박찬호 행님은 양반이셨다. 5년 째 말하는 중인 투머치애옹냥이 등판ㅋㅋㅋ ㅣCat Talks Without Stopping For Five Years

I’m upset Hah Don’t talk to me Yowl!!!!! I told you to zip your mouth! Arghh!!!! ※Warning※
Won’t stop until the end of the video Our Jjorong.. Could you be quiet for a bit..? Nawww!! It’s been 5 years… Cries endlessly. 5 years of wailing..? Looks like he has a lot to say.. and many stories to share.. Where are you going Where are you going What a sorrowful cat Sad Sad I’m sad!! Again..? It starts again Yowl Jjorong~ Want some cookies? Cookies? Cried out of hunger..? (Heartbroken) You think I’m crying cuz I couldn’t eat..? I’m not a beggar cat okay (Argh, so sensitive) Don’t give up on me. I’m crying Yowl What do you want.. Argh, nah Not even looking at me Sad Yowl When I’m around, keeps crying Even for an hour.. Even when the night falls.. When I’m asleep… Are you sleeping..? Are you really sleeping..? Then imma sleep toozZ Even in the morning..^^ Get up Get up!!! Where are you going!! The fam’s not running away They’re leaving for work Everyone’s.. left…? ※Not muted※ Playing well w/o saying anything..? Jjorong.. Your breath might smell bad. *door key sound* I’ve been waiting It’s become a background noise in their every day life They just ignore it, I’m sad Separation anxiety is highly suspected! One has to cry when people are not around But the cat becomes quiet when people are not around.. and cries when they’re nearby Let’s call this ‘Anxiety when “not” separated’ When the cat was spayed He fasted the day before surgery, but still threw up after he was put under anesthesia Since then, he started to cry and cried louder as time goes by Keeps crying in the room… Perhaps.. Aftermaths of being spayed? Animal Behaviorist Teacher.. Is our Jjorong pretty sick..? The cat’s calling to create an interaction with the guardian to build a bond with her That’s why he didn’t cry when people were not around, he knew that it’d be useless! Communication mode is on when people are around Communication mode is turned off when people are absent He’s a talkative cat. A talkative cat who’s very lonely. He keeps telling like ‘Mom, I’m bored, I’m like this, mom, mom!’ The reason why he became like this after being spayed is.. He’d have never gone through such weird and strange feelings before Must be horrified by (such experience) When the cat cried a lot (in such situation), you must have come in and tried to talk to him and hug him Good memories when he received attention when cried made him a talkative cat who keeps crying! That’s why when the cat cries If you give so much attention when not crying The cat will get better 🙂 As there’s a saying ‘The couples look alike each other’. I love talking to people, and it seems like Jjorong also likes talking to people as well “Feels great that we created a bond of sympathy for each other~♥”

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100 Responses

  1. TOBS/KAM for memories. says:

    He’s a spoiled little brat smh lol

  2. Phương Mai says:


  3. RadPax says:

    What is that woman sleeping on tho

  4. Drama Queen says:

    he want a mate ..

  5. Linh Hồ says:

    Mèo nhà mình thì cứ ngủ hôn nó tán cho vài phát. mèo rất thích vuốt cỗ cho nó 🤣

  6. Mirkwood Koopmans says:

    His like a dog XD Someone give him some attention, his only asking for that. When I came home, if I don't say hello and pet to my cat, she will talk ALL DAY, then she get mad xd

  7. julia cat says:

    yes thats a certified chonky musical cat

  8. ualuuanie says:

    Someone dumped a kitten with similar condition at the local shelter a couple of years back. At first we thought it wanted its mother or homesick. But nope it continue that crying for over 6 months. Vet concluded its sick in the head and put it down.

  9. Minita Bathija says:

    I guess he went through some emotional trauma in his past so maybe the cat is telling his own story.

  10. 갱쟈 says:


  11. Jess says:

    He wants a girlfriend!

  12. #Jay Lim# says:

    Their past family came back

  13. Phong vlog says:


  14. Boris Vidal says:

    Pobresito!!! No te das cuenta!! Que llora porque le cortastes las bolitas…las extraña a sus bolitas pobresito💋🌹💝❤🐈🌷👄👄

  15. 냥이멍이 says:

    아 귀여워서 또 보러왔다ㅋㅋㅋㅋ큐ㅠㅜ

  16. binbinky78 says:

    He is bored and lonely, adopt a friend for your 🐱

  17. Ndy Kasep says:

    Bring to doctor

  18. Gaveris says:

    Man, just eat your cat. That’ll fix the problem.

  19. Nyasar Adventure says:

    the cat wants to have a partner, the cat talks like that during the mating season

  20. Charlth Charlth says:

    민폐 동네 얼마나 시끄러울까.

  21. REALITYobservationalist says:

    Well I commend you for your patience. This must have been hard to work through. I would also think that he must have a lot of anxiety from being in that tiny place all day every day…. no offense. Animals and humans need to be outside, at least part of the time, for a normal functioning body and mind.

  22. KAIZAR BOTAK says:

    Semoga kau selalu senang bersama keluargamu.

  23. Ilkin Novruzov says:

    Копия моя бывшая

  24. Angela elHelou says:

    is Male or female?if is male,he need female and want to go out

  25. craftedbythemoon says:

    Omg I just got a new kitten and shes just like this.Noisy baby 😭

  26. Nadia - says:

    He’s probably been cursing them out whenever they’re present

  27. Zury Puebla says:

    yhea cuz all cats talks Korean

  28. a. arioo says:

    He knows secrets of the universe but nobody does listen

  29. bubuk jinten says:

    My cat only meow when i put her on her cage🙄

  30. 1TGF43T1TGFFGT143TR UEFHROWHEF0931434 says:

    From what i learned in animal school academy , cat need partner. That's why he cried alot , when cat don't have sex intercourse their lifespan very short or very long , but if long it would cause very deep suffering due to loneliness. They need to be socialize & free and be with their species to evolve.

  31. PaperParade says:

    "Hellooo! HELLO? hello…"

  32. ro fl says:

    he's protesting against communism

  33. Ксения Ткаченко says:

    Чуть послушала, уже нехорошо стало, как они только выдерживают..

  34. 유슬기 says:

    쪼롱이 저러다 사람 말 트겄소

  35. 7thCrownLotus says:

    have you taken to a vet? sounds like he's in distress! so sad =( .. I couldn't make it through the whole video..

  36. Angel Florez says:

    My cat is like this.

  37. Light Yagami says:

    My cat only meows when he wants food. That's it

  38. VR2UNA says:

    I heard the cat say 안녕. From China.

  39. B Shizzle's says:

    omg it's so cute 😂😩💓

  40. Moumie Zhu says:

    1:51 & 1:55 i hear him saying anhyeong.. hahahaha

  41. kai's pants in call me baby says:

    such a beautiful cat

  42. Moises Araujo says:

    Eu já teria ficado maluco com esse gato escandaloso kkkkkk

  43. Vivi’s little hobbies says:

    I hate when my cat meows for no reason than to meow. And shits and pees everywhere. And Uses his litter box as a bed

  44. wc j says:

    쪼롱이 : 제가 병원에 처음갔을때~

  45. zezu zaza says:

    omg i cant stand the noise. how u managed to live with it… yout have a very big patient

  46. Shōto Todoroki轟焦凍 says:


  47. Nik Ira says:

    My cat don't talk for months, communicated with us with look and gesture, and when he gave the occasional meow that sound out of practice all in the family will scramble up from their sit to serve, he was the true king in the house…RIP

  48. naftali aldi says:


  49. Oh I'm Gee says:

    he's having a conversation with a ghost, let him be .

  50. Артур Борисов says:

    Я люблю котов и кошек, но блин такое бесконечное мяуканье не выдержал бы. Интересно, как хозяева этого кота сума не сошли?!

  51. Manoj Mahajan says:

    People are downright funny in comment section. This shows that they don't even watch full video these days🤣🤣🤣.

  52. Wong Ngegong says:

    Birahi kui

  53. Miss Briteside says:

    The Kermit of cats

  54. Royal Hyeken says:

    It just want to get outside lol and get a cat family..

  55. Ashi Sharma says:

    I wish i had him

  56. kimbyun vii says:


  57. Annie Kotik says:

    A lot of people would have just gotten rid of the cat, I’m glad you didn’t!! ❤️

  58. TsunTziaYu says:

    wow it's so talkative I wish I had a cat like that


    Jan 18 2020


    Plot twist : a person died from past and reincarnated as a cat.


  61. Philip Hernandez says:

    Dumb cat

  62. chikieeeeee says:

    Showed this to my cat, he wailed on solidarity lol

  63. 강아지 says:

    관심좀 많이 가져주세요 ㅜㅜ 대화도 더 해주시규

  64. Kuchi Kopi says:

    There is something medicalyy wrong with this poor kitty. Cats do not meow incessantly for no reason. Take him to a vet immediately!!!

  65. Rama Dhani says:

    Apaan dia 😂

  66. 박종헌 says:

    잘때랑 옆집은 존나 빡치겠네;; 불쌍하긴 해도 고양이 민폐가 너무심하다

  67. Koki Kokita says:

    In my case.. Im the whiney one and my cat just ignores me

  68. Animlandia animechnik says:

    Какой-то конченый кот .

  69. BAP Support says:

    Why aren't they petting or carrying the cat? 😭

  70. tổng hợp giải trí says:

    ai việt nam thì like 👍

  71. Angie Garcia Renteria says:

    And I thought my girl cat talked a lot.

  72. phosphoenolpyruvate says:

    놀아달라는거잖아요ㅡㅡ 뭐 저런ㅡㅡ 안놀아주니까 울지 참 불쌍하다 쟤도

  73. Bobby Farmer says:

    I love this kitty,it looks like he's hungry or he just crying or just making noises while meowing.

  74. Sansan Lulu says:

    maybe he is sick 🙁

  75. Ri Yeon Han says:


  76. Lady Sophie says:

    That's why you need to pet atleast 2 cats so they won't feel lonely. 😊

  77. hiếu phạm says:


  78. Chaitali Shinde says:

    I will give u some advices. Try to do these whenever she cries. Coz i too do these when my cat continously meow
    1. Must be stomach upset. At that time i feed him with some grass
    2. He needs petting
    3. Its a play time. So play with him with his favorite toys
    4. Needs a companion. His sibling stays next door. So we get them together.
    This is becoz my cat has born and bought up in my house and he is very demanding. He wants his every demad to be fulfilled by us, so he continously cries untill the demand is fulfilled(every time cries for different demand and not just one)

  79. Fareen Mohamed says:

    Poor guy seemes ignored by his owner

  80. devie june gabucay says:

    Any scientific explanations about this?

  81. wreckitnini says:

    I want my cat to be like this, he just so ignorant to me ㅠㅠ

  82. Ngọc Độ Trần says:

    She just tells you the lotto numbers to win a jackpot.

  83. Niht Firshtain says:

    Это психическое расстройство у кота, у моего кота тоже такое началось после того как у него забрали кошку и котят-он стал бесконечно зычно орать, его даже соседи боялись, потому что он шел по подьезлу домой и орал , вообще не замолкал, не орал только когда спит.
    Скорее всего этого кота рано отняли от мамы, а потом либо наркоз повредил ему мозг или нервную систему+ сиерилизация повреждает эндокринную систему в любом случае

  84. Black Wolf says:

    i think it was his/her mating call?

  85. Skeets McGrew says:

    Damn this comment section is full of some serious dumbasses. Here's hoping these people don't represent the average cat owner cause damn. Cats gonna get left alone when their owner forgets to breath and dies

  86. D. Ellisa says:

    "Where is my reproductive organs, Sarah?"

  87. NOTHING. Just searching for some tea says:

    집이 저래 좁은데 왜키우는거지? 캣타워도 없이 답답해 죽을라하네….사람으로 치면 우울증이에요 우울증

  88. Евгения Юндина says:

    So he crying only around people? And the lady don't even playing with him? Err… It's so strange. This cat just want to be loved! He is so sad…

  89. amira muhammad says:

    the cat need attention

  90. Choi Satan says:

    I want a cat like that since I love giving them hugs but they keep running away 😔

  91. ViVi says:

    Have they taken him to the vet? Maybe the cat is trying to tell them something's wrong…

  92. Osya Zusry says:

    Maybe he needs some fresh air outside for a while

  93. Амели Ильиных says:

    А почему эта кошка мяукает что сказал ветеринар.? Бедненькая плачет

  94. Крис says:

    Это бунт за отрезные яйца!

  95. znameniya says:

    Я б на месте кота тоже так с ума сошел , целый день в квартире, в 4х бетонных стенах , жуть , дайте ему свободу , домой пускайте покушать и поспать.

  96. BlackSheep says:

    He dose this in his sleep?

  97. I Say random things says:

    Damn the way that girl arched her back trying to shut that cat up

  98. Медоед Альтаиров says:

    Кот по-русски повторяет: "Мало! Мало! Мама, мне мало! Мама, мама, мало, мало!" Может, ему поесть дать ещё чего-нибудь вкусненького.

  99. Liz Neptune says:

    Did this cat say annyoung?! Lmao

  100. Artsy_Aries323 says:

    We had a cat that cried like this and it turned out to be his thyroid. Maybe this cat needs a thyroid check.

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