to release the hold they have on bad ppl..
    How can anyone not just fall in love with this Breed oF Dogs?

  34. I am Retarted0 says:


  35. Emma Flint says:

    Love Bulldogs, they're gorgeous!

  36. Sheila :D says:

    always adorable?i have an English Bulldog pug mix and he is a real sweetheart.

  37. Shädøŵ Chän says:

    How th Do You stack those?!

  38. gaming with telive 123 Benson says:

    I watched this bid in tears of laughter

  39. FredFredReturns Youtube says:

    Even bulldogs can be cute

  40. Stampley 5 says:

    I love my bull dog

  41. Sheelagh Grimaldi says:


  42. boomerpo po says:

    its great we live in a free country that we can enjoy the wonderful pleasure of watching and owning dogs.

  43. brt 123 says:

    If youve never owned a bulldog you just wont understand how funny,loving,playful,graceful and happy these wonderful animals can be.
    Ive always said that the man who named them dog got it backwards because the absolute love that a dog shows you is as close as you will ever come in this life to the all encompassing love of Holy God!!!

  44. Lori Hess says:

    I have an English bulldog & love watching these videos cuz it tells me that Rocco's goofy behavior is totally normal!!!❤

  45. Jwl Siyy says:

    I dont understand how alot of ppl hate bulldogs when their soo cuteeee ??

  46. Plague Doctor says:

    I like this bull dog 10:25

  47. Trevor Mendez says:

    Wow this is a cute planet

  48. Furion Max says:

    I like to call bulldogs "meatballs"

  49. JDM LEGENDS says:

    I just got my bulldog 5 days ago and i gotta say they are the most beautiful dogs ever

  50. Korenkova Nahipa says:

    So cute ??

  51. JamesGodden says:

    I WANT ONE!!!!

  52. みぃりん says:


  53. BusyBee Dereon says:


  54. Sarcastic Healer says:

    I grew up with bulldogs and they are absolutely my favorite. But people please stop putting them in swings.

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