식스센스 반전은 저리가라네요.. ㅣ Here’s The Ending Of A Poodle Dog Who Can See Ghosts! *Shocking Plot Twist*

Save.. me.. Shivering Soondae.. What did you see..? Nothing much to see Mysterious object of Soondae’s fear..☆ After coming home The anxiety continues Scary.. So Scary.. Not even a haunted house When did it start? Soondae’s dad/ A truck that sells rice puffs would come in front of our house often The machine would make a popping sound, making the dog almost faint from shock.. 4 years ago, while on a walk Upon the rice puff truck’s popping sound, Soondae was shook Not only that, through the house window as well The popping sound repeated.. Following that day, Soondae Became terrified..☆ As such.. Being scared of the window As well as the water bottle Is because of the ‘sound’..! Soondae’s dad/ How far will Soondae’s fear go.. Now..! When turning off the TV From just the sound of walking What should we do.. about this scared dog? The reliever takes the plate. Sigh, Soondaeㅠㅜ.. Animal Behaviorist/ Soondae is shook by sudden sounds by making a sound to get snacks, Soodae can exercise control over the situation, and gain confidence This is a good sound♪ Solution☆ Animal Behaviorist/ What will Soondae be scared of next.. The dog needs to try various motions Soondae can adjust to the sound of plastic then There’s no water demon, right? Noting much♡ Good start hehe Difficulty UP Next stage☆ Plastic pyramid complete! Animal Behaviorist/ Hiding the dog’s fave snacks (between the plastic) For Soondae to make the cups fall on purpose to get the ‘reward’ Plastic VS Soondae Ashes, ashes, they all fall down …FAIL?! (Snacks first) Our Soondae ain’t scurred~? And last but not least..! The window-ghost challenge..☆ Animal Behaviorist/ To make aware that good things can happen When there’s noise outside As soon as the window opens Give quickly Fast, snack delivery When the window opens..! The magical, snack fairy comes♡ After repetitive training..! Soondae’s dad/ Omg~ I can’t believe it..! I’m brave now~ Soondae bro is so cool.. ♡ Soondae’s mom/ After practicing what was learned today I’m glad that things can get better quickly Soondae’s dad/ Soondae, can you do well from now on? I, Soondae, will pass on my fear to another dog!

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100 Responses

  1. SBS TV동물농장x애니멀봐 says:

    이전 이야기 A Previous Story ↓↓↓


  2. Nis Chan says:


  3. 아이스베어 says:

    뻥이요 할 때마다 순대 입으로 뻥튀기가 튀었어야…

  4. سحر الحياة says:


  5. 하하미 says:

    여기 우리 동네예요 금왕 맞죠? 여기에 무극시장에 동일생고기 티비에 2번 나왔어요 그만큼 거기 고기가 맛있는게예요!!!

  6. fausta Carlos says:

    But please keep that window close tight as your son will start crawling n walking. God bless your family

  7. HYE-NA tube [혜나튜브] says:

    반려견 돌보는게 쉽지않은거 같아요

  8. 강지원 says:

    개쫄보 ㅋㅋㅋ 귀여웡 ^-^)/♡♡

  9. Ruben Saguillo says:

    Temblando de miedo muerte

  10. 뿌뿌 says:

    01:28 아가 발 먹방

  11. 바보교주 says:

    그래서… 반전이 뭐죠?

  12. 해피랑「BTOB,XIA」 says:

    어머나 우리 애기랑 닮아따!!♡

  13. Út Hiền Miền Tây says:

    My dog, she's scared the thunder

  14. Gabriel White says:

    God love you now. Keep up the the good work for god.

  15. Coracao Formoso 123 says:

    Não e covarde e lindo só tratar com acupuntura e acalma.???❤️

  16. Elisete Aparecida says:

    Eu tinha uma poodle que também via fantasma mas ela não tinha medo e começava a latir aí eu fazia uma oração e invocava o nome de Jesus o fantasma ia embora e ela ia atrás latindo até ele sumir , eu sinto muito falta dela foram 17 anos de muito amor

  17. chloe choe says:

    딴소리지만 순대 견주님들 인상이 너무 좋으시다 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ좋은주인분들같아 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  18. 서나 says:

    오모나 세쌍에~~

  19. Suzy Ab says:

    Lindo amei ???

  20. indra tanjaya says:

    I tought. He really can see ghost. AND he fear because he see ghost

  21. 단풍 says:

    강아지는 월래 귀신보는..ㄷ.

  22. 김하은 says:

    왜 나까지 놀래냨ㅋㅋㅋ

  23. Dottie Dot says:

    No no, please dont pass your fear to other dog ?

  24. Michele Conley Eckert says:

    Yeah Much better, poor doggie. ???❤️

  25. 방울토마토 says:

    순대 인간버전이 접니다 껄껄
    순대가 겁많은거 1위고 저는 2위로…

  26. 심영킥 says:

    와 순식간에 치료하네

  27. Adriana Leiva says:

    Soondae….?.precioso que mal tiempo pasaste con tener miedo a los ruidos ?…aplaudo y felicito a sus padres humanos .??..el amor que te entregan es maravilloso .?. y preocupación ante ti…?.no descansaron hasta encontrar el método para dejar tus miedos ..?.ahora chiquito? hermoso estarás tranquilo y disfrutando de tus paseos??? y el aire de la ventana abierta ?
    Gracias por la continuación del vídeo….¡¡¡No hay miedo sólo tranquilidad y felicidad!!!!????

  28. 김혜수 says:

    ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ아니 ㅠㅠㅠ놀라는거 왜이렇게 귀여운거야

  29. Are you kidding me?? c'mon cube!!!! says:

    Si tan solo hubiera una forma de ayudarlos con el tremendo susto que les causa los fuegos artificiales

  30. Sharon Trotter says:

    And the poor baby is literally stuck in the house with the creepy spirit. Help her!!!

  31. Gãçhå Çäíllë says:

    That is me when my mom left alone LOL

  32. z clara says:

    coragem o cao covarde

  33. phoneec says:

    The magical power of snacks

  34. I stole Min yoongi says:

    내 강아지처럼 보이는 와우 그는 너무 귀엽다 하지만 나는 그를 위해 가난한 작은 일을 느낀다 ㅜㅜ

    Woah he looks like my dog he is so cute but I feel bad for him poor thing.

  35. 유아리 says:

    그와중에 귀여워ㅠ

  36. Investimento Inteligente says:

    Cadê os brazucas?

  37. 전규빈 says:

    ㅠㅠ 강아지들 큰 소리나면 정말정말 무서워함 바닷가에 놀러갔을 때도 폭죽 때문에 울집 개가도망가서 잡으러가느라힘들었음…

  38. Snow Pea says:

    So so so glad the behaviorist has helped him overcome his fears. Fear is a terrible thing to live with.

  39. Delta Daze says:

    My poodle-German Shepard mix does not like loud pops/bangs either. We live in the country and around hunting season, when people are sighting in their rifles (neighbors from up to 5 miles away) and we are outside, she will sidle up to me and walk/stand in front of me to nudge me toward the door like ‘it’s not safe out here, time to go in.’ She is very protective. Your pup is sooo cute!?….happy you’ve resolved the depth of her fears.

  40. susan-jillian smith says:

    Why do you add those stupid sound effects?

  41. ana belkys montilva galvis says:


  42. Hamirou Chan says:

    Third eye dog XD

  43. ludrah01 says:

    how they came up of the solution of the problem is always amaze me and i even learn something…..

  44. 아미 says:

    당연이긋럴수밖에 없어요! 강아지들은 사람이 듯는소리보다 2배로 들리니깐

  45. anasanra says:

    Is that soondae means food korean (blood sausage) can someone explain to me?

  46. weird says:

    3:56 me at the end of the day and then remembering i have homework

  47. Emiliani Nindy says:

    The babieee ???

  48. Vivi Xxx says:

    Que agradable familia, cómo se preocupan por su perrito. ???

  49. ѕylvιna • says:

    Oke everyday I've seen Ghost everywhere since I'm a kid it's scary for the first time but after a while I got used to it

  50. Ramesh Makwana says:

    Omg poodles are like toys so cute

  51. 김혜자 says:

    어이없는게 어딜가면 다 귀신이 보이는건줄

  52. kisuna mayan says:

    3:58 the baby needs false teeth nowadays

  53. nicole miranda says:

    Poor baby

  54. Asfa POP says:

    lol.. every dog can see ghost…

  55. pecinta damai says:

    I need the lady to help me…??
    My kitten love to bite me all time

  56. axquarii says:

    Omg, this is me always I would go look behide always lmao.

  57. Aniko Mayer says:

    Ez megtörtént ? félelmes szegény kutya.

  58. Isabel Ramos says:

    QUE AMOOOOR….. ???❤??????

  59. Amran Samsudin says:

    My mom said cats also can see ghosts

  60. soya shuyu says:

    Here's the English comment you been looking for 😀

  61. Izzy Caroline says:

    Hehe so cuteee both the baby and the dog ????? Thank you animal expert ??

  62. jaspes d'or says:

    Change ton titre ça aucun rapport avec la vidéo. Le chien a peur des bruits pas de fantômes premièrement si le chien verrait un fantôme il grognerait et aboyerait.

  63. Ansherina says:

    4:15 Nooo Soondae~ Don't pass your fear to other dogs lol?

  64. Sunwoo says:

    갑자기 말하는건데 브금 젤리킹 아닌가요?아님….말구..

  65. 지현호. says:

    헐 싫어요가 333개 신경쓰인다..

  66. 0415 annie[dowon says:

    아까 본거당

  67. *오메 says:

    엉덩이떠는거 졸귀

  68. 포새 says:


  69. FLORA GREEK says:

    What a lovely family!

  70. Aadelheide Colston says:

    He said he will pass his fear to another dog, so funny. ?

  71. Bae123 Lee says:

    I can relate to the dog haha. Just a little sound i'll get shock haha

  72. Zuzu Deneuve says:

    Genial, Assim ele viverá melhor!Parabéns por terem ajudado essa criatura a perder o medo!!!

  73. 이푸름이 says:

    푸들은 영리한 아인데…ㅠ

  74. 강웰시코기 says:

    짖음방지기 쓰는견들도 저것과 비슷한 부작용많이 나타나는데, 위 솔루션 대로하면 치료될것같이보이네요

  75. Vanita Murray says:

    que lindo canal!!!!
    me encantan las ilustraciones q agregan xa darle más emoción a la historia!!!!
    y ademas, cuando se trata de perros,
    siempre me van a gustar.
    me apasionan.
    si alguno d los q lea mi comentario, vio la pelicula, El SECRETO DE SUS OJOS,va a entender cuando digo q me apasionan.
    Es el tema central del argumento de Franchela, cuando le explica a Darin,q las personas pueden cambiar de religion de novia de pais, xo lo q no puede cambiar,es de PASIÓN.

  76. Kerret me says:

    근데 개들은 원레 눈이 흑백이라 귀신볼수있다는뎅..

  77. 핫도그먹고싶닼ᄏᄏ says:

    강아지는 귀신을 봅니다

  78. ·ᴗ·라히 says:

    에어컨 울 집이랑 똑같아 ㅋㄱㅋㅋ

  79. Syakira 123 says:

    Its not about the ghost its about the sound pop ?

  80. kakali das says:

    So cute aww ?

  81. [이녕계]딤섬아리 ari says:

    오모나 세솽에~~

  82. 샌즈와친구들 says:


  83. areesha nadeem says:

    Well they are a visual couple ?

  84. {유벨}_02 says:


  85. Haneung Ryu says:

    순대 너무 귀여워

  86. 손혜경 says:

    역시 전문가야~

  87. Isadora Keren Batista falcão says:

    Pobre cão ?

  88. {리린} says:

    강아지들은 소리에 예민한데…..저렇게 큰 소리를 어떻게 감당할수 있겠어….

  89. brincando com a nana nunes says:

    Tadinhooooo ??

  90. CK P says:

    이아이 제 보호욕구를 너무 자극시키는데요

  91. 이선율 says:

    원래 강아지는 귀신 봐요

  92. 슈니링 says:


  93. SundaysChild1966 says:

    awww what a sweet little family, wishing all the best!

  94. lidia gomez says:


  95. 한다희 says:

    0:26초에 완죤 존귀♡♡♡♡

  96. 한다희 says:

    0:54초에 기절초풍ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  97. 한다희 says:

    3:56초에 애기 완전 귀엽다!!!♡♡♡

  98. 김진완 says:

    제가 집에 가는데 어디에서 자꾸 소리가 났어요 근데 제가 밑에를 봤는데 어떤 아저씨가 있었어요

  99. Carimbinho mágico says:


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