【bongo cat and friends】 meow

Meow meow meow your sorrows away Meow meow when you’re feeling gray, hey! Meow meow meow let me hear you say Meow meow for a happy day, yay! Meow ~Bongo Cat and Friends~ (instrumental break) I’m always right by your side, here since 2005 2018 and more, I’m always there for you to find I’ll be your comfurt, giving this world some color Just take a paws and take my paw, and you’ll feel better This might be a little bit cliche, but everything’s gonna be okay Be pawsitive, that’s all it is Don’t worry cus I’m gonna be all in this with you It’s true, so wipe your tears and play When life gives you cucumbers, let’s meow it all away Meow meow meow your sorrows away Meow meow when you’re feeling gray, hey! Meow meow meow let me hear you say Meow meow for a happy day, yay! Meow meow here everyday Meow meow meow there all the day, hey! Meow meow meow let me hear you say Meow meow for a happy day, yay! Yay! I’m always right by your side, here since 2005 Meow meow for a happy day, yay! Yay! 2018 and more, I’m always there for you to find Meow meow for a happy day, yay! Yay! Yay! Thank you for watching!

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100 Responses

  1. OR3O says:

    Aight, here is the cat meme hall of fame:

    0:00 bongo cat
    0:04 keyboard cat
    0:08 some cool youtuber ;3
    0:11 grumpy cat
    0:15 michiri neko (aka marching band cat)
    1:37 nyan cat
    1:39 cucumber cat
    1:42 long cat
    1:43 cat mario

    and last but not least, what everyone couldn't get….

    1:46 im a kitty cat

  2. Hannaxy says:

    this is the sweetest thing ive heard on youtube so far i think

  3. -Юность- ЖиЗнЬ says:

    Русские вы тут??
    Если да то напиши коммент

  4. Pankat says:

    This songs take my depression away.

  5. I Exist says:

    Cucumber cat is trying to murder the cucumber.

  6. ᗪ乇尺乙Ҝ卂ㄚ卂 爪卂ㄥ卂ㄚ卂 says:

    Cute cats)

  7. DontSmokeCaffine Please says:

    Cucumber Cat:*slaps cucumber*

    Me: You know cucumbers have feelings right?
    Also Me: this is still cute

  8. Karen please return the kids says:

    We should have played this at grumpy cats funeral i mean he probably would have hated it but still

  9. Zoey Trent says:

    I can't– this song is too cute, I love IT SO MUCH!

    Rest in peace Grumpy cat, and probably others as well 😔❤

  10. gacha life qween cutii says:


  11. gacha life qween cutii says:


  12. Shiba inu says:

    W-what is this???

    A smile appeared on my face 😀 I FRICKING LOVE THIS!!!!!!!


  13. Over-Reactive Kitty-Melon says:

    I love how all the cats had a special instument

  14. JunguwuNCT says:

    never delete this, i need to say it but it helps to my depressión <3 <3 <3 <3 *Meow Meow!*

  15. The_ Light_Fury says:

    dog on a plane?

  16. ปัญฑารีย์ เลคะสุวรรณ์ says:

    0:40 I was born in 2005 like in the video 😁

  17. G • Không Tên says:

    I chose black 😉

  18. Kermit Alihandro says:

    Dis is exactly bts

  19. Kimo [Hybrid wolf human, female, 19] says:


  20. jd garcia says:

    OMGG this vid is SOOO cute🤩

  21. Chokolate Milk says:

    2020 anyone?

  22. nick quiachon says:

    0:28-NAYAN COT

  23. TARADO Gay says:

    Hi bearful

  24. Moonlover says:

    Lol I have alexa in my room so I told her to play this song my cat was with me and she just turned her head again and again to try to know we're the meow's was coming from it was so funny

  25. Elizabeth Liones says:

    Depressed people: nothing can cure depression
    Or3o: no

  26. * oidlio says:


  27. Das Marmeladen Vieh says:

    / /

  28. Kristie Krypton says:

    This made my life!

  29. Hawk LS says:

    this is insane

  30. Slocombe says:

    I played this video for my nephew and he did a little dance.

  31. TheOneGrim says:

    Where has this song been I love cats and when I finally find this video I promise you this made my day oh one last thing

    *meow* :3

  32. hachie says:


  33. Allison Hot chocolate says:

    Wooooahhh kawaiiiiiii❤️❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰🥰

  34. Daniel Yong says:

    Were you the one singin here?

  35. Trip says:

    if banging a cucumber on a table is a new way to make music i might have me a career

  36. Mom&Daughter Vlog Jhoan Cathlea says:

    Cute song

  37. Jeong Woo Rhee says:

    Meow meow meow you are sorrows away

  38. The Swedish fans Kevin says:

    I love you or3o and this song!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Leonor Goncalves says:

    Qué bonito el gatito me encanta

  40. Leonor Goncalves says:

    Qué bonito que me dan ganas de gritar en todo el mundo Qué bonito

  41. Camilo Andrés Flórez Becerra says:

    It's so kawaii :3

  42. Francisco Gesswein says:

    I hear this song when I'm sad it helps me a lot

  43. Crystal Oswald says:

    Meow meow meoww

  44. maven Barnes says:


  45. Temkaa Khayankhyarvaa says:

    I want to download that video T_T

  46. Its Me! KeiLeigh! says:

    2020 and more He's always been right here by our side!~

  47. ariane Assis says:

    Or30 i love your musics!

  48. Grimmy says:

    1 year and this still makes my day

  49. Butterscotch The wolfu says:

    Perfect time since my cat died a year ago today

  50. Mevale08 says:

    This song really blowed my sorrows away

  51. me ow says:

    Meow meow meow ~meow ow<⭐

  52. Remon Senip says:

    omg nyon cat 0-0

  53. dynamicdashca says:

    I have listened to this song before but not in bongo cat

  54. CrystalRose says:

    My cat has a problem with her ear so I’m worried about her and My Phone suddenly Opened YouTube to this song 😅😊

  55. (STUDENT)Chloe Hyde says:

    This made me sad and happy this hurt my heart

  56. jess the dreamer says:

    Tank ou for this song if im sad this is now my cher up song its perfect

  57. Alyssa’s Side says:

    This is so CUTE!!!!

  58. Golden_Aspen says:

    I play this on loop while playing roblox UwU

  59. Kannon Joshuartha says:

    So many genius in that world and I'm not even one of them to create that type of happiness pills.

  60. JuliaFoxy Gacha says:

    Q fofinho =3

  61. Ryan Mai says:

    Meow meow meow for a happy day

  62. Fox Goddess says:

    This was just to cute not to smile at.

  63. Kitty Games says:

    Think about it.

    1:53 could totally be heaven…

  64. dynamicdashca says:


  65. rahasia aku says:

    so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeee i love catSSSS

  66. NastyShox says:

    A Ugandan Cat WTF!?!? 2:32

  67. Ayla Ahmedi says:

    Yeah ✊😏

  68. Hamid Mansaray says:

    Nyan cat

  69. Salamasina says:


  70. Salamasina says:

    Wait someone’s sad!?

  71. Rossicat says:

    When they said “meow” it just made me so emotional

  72. JJ comics says:

    This song cured my depression

  73. Bella Patch565 says:

    My heart is melting. THIS IS TOK CUTE

  74. Dmix Studios says:

    Classic Meme

  75. Reyez says:

    This is the second most positive song I've ever heard.

  76. H Moore says:

    I…. needed this badly…….. I have depression ;-;

  77. Lilly Blooms says:

    This is the most precious thing I have laid ears upon.

  78. y u h this is my name says:

    my heart

  79. Nicole de Leeuw says:

    i fell today at scool and got a zwollen lip and got a scar under my nose.This makes me feel way better, thank u so much. ^_^

  80. Nicole de Leeuw says:

    this makes me feel mthis

  81. NinjaPutz says:

    I'm the fuckin pickle cat 😂

  82. lavender owo says:

    I saw an ad before this and the woman was suffering i could see it in her smile-

  83. noam k says:

    The black one with the cucumber looks petrified lol

  84. Shawnee Cannady says:


  85. Shawnee Cannady says:


  86. zaghdan sabrine says:


  87. Paulina Gasa says:


  88. Paulina Gasa says:

    😍😍😍🐱🐈🐈🐈Es el mejor a quien les gusta a los gatos. Yo 😍😍😘😘😘😘🐱🐱🐈🐈

  89. Rasime Okuyucu says:

    Bonfo vat and friends toys

  90. Madison Black says:

    Omg yes

  91. King of Kittens! says:

    0:30 nyan cat is getting raped by pop tart

  92. Tony Ly says:

    I loved the Bongo cat and friends it was very joyful and amazing.

  93. ᗩᑎIᗰᗩTIOᑎ ᒪIᘔ says:

    Here’s your wholesome level, it’s unusually high for just a video with cats

  94. Capp says:

    "meow you are sorrows away"

    Grammar 100

    Ok but jokes aside, I love this song 😳😳

  95. Misheel S says:

    Meow meow meow meow meow meow meow.meow meow m

  96. I AM KOKO DE DOGGEH :3 says:


  97. Duy Phan says:

    Depression CURED

  98. Pusheen Playz says:


  99. GundamGoku says:

    I almost cried when I saw Keyboard cat. T^T

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