내 아이디는 강남푸들ㅣHas anyone seen a poodle with a such strict self-discipline?

Long beautiful legs Perfect shape His appearance radiates model vibe Even his name is exotic reminds of the Eiffel Tower Here comes Blanc He’s in the spotlight blinded by Blanc’s beauty his look is flawless What do you need in Summer? Owner: He’s getting ready for tanning. He gets tanned every once a week Trendy LOL The key to good shape is morning hike finish with stretching Blanc’s lot in the happiest gall What kind of poodle is that I’ve never seen such a dog He would look like a sheep if unshaved He’s one of a kind, different from other dogs Time to go down Owner: He might make a false step going down carried by his owner is Blanc’s class Crew: He must be so heavy Owner: Yes, he’s quite heavy Taking the shower after workout Hey there.. look at the camera.. Owner: He’s still in the cage if his hair is messy he won’t come out Who.. are you? You can’t see my face without makeup After makeup Confidence Baam Hair completes the fashion hair completes the fashion Owner: Do you want me to brush your hair?
When his hair gets untangled he brings his hair brush to me Even in his house He has to look perfect Prince of the mirror Owner: He was just a pet dog when I brought him home but he was extraordinary with his walking and everything 5 months after birth without adverse change grew well into Blanc now dominating the beauty dog contest Owner: Among all the standard poodles in Korea, Blanc is the top Take a look at Blanc’s diet treats? jerkey? give away to the dogs… Voluntary self-care lean chicken breasts & broccoli isn’t it the pop idols’ diet? LOL at the dining table gracefully having meal Today, I learned the importance of self-care from this poodle dog

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77 Responses

  1. 민슈가 천재 짱짱 맨 뿡뿡 says:

    This is a whole mood

  2. HEROES KIWOOM says:

    쟤는 오래 살겠다…. 운동도 꾸준히 하고…

  3. 박수연 says:

    This dog live better than me😂😂😭😂😂 i need to take care of myself lol

  4. 이미선 says:

    타고난 모델이네요♡

  5. Tiffany Alexis says:

    Awe ♥️

  6. Jzl Kim says:

    Wow he knows he’s a born superstar

  7. Nataline Gloriana says:

    Who is the owner, again? 🤔

  8. Nataline Gloriana says:

    Human: (give beef jerky)

    Blanc: naiz try hooman, you may ruin your own career, but not mine.
    Now gibf me my real food.

    Human: (give chicken meat & broccoli)

    Blanc: Good boi!


  9. Nataline Gloriana says:

    He protecc
    He attacc
    But most importantly,
    He is Blancc who always looks perfecc 👌✨

  10. Em. bole says:

    He is beautiful dog….high matainance dog.
    I hope after he stop compete, the owner will continue to love and care for him when he is old….

  11. Eugene Song says:

    자막에 톱무엇? 탑인데

  12. Eden Liu says:


  13. pacman6172 says:


  14. BDParadigm says:

    style is like RUPAUL???

  15. 김아무개 says:

    주인학대네ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 저무게를들고 하산하다니 대단쓰

  16. Chloee Simone says:

    Aww he’s so classy and disciplined. A true prince of his own. So sassy with that confidence!

  17. 나의모습 says:

    주인님도 잘생겼다,..

  18. Koneko Kat says:


  19. LYLA love's the world says:

    aren't u only supposed to shave a poodle like that not other breeds of dogs 🤔

  20. 리아임 says:

    주인 뭔가 송중기랑 강하늘 섞어논거처럼 생김

  21. Thùy Dương says:

    Tôi là người Việt Nam nhưng tôi lại rất thích xem những video thú vị này

  22. Kusuma ra says:


  23. Adrianita Putri says:

    This dog is way neater and fancier than me going to a prom lol

  24. tamfuwing1 says:

    They make the poor thing look so idiotic.

  25. Nya Nya says:

    Watching this at midnight while eating snacks…self care….is just a burden to me lol xD

  26. Poopsie B says:

    Stunning. What a looker.

    Fr across the waters
    Canada 🇨🇦

  27. 재간둥이 구찌 says:


  28. Jhope is my hope says:

    He looks like Song joong ki's long lost twin brother .. 😍😂😂😂

  29. gokcha Kwon says:

    지가 빗어주는거 좋아서 계속 해달라고 하나봄!

  30. ReinMargarette TheQueen says:

    Is it the dog,or the owners choice.

  31. mimprincesa says:

    This dog was def miss korea in his past life

  32. Aika Kimirovna says:

    А вот и Блан, я прочитала:
    "А вот и Еблан" пхпхпхп

  33. Let it Be says:


  34. 더빙하는겨울강아지ミ says:


  35. awa says:

    Puppy sunscreen???!?

  36. tepa cy says:

    owner ends up being healthy with him

  37. eugenio phenomenal ashley says:

    이집에는 주인보다 개가 먹여살리네 주인 먹여살린다고 블랑아 고생많다

  38. 김유민 says:

    헐..설마 쟤 남자에요? 완전 여자처럼 귀엽당..

  39. ROGUE X94 says:

    Bruh how is the dog gonna make a "wrong move" going down the slope? It's a DOG, four legs dude, four 👏 legs👏 get 👏 a 👏 grip 👏🤣

  40. 김성윤 says:

    그래도 왠지 좋아보이거나 행복해 보이진 않네요

  41. 김뚜니 says:

    주인 진짜 대단하네요!! 부지런하심 ㅎㅎ

  42. milixe1 says:

    Sossy doggo xD

  43. B Hashimoto says:

    The owner looks like Song Joong-ki。

  44. 이토미 says:


  45. LOVE YOON says:

    The owner kinda look like song joongki

  46. Bacchanalia says:

    The owner is handsome.

  47. 다샌_ says:

    개 안고 산 내려가시는 주인분.. 참 힘드시겠어요.. ㅋㅋ

  48. gelo quilop says:

    Blanc is so posh! 😊

  49. 서지연 says:

    우리강아지 이름도 블랑인데…

  50. 베놈에디 찬양교 says:


  51. alex november says:

    my poodle is the same….. i bought clothes for her to try once and now she thinks she's a Model

  52. 민정 says:

    궁딩이 쪽에는 왜 동그라미죠? 그거만 없으면 더 임쁠것 가타용

  53. aseel naseer says:

    Little bit sassy but still so classy he is living just like a cute little prince

  54. A A says:

    Đôi mắt đẹp

  55. Yu Jeong KIM says:

    아닠ㅋㅋㅋㅋ지가 이쁜거 더 좋아햌ㅋㅋㅋ

  56. smooshy toes says:

    Gracefully having meal.

    food goes on table

  57. 조한성 says:

    눈치 없지만…
    목줄은 꼭하세요 벌금 냅니다!!!

  58. Love응 says:

    푸들 보면 거의 근육질 몸매임

  59. gin soru says:

    the man looks alike with Song Joong Ki

  60. Angela Aranda says:

    So gorgeous! What a cutie 😍

  61. Anne Corey says:

    Beautiful dogs very cute they are on show love them all thank you for sharing your pets.

  62. Arafat Fatade says:

    The dog eats healthier than me
    And even more gracefully😭😭

  63. Remz Bella says:

    Both r good looking😂

  64. 권승혁 says:

    근데 주인분도 자기관리도 잘하시는듯 피부에서 광이 ㄷㄷ

  65. Família Pinschers & Cia says:

    Não acho graça em cachorro com pelo assim… prefiro cães ao natural

  66. Charlene Gail Macawili says:


  67. Suju Limbu says:

    Hahah…my id is gagnam poodle
    It made me laugh so much

  68. REHAM - شوقا تاج راسكم says:

    I’m sorry but…he’s not that pretty :/

  69. sharifah sayed says:

    Wooow! He is gorgeous and he has a beautiful gait! And he loves to pose..

  70. 조유진 says:

    울랑은 멋쟁이~강아지😆

  71. Mia Kim says:

    와 털 빗어달라고 빗 가져오는 거 봐 ㅋㅋ 😃

  72. Алиса Кранс says:

    Какой красавец!😍👍 И хозяин молодец! Очень люблю пуделей, восхитительные, умные собаки.

  73. 맨발의휴학생 says:

    와 푸들이라면 한번쯤 생각해본 통통이 푸들이다

  74. jenny john says:

    " if his hair messy he won't get out". I even get outside with my morning hair y'all 😂

  75. 다함께포차차 says:


  76. Eun Woo says:

    His eyes keep shining and he keep winking

  77. Eun Woo says:

    Awesome doggo

    Pretty similar with me

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