이거 방탄유리야! 이 시키야!!!

They finally get separated Let’s take you to the hospital Omg Geumsoon!! Geumsoon who droops down Uh? Nooo! Again?! Geumja attacks Geumsoon again No response.. We made its heart beat again After emergency treatment Geumsoon breathes heavily!!! Thank you, doctor.. It’s alive.. Vet : Any vet would’ve done the same It survived because the hospital was nearby.. Geumsoon is back.. This is the last resort.. No more alternatives.. Are you listening..? This is your last chance.. Kiddos.. But.. Still Upon seeing Geumsoon, Geumja can’t control her anger It’s hard to calm down or control a french bulldog once they fight.. Owners should learn how to control their dog Starts training.. at the same time As if it’s your last… They fight;; It’s been a while.. Geumja has entered the room. Me too Helper How about a greeting? Our Geumja.. Were you scared? Dog gets hit, Geumsoon enters Hey everyone~ Quietly makes its presence The result.. Geumsoon gets scared Where does it go..? Mom.. It doesn’t get angry Because they’re in an unfamiliar place with another dog, they rely on each other After getting used to each other.. They get closer through this tough exercise~ Last but not least, If you help them to establish an emotional connection.. Next to Geumsoon.. Geumja!?!? Next to them.. A happy owner Not only that, Now that I see change.. I’ll train them well and live happily Happiness isn’t far away~♡

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100 Responses

  1. SBS TV동물농장x애니멀봐 says:

    모녀전쟁 1화 보러가기 / A previous story ↓↓↓


  2. 상어레온&댕구 says:


  3. 연수2009 says:

    아니 아줌마 왜 다른사람들이 대처해주죠?
    난 몰라하고 있으시면 안돼요.

  4. 김준 says:

    몸줄차라는 사람들 많은데 09년 영상이라고 합니다. 보편화되지도 않았을 뿐더러 물어뜯어 죽일라하는데 목줄 외엔 대안이 넚어요,, 쟤네 치악력이 200정도로 아는데 사람보다 세네배로 강하게 물수있단거,, 하나는 대롱대롱 매달렸고 하나는 그냥 뒤에서 댕기고만 있었는데 차라리 둘다 대롱대롱했으면 심정지까진 안오지 않았을까 싶네요 ㅠ

  5. 박순딩맘 says:

    이 동영상을 얻겠다고 제지없이 붙여두는건 뭐야
    제정신이야? 응급처치 없었으면 죽을뻔했는데?
    싸움 붙을걸 몰라?
    고작 이딴거 촬영해서 고치는거 보여주겠다고

  6. 쎄쎄킴 says:

    심정지왓을때 얼마나놀랫는지

  7. Dương Nguyễn says:


  8. rj doggman says:

    This is what happens when you stand there and do nothing while two dogs are fighting smdh. The other lady had one dog while the other dummy just stood there

  9. lu f says:

    the owner just called him it!
    she needs to clue up and stop acting like an idiot before one of those dogs gets killed…..she is a bad owner and if she doesn't understand the basics of how dogs are and still keeps trying to put them together then she needs to have them taken off her.
    she is going to carry on like this until one or both are dead.
    also who throws themselves on the floor like an entitled child having a tantrum, shouting "i can't do this" instead of sorting it out.

    She stuck a Pair Of Tights over one of their heads in the last video….what sane person does that?

  10. Rousse V says:

    Yo regalaría a una de ellas

  11. 내 구독자 수일본 망할 확률 says:

    개 목줄을 쌔게 잡았다는데 목에 틈이 있는 한 죽지 않고 목이 졸려도 저 정도 시간이면 다시 숨 쉬어요

  12. 루루TV says:


  13. 초코나무 says:


  14. ˇ서연 says:

    아니 아무리 예전영상이라해도 저렇게 싸울때 목줄을 잡아댕길거면 가슴줄로 하시는게 맞지 안나요 ? 그렇게 쎄게 잡아댕기니깐 애가 쓰러지지

  15. 모랭이 says:

    진짜 심장…쫄깃

  16. 채태풍 says:

    애초에 저렇게 싸우는걸 찍지말고 교육을 받으러가셔야죠.왜 싸우는지도 모르는상태에서 자꾸 싸우는 애들을 아무런 지식도없이 붙여놓으니 애들 죽을뻔하고,말리다 손 물리시는거죠.
    강아지들을 이뻐하고 사랑하신다면 기본이 그 종에 대해서 공부하는거에요.무작정 이쁘다 귀엽다해서 키우는게 다가아니고요.애기를 낳으셔도 공부하자나요.똑같은겁니다.
    그리고1화보면 스타킹 씌워놓던데 본인얼굴에 스타킹 써보셨어요?
    참 안타깝네요.사랑하고 이뻐하신다면서 그런 행동을 하실수있다는게요.이제 다시는 그런행동하지마시길 바랍니다

  17. 오지현 says:


  18. FluffyMuffs says:

    holy crap how can you let them off leash when you know the still fight, good lord, please give the dogs away.

  19. {토끼}솔로이 says:

    이거 방탄유리야 이 ×새까~~~~~~~~~~~~#~~~~~~~~~!

  20. ES J says:

    저 정도면 따로 키워야 하는 거 아닌가요? 소장님 아무리 훈련이지만 웃는 건 좀.

  21. Grace 2915 says:

    Un poco más y mata a la pobre perra estrangulada por el collar ?,en la pelea ,pobres perros

  22. Diablotin 08 says:

    Voilà, un chiens ca se dresse, c'est pas un objet ni un enfant humain d'ailleurs –* Quand les possesseurs de chiens qu'ils ne contrôlent pas comprennent ca ils ont tout compris après ^^x Malheureusement il a fallut qu'un des 2 chiens soit pratiquement mort pour qu'enfin la propriétaire mettent en place quelque chose pour que ces bagarres cessent –* C'est malheureux mais c'est le cas chez beaucoup de propriétaire de chiens, malheureusement :3

  23. 놀고싶은링링씌 says:

    ㅎㅎ 이쁘다..귀욤귀욤..귀였긴하지만..큼..

  24. 샤넬 says:


  25. 난키다리인뚱이아닌뚠이 says:


  26. ลยยน บบยย says:


  27. 정희석 says:

    주인이 개 목을 완전 달았네

  28. duh says:

    the helper dog is too cute

  29. 성현 ? says:

    손으로 들어야지 목줄로 들으면 어떻하나..

  30. Ed Julio says:

    Parabéns e obrigado ? ? ?

  31. 나나 says:

    저 검정옷입은 뚱땡이가 아들??
    말리지말라고 ㅈㄹ 떨더니
    싸움 다 끝나니까 달려와서 금순이 목줄로 목압박해서 눈풀리고 혀가 나옴
    금자가 죽일뻔한게 아니라 저사람이 죽일뻔한건데

  32. 김태경 says:

    이젠 안 싸우네..;;

  33. 엔젤들 says:


  34. Алиса Кранс says:

    Бл ну они же две самки. Девочки с девочками не дружат, это их сильный инстинкт. Может в молодом возрасте еще могут играть друг с другом, а потом лучше не давать приближаться.

  35. 댜롄이 says:

    분노조절 장애가 아니라 분노조절 잘해 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  36. 머니루팡 says:

    저정도면.. 그냥 하나를 다른 곳으로 분양보내는게 나을듯; 진짜 깜놀이다

  37. 손혜경 says:

    아니 남도아니고 자기 새끼인데..

  38. Rachel Jou says:

    I hope the dog safe

  39. 구뿌캔TV says:

    아요 죽는줄 알고 놀랏네

  40. dh kim says:

    진짜 무섭다.

  41. ˇYOUTUBE 세하ˇ says:

    목줄을 잡아댕겨서 심정지라고 하시는분들 불독은 싸우면 위험해요 그래서 저 상황에 너무 놀라서 목줄을 잡아서 빨리 떨어뜨려둔 거일꺼에요..

  42. 내 ID는경리 says:

    금순이 목조여서 쓰러진거 같은데, 잘보시면 혀가

  43. Verá luz García bravo says:

    Q mala q gente sois
    Lo q hacen con los perros
    Mala gente q sois

  44. Euridice Viana says:

    Tira essa coleira coloque peitoral esse tipo de coleira enforca qd puxa ????fica a dica

  45. Fatima Façanha says:

    Nossa para que deixa os 2 juntos

  46. 젤리는젤뽀팬 says:


  47. snchappy says:

    Glad that Everything turned out fine ?

  48. squishy jjaeni says:

    omg. even animal have a feeling between mom and daughter. thank u so much the owner.

  49. Fernanda Honório dos Santos says:

    Que desespero, e eu que tenho 3 meninas já fico preocupada.

  50. Erica Celis Henriquez says:

    El dueño fue, casi la ahoga, con un arnés estaría bien

  51. Muñequita mua says:

    Pobre perrito lo asfixió el hombre que jaló tan fuerte del collar.?

  52. andon angel says:

    You will never know how much I love ppl like you, who go out your way to save an Animal ? Do you eccept donations?

  53. Mo nish says:

    Pobre mamá perruna casi se va su perhijo

  54. Phúc Lê says:

    Ngu vai lol kéo cái dây nó muốn tắt thở…

  55. 古云嫣 says:

    The stupid man almost killed the dog, I just don't understand why the owners use this chain in this situation? this situation should use harness !

  56. 지삐삐 says:

    놀래라..아후..어쨋던 다행이당 ㅎ

  57. 왕철수토루 says:

    개는 잘 모르겠고 사람이 저렇게 심장이 멈췄으면 진짜 수분내로 살려도 뇌나 몸에 거의 백프로 장애온다.
    전에 자격증 강사 사실 사람 살려도 심정지 전의 원상태로 돌아오는거는 행운이라함 저 개도 모르긴 몰라도 뇌에 문제 생겼을듯
    그나저나 역시 전문가가 확실하게 잘 고치네 도구도 잘 되어있고

  58. Ana maria Leon lopez says:

    Ma che problemi

  59. Duca Carneiro says:

    PRA que fazer isso. Deixa eles sempre separados.

  60. ЕЛЕНА Лебедева says:


  61. hohyun Park says:

    주인자격이 없는 것들

  62. Bambang Wisnu says:

    Orang2 yg ada disitu kok diam tdk malah di jauhkn malah tertawa goblok dn koclok semua ini orang..

  63. 지하물 says:

    저는 사회복지사인데 가축복지사도 나올듯.

  64. D C says:

    THE MAN WHO TAKE THE LEASH KILLED THE DOG because he hanged the dog

  65. 김아아 says:

    아무리 10년전이여도 이해가안되는데ㅋㅋ 죽일정도로 물고뜯는데 냅두라는 싸이코패스같은 사람은 누구죠?

  66. 혜진 says:

    그와중에 리트리버 왜 병원같이 뛰어가는뎈ㅋㅋ

  67. blameitonthepixie says:


  68. 예린Peno says:

    ㅠㅜ 금순이 어떻해.. 금자는 엄마가 왜 지랄이고

  69. Gregory Kendrick says:

    Thank you for saving the dog

  70. 민준핵준 says:


  71. Lust Solaris says:

    Can we talk about them dogs getting good together in the end? Thats good news right

  72. Maria Betania Cintra says:

    Que lindo, num estante pararam de brigar. O grandão causou medo aos dois. ?

  73. Eusebio Navarro says:

    ?yo en el rancho lo volvía ala vida con un. Par. De chanclazos. Y listo..QUE VETERINARIO NI QUE NADA. Q.NOOO??

  74. tae정 Ryu says:

    어디 물어서 병원간거에요???

  75. Teresa Ruiz says:

    Q horror no deberían permitir eso los deverian de CASTIGAR x ASESINOS

  76. 김준홍 says:

    이거 몇화 예요?

  77. Pri P.Santos says:

    That is too much stress..had an heart attack..but a happy ending ???

  78. Fritzie Manabat says:

    I'm early and this is my favorite animal chanel UwU :3

  79. Jungah Park says:

    제목때문에 들어옴 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  80. Анастасия М. says:

    Сами же ошейником задушили собаку садисты

  81. Blakelikesfood says:

    Use a flippen harness!

  82. 구독 안하면 프사 미래 아들. says:

    아들 진짜 꼴보기 싫네;;

  83. Baby Bear TaeTae says:

    Thank God.Finally peace and love came between them.Stay like this Forever.???


    That's why I hate Bulldogs

  85. 슈크림tv says:

    하네스추천합니당 목줄은 목을졸리게돼거든여 하네스는 몸에하는거라 안졸려용목줄은하고 잡아당기면 상황이 않좋아질듯해영♡

  86. mywig hasbeenpeelt says:

    This was all handled badly. First of all. This has been going on for a year? Stop trying to handle it by yourselves if it gets worse. Seek professional help. Then stop trying to keep the dogs near each othed?!?!? Seperate rooms, seperate bowls and play times, different potty times, etc. These women just kept putting them in the same vicinity. Dumb asses.

  87. Choua Yang says:

    Dont own dogs if you logically have no clue how to raise, train and avoid issues. This show seems like you guys do things purposely just for views. Its quite sickening. Or are people there just really that dumb?

  88. Dirty Cop Registry says:

    Get a grip on your emotions.

  89. Ironballs Mcginty says:

    The ASSHOLE pulling the leash caused this

  90. B H says:

    Dogs get killed every day B ?? its alright its tough right ??? And at the end the mutt turned out to be a pussy when it came to the bigger dog ???????

  91. Cindy S says:

    Vous m'avez fait trop pleurer ??
    Je suis soulagée que voud ayez trouvé une solution
    Bonne continuation ??

  92. PeKas Villarreal says:

    Alguien que me explique que le sucedió y por qué le sucedió eso a GUmsoon le mordió una arteria o que pex

  93. Wagner Coelho says:

    The dog did not faint because of the fight but because he was hanged by the clueless man!

  94. Nadilla Aisyah says:

    Itu kecekek sama orang megang tali.. gimana lagi tu orang aneh

  95. SAMURAI 6 says:

    Great work!

  96. 블루 says:

    아들이란놈 진짜 답답! 죽어가는개를 그냥 왜냅둬! 모지리 새X

  97. dema rich says:

    Use body leash you moron!

  98. Na Na says:

    금순이가 죽은건가?

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