빅스(VIXX) VIXX TV2 #ep.68

Ravi – Hello. Real V VIXX TV! It’s been a quite long time saying this. Ravi – This is Ravi. I am the 4th member of individual project. This place is my workroom. Ravi – I started to use this place from last November. It’s been a half year now… Ravi – I’ve been working on many songs but I thought it would be better working with other composers so I decided to move to bigger place. I moved in last November and I thinkit is better to say GROOVL1N Crew’s workroom. Ravi – I think I did much more works after move to here. Working with brothers made my efficiency improved especially composing work. Ravi – Many songs made in this workroom. Songs in the R.EAL1ZE album made in here and revised some songs that I made few years ago. Ravi – Did we took ‘LadiDadi’ in here? I can’t remember. Ravi – Ah! I made ‘Hate you’ in here. gugudan! So I got their CD… I forgot to take a picture with them! Ravi – Pretty gugudan sisters gave it to me. Ravi – Mina wrote this. I saw these guys since they were preparing for the debut. I was very glad to give them my song and it was so fun. Working girl group’s song·. Ravi – I didn’t hear their music through this CD, I heard with mp3… There’s photo card! Why did I find this now? It’s Mimi… One more photo card! It’s Nayoung! Ravi – I saw the gugudan CD, not this one but I didn’t know that there are two photo cards in it. Ravi – I bought this shelf to put my results like CDs. I can’t put mp3 here but I want to collect my results and put it in here… Ravi – There are only this year’s works… My solo album. Ravi – After releasing the ‘R.EAL1ZE’, our staffs wrote a letter for me. I cried after seeing this. Ravi – I signed my autograph on the album. This is really memorable album, ‘R.EAL1ZE’. Ravi – we are in the workroom now and it’s time to show my hard disk. BADA$$ is barking… Ravi – I will show you just a little bit. I just worked on beat. Ravi – I sketched this one to use as a Hip-hop track, maybe last year? Ravi – I was tried to put this track in the ‘Rebirth’ mixtape. Ravi – I made hook part also. I asked San E bro, working this song together but this didn’t make it and we worked on, ‘bomb’ together. San E bro mentioned earlier that I asked him to work together before the ‘bomb’ was this track. Ravi – I couldn’t use this track. Ravi – Also I stopped working this one and I made ‘Lucid Dream’ right after this one. Ravi – There’s ‘Hate you’, ‘Hate you’ that Ravi guide version. Funny. Ravi – Wow, he’s good! Ravi – After the working, I found other vocalist for the guide and after that gugudan recorded.
So gugudan never hear Ravi’s version of the ‘hate you’. Ravi – I bought this for myself, which was my birthday present. It’s Machine Studio. This machine contains lot of sources and I am still studying this one. Ravi – Many sources are in here so I thought I want to make mixtape or an album made with only this machine. One day I want to make mixtape with all songs with instrumentalversions or only with beats. That’s why I got this. Ravi – And there is master of this workroom. I thought I was the one but there’s new master. My little cream colored french bulldog ‘BADA$$’~ Ravi – Many people wanted to see him. I tried to show him through Instagram stories but there are still so many replies saying ‘Show me the BADA$$’. Many people love BADA$$… Ravi – BADA$$ is only 3 month old baby french bulldog. It’s just adorable baby. I will let you meet my baby through VIXX TV. Ravi – BADA$$ let’s say hello~ It’s VIXX TV! It’s the first time showing on the VIXX TV, right? Ravi – Hello. Oh~ he’s quiet. Why are you so quiet, because of the camera? Ravi – BADA$$ finished his eating and played well. He always eats well so he’s tummy always look chubby but he also play very hard. He looks little bit tired now. Ravi – Oh~ powerful! Bite the ear~ Ravi – a few days ago, KEN bro brought the pig doll. BADA$$ loves this one, maybe because doll is smaller than him. Ravi – Short nose Ravi – KEN bro brought pig doll for BADA$$ and he kissed to BADA$$ a lot… Ravi – He’s foot is so cute… Ouch! You know the camera, do you? Ravi – At first I was worried about bring BADA$$ to my place. I wanted to adopt cream colored French bulldog but these worries made me to do better to him. Ravi – Anyway, he is so adorable, became my family so I feel responsible and I am going to do my best to take care of him. Ravi – You ate all yours~ You want more? Ravi – You always bite off your daddy. Ravi – Look at this wrinkles~ Ravi – BADA$$, you are so popular~ Ravi – He is energetic again! Usually when he get tired he fall asleep in my arm… Ravi – You are scared to get down? You want to get down? Let’s go~ Ravi – I showed you my workroom and also BADA$$ today. We, VIXX will going to release album and also concert is coming soon. So please wait! We are preparing a lot these days. Also, there is huge daily temperature range these days, so please take care.
BADA$$, let’s say good-bye to ST★RLIGHT! Good-bye~ VIXX TV!

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100 Responses

  1. Mikaera Yohiko says:

    X3 still mentioning cough*bada$$mom*cough jaehwannie who gave the pig doll and gave the puppy more kisses that Ravi (and I) could only wish for T_T….

  2. abloomoon says:

    I'm really like tacos hair ❤💜
    EDIT: oMFG auto correct changed Ravi to tacos????? I meANT RAVI

  3. Taek says:

    Butt and his owner are both adorable~

  4. jessie as says:

    I am so happy watching this because my favorite color is purple 😍

  5. Wolfsheepicorn Layixing says:

    Bada$$ (aka Butt) is part of the VIXX now 💖

  6. Aidyl Burgos says:

    Ravi babytalking bada$$ is my aesthetic

  7. Dua M says:

    THE HAIRRRR <3333

  8. Stephanie Chan says:

  9. Yasmine Drirish says:

    if anyone can answer.. just to make sure vixx still live together right?

  10. YugiohFreak TaeHao Devil Bidder 707 Ray GazettE says:

    So happy for your new work room and I am dying of cuteness because of BADA$$!!!

    Wait has Hoseok been to his new work place and met Bada$$?

  11. 살찐토마토 says:


  12. Jessica Niikura says:

    Do they not all live together anymore?? I've been out of the loop for a while it seems 🙁

  13. Rome 🍋 says:

    Bada$$ is my favorite vixx member 😂💕

  14. Mibby says:

    Congrats on the Mimi and Nayoung photocard lmao xD

  15. ERD says:

    please do vixx tv or vlive with gugudan. together .

  16. K.D says:

    Oh, and just so you know. Ravi, we love you. A lot. ^-^

  17. 호빗 says:

    식이도 엉덩이도 둘다 짱기여워( •́ ̯•̀ )

  18. Josette Wehmeier says:

    OMG, I love RAVI little puppy is so cute <3

  19. Francine N says:

    ravi and butt are so adorable,,, i cried our ravi is a father now

  20. Mai Moua says:

    VIXX youtube 채널에서 인증 배지를 신청하십시오

  21. takebanee says:

    Aww, your dog loves the spotlight, eh? hehe!! Cute French Pitbull, I can tell he loves you. Anyways, you are a talented producer and always keep being motivated. Miss you all, sadly, I don't have time to be online these days…can't wait for the comeback. Still handsome.. bye and GodBless!! Muah!! 😘✌💜💜

  22. hyewon kim says:

    엉덩이가 막 이가 생겨서 아무거나 막 물어뜯네..ㅋㅋ 마지막에 졸려가지고ㅋㅋㅋ 귀여워ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 라비 작업실보는데 내내 이질감..ㅠㅠㅠ 그래도 멋진 작업실이 생겨서 좋겠다. 더 많은 노래 만들렴^^

  23. Bagel Almighty says:


  24. Tiffany Ng says:


  25. RealVIXX _STARLIGHT says:


  26. 백. says:

    No entiendo, pero todo muy hermoso, ahno

  27. Silvia Bams says:

    BADA$$ you're so lucky hahahahahaaa everytime handsome guy come to you and give you many gifts. 😂😂😂😂

    thanks BADA$$ you always besides Ravi your papa 😊

  28. 정택운치아 says:


  29. Galaxy and Stars says:

    ravis version of hate me is daebak 😍🙈

  30. Lovewords22 says:

    When Ravi shares his studio with us, we are so touched. Of course, precious moments with BadA$$ are beautiful too. A lot of this really cheers up my spirit. Please always keep making VIXX TV. It's how we all get to know VIXX more and feel close even if we cannot fly to SK to see a concert or fan meeting.

  31. 빅스사랑 says:

    l love VIXX

  32. 정유진 says:


  33. Aurora De La Rosa says:

    como se emociona Ravi con las canciones xD es hermoso ^u^

  34. 사연읽어주는 라디오햄찌의 says:

    Ravi is handsome.
    VeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVery handsom.

  35. 사연읽어주는 라디오햄찌의 says:

    Ravi is very cute.

  36. Tuyet Hoang says:


  37. _PhanXTroyler _ says:

    Am i the only one that started singing goodnight/goodmorning?

  38. Laila Ali says:

    HOW TO BE BUTT !! Ravi is so caringgggg

  39. Laila Ali says:

    ravi looks so hottttt

  40. 랑헷 says:


  41. 동그라미 says:

    와 미친 ㅠㅠㅠ 주인분 존잘 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 엉덩아ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ개귀엽다 킁킁거려 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 주인분 얼굴 클로즈업되는데 상당히 잘생기셨어요 ㅠㅠㅠ 무엇보다 앨범 엄청기대중이다 진짜 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  42. 별미 says:

    아 진짜 대존잘ㅠㅠ

  43. 강하늘 says:

    드디어 작업실 보여주네요 😍😍😍 멋있어요 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  44. idk hoe says:

    HATE YOU ravi version tho 😂😂gugudan need to hear it.

  45. Alexia Miyake says:

    WHICH DOG BREED IS IT?? Please, is super cute!!😄😆😊

  46. Shannon Fairywalker says:

    I never got to  see my white Frenchie as a puppy so seeing Badass makes my heart  so happy XD I can imagine Star as a cute little bean!

  47. Blanka Firtha says:

    I feel so close to Ravi when he's moving the camera, it's like i'm right next to him😂😂

  48. Moon Hanxol.08 says:


  49. Le Noir says:

    he looked at the camera when he dropped gugudan's album, pretending that no one saw it xD

  50. aestheticity says:

    highkey want he work with Junhyung from b2st / highlight

  51. Corinna Behnke says:

    so cute 😍

  52. 하나벼리 says:


  53. 맘에들면댓글다는 계정 says:

    엉덩이,라비 둘다 진짜 너무 예쁘다ㅠㅠ
    하 원식이오빠 왜 점점더 잘생겨지세요ㅠ💕 세상혼자 다사네

  54. procrastinator says:

    Can't decide which one's cuter… Ravi or Bada$$. ^_^

  55. 별빛 says:

    엉덩아ㅠㅜㅠㅠㅠㅜ 너무 사랑스러워ㅠㅜㅠㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ

  56. Danielle says:

    HE IS SO ADORABLE~~ and so is Butt xD

  57. Remi & Desion says:


  58. Trace says:

    lmao. Ravi's butt bit him.

  59. 이학 says:

    라비 미모 실화야ㅠㅠ…? 8ㅁ8 왜이리 잘생겼어?

  60. Nubia H. says:

    cuteness overload gaaaaaah

  61. ChiAng Starlight says:

    when binnie n hyukkie went outside for flming individual vixx tv ep. here is our composer ravi . . in his studio. . i hope to see u go play outside with ur little Butt. . <3

  62. Mao Waternight says:

    Those beats Ravi showed us are wonderful. I can see some halloween concept in the 2nd one with VIXX members. At the 1st one I can see as Ravi´s solo or mixtape. 3rd one sounds really cool, it would be great with almost anyone.

    Aws~ I´m happy to see Ravi having fun with his dog. :3

    Oh.. Ravi´s hair color!! uuuu~ some purple.. 😀 <3 Can´t wait for the comeback. ^^

  63. Bling Bling says:


  64. Ayu Saribon says:

    ravi… luv your purple hair…

  65. Naomi Ranita says:

    I can't wait to meet you in 2 months omg😆😆

  66. Pigi Kris says:

    💛💛💛 VIXX AND GUGUDAN 💛💛💛

  67. 나뇽이다' says:

    흐규ㅠㅜ 쏘 스윗ㅜㅜㅜㅠㅜㅠㅜㅠㅠ

  68. 김서진 says:

    진심 보라비 분홍빈 이런색 진짜 쩌는듯

  69. 박은서 says:

    타팬인데 브금 제목이 뭔가요? 빅스 노래인가요?

  70. 난별빛이오 says:


  71. 민정 says:

    옹동이 넘나리 사랑스럽고 귀여운것💙💙💙💙

  72. giorgia says:

    he looks so happy i love him so much and his dog is so cute <3333

  73. Kpop Trash can says:

    listens to Bomb
    sees him playing with his dog

  74. top meover says:

    the beats sounds nice!!!!

  75. don't mind me says:

    yes Ravi i really like instrumental versions or the beats please make it pleaaaaaaase

  76. Nori Nori says:

    i can't with the moment when bada$$ bites ravi jsjsjjsjjsjs 11:00

  77. lickitandlikeit says:

    I love Ravis music, release everything! I'm such Ravi trash omg

  78. 최은선 says:

    엉덩이 귀엽당!!

  79. Riddhi Divecha says:

    I am so surprised that it wasn't Leo who got a pet before anyone else lol. ALSO BADASS IS SO CUTE!

  80. Riddhi Divecha says:

    Also, KEEP YOU SHOES UP AND AWAY I have a Labrador and when he was a puppy he destroyed three pirs of spec, two phones endless pairs os shoes and documents
    like really lol but he's adorable so i love him no matter what

  81. Kaionia Jones says:

    Ravi feels 😍

  82. 아리는 주인내가 고양이 says:

    원식이 보라색 진짜 잘어울린다ㅜㅜ

  83. wt l says:

    does anyone know what the intro song is!!!!!!

  84. Hala Baguenza says:

    9:27 Remove the french bulldog part and imagine him talking about your baby (if you are a Ravi's stan) to his fans. I'm not crying, you are T.T

  85. snowprince808 says:

    Hands down, one of my favourite episodes! Love the ravi guide version of hating!

  86. vionita suryawijaya says:

    am i the only one who thought even ravi talking match with the beat he is making 😂😂

  87. ajengsepti nuraeni says:

    i see gugudan's album ><

  88. Maria luisa Jimenez says:

    The dog is so cute <3 <3 OMG! And Ravi is such a great daddy for him.

  89. Jeezelle Jimenez says:

    Kim Wonsik-sshi is very talented. <3 <3 <3

  90. pamela 19 says:

    he got so excited when he found his Gugudan photocards and he loves Bada$$ so much, thats what I call CUTE

  91. Sunshine Cho says:

    I wanted to be that girl who's the only one (girl, except mon and sis) who's allowed to enter his studio. and I wanna be that girl who can stare at him all day just doing his thing there. wahh ravi why u so perfect???

  92. 지민이누나 says:

    이거 시작할때 인트로 음악 알려주세용 ~~

  93. 지민이누나 says:

    라비 별 생각없엇는데 이 영상보고 진짜 완전 뿅감 진짜 이런 대존잘이였다니 목소리완전 대박이다

  94. Please Streaming VIXX MV on RealVIXX says:


  95. Kim Summer says:

    열심히 사는 우리 마왕님 너무 멋있어, 나이먹을수록 섹시하고 멋있어짐. 나이 곱게 잘먹구이쪄….ㅠㅠ

  96. PhrazeXIII says:

    looks like Ravi is the type to want company. glad he's got it

  97. Muffin Heezay says:

    A pronto eu choro pelo Ravi ou pelo o cachorrinho?? Mds VIXX e seu lado fofoooo

  98. Kristine Laforga says:

    2:04 – Yas! Gugudan 😍 my only girl group. 💕🤗

  99. STARMY! Starlight/Army says:


  100. Roberta Williams-Beverly says:

    RAVI is always well kept up….everything is neat and clean👍👍👍

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