【TVPP】Hyorin(SISTAR) – Aegyo for Cats, 효린(씨스타) – 아들~ 잘 잤쪄? 어디에서도 볼 수 없었던 효린의 폭풍 애교 @ I Live Alone

Hyorin ‘s meow house Wow! An apartment. It’s 9am and she’s still in dreamland. Sleep More Jump! Walking Softly What is that? Hyorin sleepy no makeup face H: OH! What is this? Who is that? Isn’t it Yuk Joong-wan? Is this a dream? With a touch of cats, between asleep and awake Bloated cheeks Looking Looking Why isn’t everyone here? Eyes looking to find the cats H: I have three cats and they weren’t there Squirm Squirm Getting out of the bed is hard. Jump! Oh he went up there. J: It’s the jungle book My child! Meow H: Come here(child) He’s 2 years old? H: Yes, he’s big. 2-year-old Reno child (Silver Bengal) Isn’t he a leopard cat(lynx)? Did you sleep well? Aw i like that. But originally you have no aegyo. I have a lot of aegyo with animals. Really? Yes, it’s no joke. Today again i have no control. Gently Ending four years of living accommodation The first year alone I really like to be around friends and people I know I almost had no time alone in my life. So I wanted to have some time alone. (26-year-old) Enjoying her own time. Did you sleep well? (2-year-old) Rino (daughter) Russian blue (Difficult) It’s an english name All the exotic species are in english Always keep a glass of water close to manage. Did mom wake up? The youngest of the three cat siblings. They keep waiting for you? H: Yes, that’s right Really? (Teenager) Hungnyon (daughter) Kitty Greeting the cats as the morning ends(Very bright to the eyes) Wow, look at the house’s view The cats look out the window and enjoy it. (Cats think) It’s a blind walk (In the morning) Bright morning light is coming Wow, she’s really a mom! I like to get tan ( sun warmth) The cat’s bathroom. Refreshing morning toilet. H: But don’t drop sand out like that Sticking the paw out Let’s play! Aw cute! H: Cute, right?! It’s a baby. The morning starts together with the three cat siblings Hyorin is an animal lover H: I really like animals.Cats and dogs. I wanted to contribute. Cats tend to be very lonely and it’s heartbreaking I wanted to contribute having three cats She’s part of the cat family They looked very lonely (Afraid of seeing them lonely) She decided to raise two cats i said i didn’t have the time however, we made a commitment with eachother . (But then when she realized ) In the confusion of the moment the three cat siblings were established. (Lately) I think i would be afraid if they were 4 or 5( more than 3) The house that they were was big? H: It was big but sometimes cats live in accomodations all together, with narrow spaces. (Narrow Space) I always felt so bad about the kids (cats) I wanted a wild area for the kids You say kids, so it feels like a real mother talk. The mother of cats’ maternal instinct She’s preparing the kids first meal The three siblings gather around. Food food food Food, meow. Chop Chop Is it yummy? Honey taste. Subtitle provided by fans!
Thank you:) -TVPP-

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99 Responses

  1. Kim Namjoon says:

    Hyoryn looks beautiful even when she don't have makeup on.

  2. Vlosge 345 says:


  3. _bekfast_ 8188 says:

    Ep number???

  4. wahida Ramlan says:

    is it just me or hyorin look like ilhoon from btob without her makeup???

  5. Ha Nguyen says:

    love Hyoyn, she love cat so much. sweet girl

  6. 은재이 says:

    The raeson why HyoLyn be my bias of Sistar. 😊

  7. saj28 KNK says:

    She's much pretty without makeup

  8. Angie Lolita says:

    shes so pretty without makeup

  9. suem sueley says:

    imagine looking that good after just waking up

  10. Dan Enfield says:

    The Wrong Dry Cat Food Will Make Your Cats Sick After 4 or 5 Years

  11. Monfetus says:

    this honestly is how i imagine my life later, waking up around cats everyday

  12. Ada Ocak says:

    I also have an Russian blue cat his name is prince but we call him sonic because he runs really fast

  13. Rydel Lynch says:

    Her and jaebum from got7 would be the perfect couple❤️

  14. Sasha V says:

    This gives me so much life

  15. kavya vr says:

    She's so pretty

  16. ling won says:

    She's soooooo pretty and sweet

  17. astri rasyidayati says:

    i prefer hyorin without make up. she really looks pure pretty

  18. Edvard Munch says:

    she looks so fucking good wihtout make up, that one ugly fat dude needs to quit it

  19. Eila Normin says:

    i think she's more beatiful without makeup ..natural n sweet

  20. Norasykin 24 says:

    she look fresh when not putting any make up, and look sexy with make up,

  21. 솔이 says:

    화장안한거 처음 봤는데 이쁘시네ㅎㅎ

  22. Whateverislying says:

    i want her pink blanket/bedding does someone know where to get such cute ones?

  23. Kassandra Bonilla says:

    I knew she was pure. And she calls them her kids. <3

  24. youngjae's water bottle says:

    who else wishes they were a cat because i do

  25. aera. says:

    aww the way her cat's tail perk up immediately when she greets him :") they must love her a lot

  26. Ben Nguyen says:

    Can i Marry hyorin pls

  27. Purple love says:

    This is so cute my heart I'm crying ㅠㅡㅠ

  28. Nen Tav says:

    I miss sistar so much

  29. horses4555 says:

    She loves cats but gives them dry food 🙀🙀🙀 no no

  30. cut vita says:

    I really love her. She has pure heart loving animal

  31. Vie Lalisa says:

    i want to be that cat

  32. Talolo :3 says:

    Omo, she looks younger and cute without makeup.

  33. Persia Artemis says:

    Just when I thought she couldn’t get anymore prettier she shows her face without makeup and she looks so freaking gorgeous oh my god! Her personality is serious the sweetest!

  34. troy mihoyminoy says:

    Why do I really want her speaker? xDDDDD

  35. Stephanie Hyun says:

    화장 안한 얼굴이 훨~~~씬 예뻐요.
    자연스럽고 가득 찬 느낌?

  36. Ariel Mermaid says:

    넘 예쁘다

  37. Ariel Mermaid says:

    민낮이 훨 예쁘네요

  38. Vi Via says:

    What’s this show’s name?

  39. Julie says:

    I love her even more now that I know she’s a cat person

  40. Coma_ says:


  41. NaSang says:

    Ohaaaa makyajsız çok daha güzeeeel maşallah bee

  42. Jade Shepherd says:

    Her laugh at the start was adorable and then her 'my child'

  43. WheeByulHwaSun says:

    God, she looks prettier without makeup, how?

  44. everydaydreamer1 says:

    This is me after finishing university but with 3 small dogs… Cos I am allergic to cats

  45. Demi Chi says:

    What ep?

  46. Fox Hound says:

    i dunno if it's just me that noticed this, that when she was on the couch with that bear she looked younger than when she's in make up…

  47. Lea Somebang says:

    Hyorin cute 🐱 🐱

  48. lileyla carolina says:

    Without makeup she looks very similar to Anda

  49. Jeanette Dara says:

    0:35 she really looked like shinee onew btw, but still pretty😄😂😂

  50. Somengly S. says:

    she has the best bed head. queen. <3

  51. 리마리유다LimarYoda says:

    She looks like MMLND JOOE with no makeup

  52. Inyoface says:

    This is like real world Korean version

  53. Sabrina Cristine says:

    Hyorin i love Cats too 😍😍

  54. Fatimiu Chan says:

    Waooow…… Hyo-rin Love cat too 😍 so cute…… 😍😘😘😘

  55. ZY NE says:

    And to think that Hyorin was always seen in animal rescue centers makes her more beautiful. She really cares about those animals.

  56. Gime Vigevani says:


  57. bitch bye says:

    When I wake up I look like gremlins (×O×).

  58. V-Stan says:

    I wanna be Hyolyn’s cat in my next life.

  59. Tammy Leong says:

    She’s pure without makeupppppp

  60. diário da Cherry says:

    Cats s2 CUTE PIE ,LITTLES 💜 grey

  61. cherryPOP says:

    Why does she look like Jihyo in the thumbnail lol

  62. Harold Nogales says:

    I love the reaction when she saw her face without make up..😂

  63. khadijah says:

    We'd be great friends

  64. ygnightkid says:

    lol I live for her pressure cooker laugh

  65. DinFars NutSack says:

    Ok, but can we just talk about how amazing she is?
    Her face literally gives me life
    She looks so cute without makeup oml
    And her love for animals is the BEST
    I love cats too. They’re such beautiful animals

  66. Gloria Sumual says:

    For me on stage hyorin is not that pretty. But after saw this, i realize she’s pretty without make up, really.

  67. Christya Agustina says:

    Hyorin iconic laugh

  68. andrea perez says:

    she looks so much better and younger withouth make up.

  69. Trisha Gayle says:

    What is Hyorin and Soyou episode in I live alone at dramabus.com? Anyone knows?

  70. FLASH BACK says:

    Anybody 2018 ???🙄🙄

  71. Snow Jin says:

    I love her voice and she looks fine in the morning

  72. ellie says:

    her cats are called rego hungnyeo and rino?? cute!

  73. Scandale 48 says:

    She is pretty without make up.very beautiful

  74. Thúy felt special bc of twice says:

    Shes so beautiful without makeup!! uwu and she remind me of Twice Jihyo

  75. Rabbani Dewanto says:

    She looks pretier without make up, her make up must be wrong

  76. lychee p says:

    엥??민낯이 더 이쁜데요?? 왜화장을 그렇게 하시고…..

  77. saeri sari says:

    I do this every morning.

  78. shktyx says:


  79. Androniki T. says:

    Her natural face is my go to no makeup 💄 makeup look 😅😂

  80. ニオイをとる砂 says:


  81. Teressa Maharani says:

    She reminds me of Jin Ki Joo❤ They look similar. But Hyorin was like tanned, free spirit also wild sexy style version😄😄

  82. lolo_tan7 says:

    Video i watch this yearly if not monthly. Love hyolyn!! I will support you always! Fighting!

  83. Krystal And Mika says:

    What is the name of this show?

  84. Pau De Vera says:

    She loooooks very young without make-up. 😍

  85. Steve C says:

    BEAUTIFUL !!!!! STUNNING !!!!!! HYOLYN !!!!!!

  86. elly kyle says:

    She look so pretty even no make up on♥♥

  87. • daiii • says:

    My cat ran away from me and won’t come back😔

  88. Francesca Nicole says:

    she’s still looks so pretty without makeup

  89. Lunia Lovato says:

    What the episode

  90. crazy Pikachu crcr says:


  91. Ageng Riani says:

    Really pretty my queeeen

  92. 小西杏佳 says:


  93. luis alberto amarilla jimenez says:

    que cariñosa es con su gata, y que guapa es sin maquillar…..

  94. Reval 2054 says:

    She is my bias,but sadly i dunno she have cats,now i really fall in love with her

  95. howchan says:

    Watching this again since they already had an Instagram account

  96. Juliah Art says:

    Hyorin still beaitiful even without makeup

  97. latifah mazlan says:


  98. SuNe Channel says:

    she looks really really pretty without makeup im saying the truth herw

  99. Honey10tion Up says:

    0:56 the way her cat's tail went up after hearing her voice 😻

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