북극곰이 왜 여기서 나와?

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  1. 슈앤트리 SHU AND TREE says:

    안 볼 수는 있어도
    한번만 볼 수 없는 엘빈이 영상

    더 많은 미용 사진/영상과
    슈나무의 일상이 궁금하시다면

  2. วารี เหลืองประเสริฐ says:


  3. วารี เหลืองประเสริฐ says:


  4. 홍추니 TV says:

    ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 웃는거봐 귀여웡

  5. Nelson Mcgee says:

    Too cute cuteness overdone

  6. Nelson Mcgee says:

    I love the pictures

  7. Alka Gupta says:

    He is so cute

  8. Miriem Aleman says:

    Awww es la visa más linda del universoooooooooo me mueroooooo

  9. Bach Nguyet Tien says:

    cute, she/he keeps winked his/her eye.

  10. Rajani poudel Poudel says:

    I like that dog

  11. MeMy Life says:

    Alvin ?so cute baby

  12. shantel lopez says:

    He's so adorable ?????? very cute ????❤️?????

  13. sai shwe says:


  14. UJ LEE says:

    얘는 이발 전도 너무 예쁘네요♥

  15. alec's mation says:

    He/she is SO FLUFFY!!!

  16. 배틀그라운드메이플스토리 says:


  17. Jung_ Kizp_#16 says:

    3:14 AWWWWWWW sonríe ksjsjjaksk es tan tierno ^w^

  18. Sapna Patrick says:

    She's so cute I'm in love with her ??

  19. Armi de corazon says:

    Like si eres [email protected]
    Like si te gustan estos vídeos
    Like si no entiendes algunos comentarios XD ??

    Autolike para no desaparecer ??

  20. grace chinlian says:



    I was literally gonna scream ?

  21. Silara Saswati says:

    Soo cute

  22. Rommel Sotto says:

    This dog is so behave.

  23. Гульжан Смагулова says:

    Какой милый сладкий.просто прелесть????

  24. vijay 360' Psna says:

    So sweet

  25. Ngân Phan Kim says:

    I love you dog

  26. Lady Contreras says:

    Ese perrito es hermoso yo tengo uno igual a ese

  27. Natti Bear says:

    Fluffy doogie ?

  28. Lukman staLgard says:

    Imut anjinggg

  29. Aaryan Chandla says:

    It's so cute

  30. dos cutei says:


  31. Yaki Morales says:


  32. Shakil says:

    Howww innocent!!!

  33. Eleusa Braga says:

    Que fofo ???

  34. Anil Jain says:

    This dog is so sweet

  35. Cristymaerf3grgtt45454aah ggfffert55yde62 Paez says:

    its so cute dog like a cloud ??????

  36. Works Fine says:

    How come someone ignore this 3:15

  37. powerウメ says:


  38. CreamyLight Wolf says:

    hes a little ball of fluff

  39. Jenny Huynh says:

    He so cute ??

  40. Isabelle Voon says:

    He is so cute

  41. pretty aoie says:

    This is so cute s ever i never seen aww ?????????

  42. Eva Mendez says:

    he's so cute?

  43. Suniti biswas suniti biswas says:

    Ooo so quit

  44. yesenia Rodriguez says:

    que limdo …

  45. Cindy yesenia Macias cardenas says:


  46. Vergil Chiva says:

    This little pup is so still and focus than me trying to focus to study LMAO ?

  47. Vergil Chiva says:

    Why this cloud is moving on its own

  48. Arche Nova says:

    Hello little gentleman! Would you like to smoke a cigar? Whisky? Gin tonic, very well Sir!

  49. Secret_Vlkz says:

    Is cute

  50. มีนา สีสมบัด says:

    I love dog???

  51. Elida Nunes de Azevedo Oliveira says:

    ll love ?

  52. AKIYIAKELLY says:

    He make me want a dog

  53. Hilda Angelica Alvarado Flores says:

    Shu and tree..me admira de ver a un perrito hermoso dejarse bañar secar y todavia cortar su pelo!!!.. ?❤???????????

  54. ปรีชา ทองเพ็ชร says:


  55. ปรีชา ทองเพ็ชร says:


  56. KAMAL GOPAL GARG says:

    Was he crying

  57. Алибек Султанов says:


  58. TAUAROA Tunui says:

    Trop cut

  59. Amabel Ivana alycia says:

    So cute

  60. Kabeer Karla says:

    My baby???????????????????

  61. Equator 007 says:

    catton candy

  62. brock spiccoli says:

    Dogs are evolving. A lot of them k9s smile nowadays. This puppy was awesome.

  63. cj7 doll says:

    ? ?????????????????

  64. cj7 doll says:

    He's such a good boy. ????

  65. Queen Tea says:

    I can't believe I watched this entire vid, I couldn't look away..just so cute and calm.

  66. hoang ngoc han says:

    Dê thuong qua ?????

  67. Urvashi Patel says:

    1 like for beautiful smile

  68. خربشات الأطفال says:


  69. nat _ says:

    in the beginning clips, he looks like he could be Santa's beard ?

  70. Sugeng Priyanto says:


  71. nat _ says:

    2:04 a fluffy square

  72. Bertie The Pom says:

    I have a black pom

  73. Duman says:

    jesusss! it's so cute wanna kiss him.

  74. Libturd Retards says:

    OMG makes me want one. He or she is so adorable. His little smile is to die for.

  75. Priyanka Venkatesh Priya Venky says:

    Wow so cute,,

  76. RichelleMae Manalo says:

    It's saw cute

  77. woinshet degef says:


  78. Bint E Shafiq says:

    Awww so cute♥️♥️?

  79. ۷ąƖɛŋɬıŋą ƙąῳąıı ɠırƖ says:

    How much do you sell it to me???

  80. Siti Fatimah says:

    So cute

  81. Legend Naresh says:

    So cute ?

  82. Siddharth Biswa says:

    Haha really so cute ❤️♥️?

  83. SOUR SIXTEEN says:

    Too bad i have allergies. ? i would love to own a cute doggy like this?❤

  84. Silot Lomantod says:

    You're so adorable little teddy. Please live long and take care of your owner. Lots of love from the Philippines ??❣️

  85. 나만없어고양이 says:

    0:17 아-련…

    3:16 활-짝

  86. Angela Whiteside says:

    Aww I love its smile at the end.

  87. Daniela Conde says:

    Única en español ??

  88. Vladimír Plachý says:

    je to milé

  89. Kedar Kulkarni says:

    Nice doggy…?
    And he loves grooming process.

  90. Rasp OPG says:

    Терпеливая собака))

  91. Mariam Issa says:

    So cute♡♡♡

  92. Naaznin Parveen says:

    3:27 did you see him smiling ??????

  93. Bhoomi Roy says:

    So cute puppy ?
    Who's thought that he is soooooooo cute
    Like =?????????

  94. EUNICE TORRES says:

    Lo dejaron co.o un oso al pobre!!!! Corte horrible ….perdon por mi sinceridad….

  95. Saiful Clarista06 says:

    Lucu mau dong

  96. Target Ntpc says:

    It is better behaving than a kid or human..

  97. W. D. E. F. T. L says:


  98. Charles Jackson says:


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