하…차라리 동네 개들이랑 술을 마시고 오지 그랬냐ㅣ”Mom can’t even go out in public thanks to you!” Suspicious outing EP2

Suspicious outing The dog won’t come back after 8 or 10 hours. I am the ‘going out’ dog, Jjanga Why are you returning now? You’re so stubborn The truth of the outing is finally revealed! Revealed! First off, a hike for a warm up Oh~ the sky looks great! Where did he go after going down the mountain..? Girlfriend 1 Why did you come now honey? Girlfriend 2 Honey~ Huh~? He keeps looking at other girls Look at him Met up with another girlfriend! How many girlfriends does he have. The king is tired Look at me in the eyes! You too! Why did you film this… Girlfriend 4. girlfriend 5. And Hwangsook was pretty… Aren’t you tired doing this? Huh? Jjanga.. how could you fall asleep? How can you leave my pregnant self…! You reap what you sow On my way to see you.. Huh..? The one greeting is.. The house from the video! Our lulu is here~ Lulu..? He came and gave birth to the kids No wonder.. they look alike Sigh.. I’m so sorry You should say sorry too Sorry. It’s okay Looking like a noble person Sorry~ Sorry, I loved you… There was a rumor in the neighborhood, he came along You know… He had babies At Coco’s house, and nearby school A few places went through it Oh my God… There are little Jjanga’s in different parts of the neighborhood In 5 houses… How did you do this all the way here? How can the mother look up? Huh? I don’t know.. because it’s you. mom On the way back home Kkami! It’s me!!! Hey! Are you out of your mind? Jjanga has been taken in forcefully How does the suspicious escape of the married dog end…? You are not allowed to leave! Okay.. I get it… Show some honeymoon vibes~ With the wife feeling dark And Jjanga~ We hope he becomes a good husband who has a lovey dovey life with Maeum~ I’ve been sorry all this time. I’ll be faithful to my family!

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100 Responses

  1. SBS TV동물농장x애니멀봐 says:

    [수상한 외출] 1화 / A previous story ↓↓↓


  2. LaMar says:

    What a little whore.

  3. 엉흐 says:

    중성화 시켜야함…으휴..

  4. Fook sen Chong says:


  5. thatdivamama says:

    OMG ?! The scandalous shame of it all. What a dog!

  6. thatdivamama says:

    Pappa was a rolling stone.

  7. Duwik Margareta says:


  8. Rachel W says:

    Player needs a vasectomy! ✂️

  9. Rachel W says:

    Maybe…they have open relationship?

  10. tayvaun miller says:

    Mr lover ? SHABBA

  11. 불멸의이순신 says:

    거의 카사노바급이네 ㄷㄷㄷ  부럽다야

  12. Ly Nguyen says:

    haha funny

  13. 심장이콩닥콩닥 says:

    이늠 번식 많이도 시켰네..본능에 충실하군… 일단 싸질러놓고 보는거야~

  14. Siuk Deus ex makina says:

    자연의 섭리지 교미하는게 뭔 갑자기 생식기 도려내라고 하는게 말이되나 다 인간의 욕심이지

  15. Gatotkaca Top 1 says:

    Now that's a doggynizer! ??

  16. 최지원 says:

    암컷은 자궁을 다 들어내야하고 수컷은 고환제거만하면되서 수컷을 중성화시키는게 낫다는데 제발..수컷들은 아랫도리를 단속..

  17. Phan Nguyen says:

    yeah, looking and actin like all the korean men I know

  18. younghak Lee says:

    염병 진지층들 졸라 많네 새끼들 이쁘기만 하구만

  19. 박수한무거북이와매은이 says:


  20. Vii Taa says:


  21. Japan Golf Tour says:

    온갖동네개들하고 똥개 믹스견 만들어놓고
    주인년들은 같은 레브라도끼리 부부만들어서
    새끼낳겠다 이거야?

  22. Sylvia Kamal says:

    Wkwkw. He has a lot of wives.

  23. suresh dyre says:

    Playboy #Enjoying it's life

  24. Cha Cha says:


  25. 모기 says:

    난 짱구에서나온 짱아라고생각했음

  26. メイM. KK says:


  27. Anusha Chaudhary says:

    Once a fuck boy always a fuck boy!!!?? He wont change

  28. catcat catcat says:

    중성화 시켜야됨 ㅜㅜ

  29. tabitha munduru says:

    If all men were as responsible and loving as this dog is….. checks on his kids everyday…. Woow amazing

  30. [HereID-여기서나는 채널] Djunx says:

    댓글 보니 개를 애완장난감으로 보네
    생명이라구..생명으로 봐주세여
    사람기준으로 보니까 이상해 보이죠..

  31. 깨부셔라돌문 says:

    ㅎㅎㅎ 천하에 난봉꾼일세~~^^

  32. Echa April says:

    When people being judge because they have double life.
    Jjanga : "Hold my six Mistress" ??

  33. Kendrick H. Rhee says:


  34. ANi says:

    What about those poor puppies
    Damn no
    Child support

  35. 신축구 says:


  36. 양송이 says:

    중성화는 안 시키시나요?

  37. 김진형 says:

    유튜브에서정답 김진형을 클릭하세요

  38. Wipa ploy says:

    bed boy. ??

  39. luby rain says:


  40. kim Sherly says:

    He's playboy ? ? ?

  41. 공부할사람 says:

    아너무기엽네 짱아진짜ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㄲㅋㅋㅋㅋㄱㅋㄱ

  42. ksafan says:

    Gigolo dog?

  43. 노래하는 says:

    근데 중성화는 기본 아닌가 왜 중성화를 안시키지? 발정은 본능인데… 애한테도 몹쓸 짓 중성화 시키세요

  44. 해달 says:

    동네방네 새끼들은 어케 책임질건지…

  45. Lam Nguyen says:

    Con chó còn z nói chi con người..

  46. ms ivovi says:

    hhbhhhhh you so bad guy????

  47. 하혜경 says:

    자랑이 아니죠.민폐입니다.지금이라도 중성화 시키세요

  48. Wei Chen says:

    Holy crap even the dog is better than us finding a girlfriend

  49. Emre Arslan says:

    Reiz bu nasil hizdir ya ??

  50. Dini Anggriani says:

    ????….playboy dog

  51. 남정일선 says:


  52. CY Mora says:

    Classic guy! lol

  53. Ria DJ says:

    he`really is a playdog….

  54. ธนากร กองยินดี says:


  55. slime capalot says:

    A play boy dog ❤❤❤❤ so cute ❤❤❤❤

  56. 3A says:

    Homens! ??????

  57. 강민형 says:

    그런데 유전자 검사는 했어요?

  58. Josy tiquinho says:


  59. Валентина Орлова says:

    Вот бредятина людская

  60. 임수muriel says:

    민폐 오졌다;

  61. l c says:

    You should consider maybe getting the dog neutered ?‍♀️

  62. retmow cionelo says:

    Doggo drama ?

  63. 박파랑 브이로그 says:

    벌써 새끼 낳은 거면 저 검정색 마누라보다 먼저잖아 ㅋㅋㅋ

  64. Suga Spice is Everything and Nice says:

    this is the funniest episode ever!! ???

  65. Siti Romlah says:


  66. Pat Depaula says:

    Wow mister love them and leave them needs to be confined to the house and yard he can't be trusted. Good thing he doesn't have to pay alimony and child support.

  67. Nafia salimah animal lovers says:

    Lol… its very funny ?

  68. Heenami pool says:


  69. Prince Singh chandel says:

    I'm a playdog 😉

  70. DragonballOfficial HD says:

    그래 남자가 그렇게 사는거야 짜샤 ㅋㅋㅋ 암캐 견주들 ㅂㄷㅂㄷ 대겠지만 너는 개고 개의 세상에 사는 수컷이니까 존중한다. 멋지다

  71. tata Maldita says:

    So cute?

  72. Wendy Bartram says:


  73. Wendy Bartram says:


  74. Wendy Bartram says:


  75. enkii82 says:

    When you find alot of people in your neighborhood that looks like you, most likely you share the same dad!! hahhaa

  76. Марина Нозадзе says:


  77. leli yum says:

    its a prove that girls like bad boys!

  78. Irina Maier says:

    Ловелас) ????

  79. jasmine rewane says:

    please spay and neuter your animals

  80. Geraldina Maria says:

    Castra ele que é o certo ?

  81. Zumi Ardilla Masreng says:

    Playboy dog…..???

  82. Joe Ng says:

    the great lover!

  83. 김민기 says:


  84. Chicago Pizza Land says:

    개를 키우는것이.. 마치 아이를 키우는 것과 정말 많이 비슷하다.. 하 ㅜ ㅋㅋ

  85. Journey Mar says:

    So many mistresses ?

  86. 민욱김민욱 says:

    여기 댓좀 막아라.. 개판이다..

  87. Denise Fox says:

    Aww such a sweet story!! King!!!

  88. 소시민 says:

    못나가게 하던가
    줄을 묶어야할듯요

  89. ROGUE X94 says:

    Oh sure it's cute when a dog does it but when a man or a woman does it it's all shades of wrong. I see how it is ?

  90. Joker Manuel says:

    Even dogs know how to womanize.

  91. Melinda Mabao says:

    He so friendly..hahaha so cute..

  92. 주용 says:

    확실히 잘생기긴 했네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 여자 꼬일만하다

  93. karen annoyed says:

    He needs to be neutered !

  94. Polluted Mind says:

    What a f**k boii hahaha

  95. Ayari Mehdi says:

    If that was my dog, I would be proud ?

  96. BTS x TXT says:

    What a cheater ?

  97. Vie Anggara says:

    So irresponsible owner. You should neuter your dog if you let him loose like that. Think about how many puppies will live miserable life if no one take care of them!

  98. Dee Day says:

    Neuter that dog

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