Mary: We’re on vacation! Peter: Whohoo Peter: and we love watching Olli swim. Mary: ‘t makes our hearts happy. *laughter* *intro music* Both: Good morning Peter: Happy 5th of July *Mary laughing* Peter: Mary is just doing her vest and getting started on the day. Just finish editing the vlog and Joe and I are going to go pick up the boat We left it at a friend’s house at their dock eh closer to where the fireworks last night were last night So we didn’t have to travel home in the dark eehm so we’re going to go pick that up and See what the day holds right. Mary:I told peter. I think they should go dock into that cute little ice cream place so… Peter: Who knows? We’ll see what’s up guys? I’m trying out Joe’s sunglasses, so what do you think? Pretty cool Ahm Joe and I just picked up the boat and we are we came to this little beach and you guys I’m really bummed Joe’s really bummed that my drones out of commission ahm getting a new one, but I don’t have it now, so but the good news is Joe has a drone and So we’re going to take it up. I think Joe is going to launch it from the beach. I might ride the boat and see what we can capture here It’s pretty it’s kind of A Overcast and windy out here, but it’s kind of nice you guys ever seen a horseshoe crab Sorry for the wind check this out there. Just found this on the beach. It’s just a shell of a horseshoe crab They’re kind of whole around here. There goes the turtle All right, Joe setting the drone up. I think yeah, they’re pretty cool out here. Does it do alright in this wind? Joe: Yeah Joe: Hopefully Peter: Joe’s got a different kind of drone than me, his like holds a gopro, and it’s pretty cool. Countdown: seven, six five, four, three, two, one *music* Peter: Nice *music* Peter: Good boy, Mary: We’re on vacation Peter: Whoho Peter: And we love watching Olli swim. Mary: ‘t makes our hearts happy *music* Peter: So I Ran out a little while ago in the car, and as I was driving down the road I saw a bald eagle Flying and then I saw it land, like in this Marshy Grass and So I parked the car on the side of the road I was like all I have with my phone with me, so I started the video on my phone and walked over there and I like couldn’t find like I like russled the Grasses like to see if it because I wasn’t sure that it landed there And I didn’t see it, and so I like walked down to this little dock and then all of a sudden like probably 10-15 feet away from me this bald eagle takes off it. I caught it on my iPhone so here you go Look at that bald eagle So it was pretty cool. I I mean it doesn’t, I feel like It doesn’t look like much there on camera, but I feel like that’s a cool thing to See in person. Mary: that is really cool Mary: I I don’t know if it’s like known around the world, but we don’t see a whole lot of bald Eagles in our parts Peter:Yeah Mary laughing: In our parts, Peter: In our parts. In this area, on the eastern shore are a lot, like there’s quite a few There’s a national Wildlife refuge here in town, and so there are quite a few nests there and things but I’ve actually never seen one around here Mary: So that’s really cool, and then I love that you stopped and ran out and yeah What’s it called Seize the moment? Yeah? That’s what I think you should comment down in the comment section something that you did this week that seized the moment that you stopped the car and looked out the window or You went and danced in the rain or you? What did you do to seize the moment. *feeding pump beeping* Mary: You don’t think Olli is tired do you? Peter: 101 ways to eat crab meat Here’s night number two. We’re having crab imperial and lots of deliciousness. Thank you mom. Mary: Oh Peter: Okay, got mine *laughter* Peter’s mom: Mary’s havig fun with it. Peter: yeah, this is a fun game Peter’s mom: Okay Peter: Boom! Mary: W hat does that say? Peter: Somesuch luxurious *laughter* Gonna say colonoscopy? *laughter* You got going mom is it whose idiotic? Oh I have five… Oh!! *laughter* Erol Okay, we just played apples to apples and it is now my least favorite game. I’m never playing with my mother again because she knows everything, about all of us… She won like every single round! mary: no that’s not true We got like a couple, look at her stack one, two, three, four… seven Mary: It is Peter’s mom: eight, nine, not even comparable after round it was amazing Peter’s mom: How many you get? You got 8 or 9. Peter: eight. *laughter* Peter: oh my goodness. Mary: I definitely lost yeah Peter: It was it was comical at first and then it was just aggravating Mary: I think I think you need to explain this because people are going to ask in the background. What is this? Peter: That is modest mermaid. Mary: She was a little less modest earlier, but Oliver donated his a bandana to keep her modest. She is a buoy. Peter’s mom: Tell the story about her. Peter: Well. We got a boat when i was probaly like… I don’t know… like 14 maybe? Mary: 12 ish Peter: anyways. Peter’s mom: 13, we figure out. Peter: oh! 13. When i was 13 we got a boat and… Peter: This came with the boat. Mary: What is she? Peter: She is buoy. Or fender. Peter’s brother: fender. Peter: oh yeah! fender! Mary: So the boat doesn’t hit the… Peter: yeah, you could put it on the side of the boat. Mary: well, let it be known I scrubbed every inch of her so Mary: She’s cleaner now Mary: and covered. that game was surprising though. Peter: Yeah, that was surprising. I thought for sure I would win Peter: I fell like this picture is getting in between us. Mary: I guess it kind of is. Peter: Oh guys. Peter: It’s been a fun vacation Mary: It has been. Peter: I think we…Were totally i was gonna say overachievers or like we’ve bit off more than we can chew Mary:I don’t know though because I mean Peter:it’s been fun, and I mean the reality is like Peter: We wanted to do the trip to kentucky we wanted to see our family Peter:It would have been nearly impossible to do two separate trips and so Mary: like close together Peter: Yeah, so might as well go big or go home Peter: so we are going big. Peter:Anyways, it’s been Mary:I wonder what the next leg of our trip will be yeah, you will have to leave it if they do it Mary:Leave in the comments where you think we’re going next. Peter: Alright guys well thanks for hanging out with us today and coming to the beach with us and As always as always we will see you tomorrow. Good night

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100 Responses

  1. Debra Richter says:

    I'm so glad you are having such a great time, thanks for bringing us along. Peter, your editing and producing is top notch. Mary, I can tell in your face your feedings are helping and its a blessing to see you enjoying your vacation no matter what that may look like. Love & peace to you both. = )

  2. Jeri-Ann Henson says:

    I had a few pain free hours and I shot a tutorial for my page!

  3. Peggy Allen says:

    I hope you are coming to Ocean City MD. I am here now vacationing with my family!!!

  4. Katie says:

    My seize the moment: I recently had a liver transplant and get tired a lot BUT I took three exams today for the summer classes I'm taking! Yay😊

  5. DT Hurley says:

    I watch you guys daily and love seeing Ollie boy. I just want to give you a heads up.. Bald Eagles, Eagles in general, are protected here in the states. I know you can get in serious trouble if you fly your drone near them and/or bother them or harm them in any way. I know you really wanted to get that great footage, but when it comes to Eagles, keeping your distance is better for you and them. Eagles from a distance are just are beautiful. T

  6. rae1957tn says:

    I'm not sure who loves the water more Peter or Ollie.

  7. Jewel Haines says:

    Ollie is SO cute swimming! He loves the water! Great video Mary and peter! ❀
    Are you guys near
    Cape Charles?

  8. Terri's Thrifty Finds says:

    My moment yesterday was taking a picture of the beautiful clouds, see my picks on Instagram Rosebyanyothernamesosweet. πŸ˜„β˜οΈ

  9. Crystal Collier says:

    Great picture of the bald eagle!

  10. brandy hagler says:

    i like how oli swim cuz he hops in the water lol so adorable

  11. C Caro says:

    Great vlog today- your brother is so quiet on video at least!

    Have you ever sold your drone footage to a video clips website? I was making some videos for a friend and discovered the video clips sites when looking for royalty free music. Just a thought- the coast and the broccoli trees would be good generic (yet beautiful) clips for people to use in videos.

  12. Kristin Elizabeth says:

    i love watching Ollie jump in the water after his toy! and, oh my gosh what an awesome view of that eagle.

  13. Shelli Schirmer says:

    Joe goes to Liberty? πŸ˜ƒ

  14. Stefanie Roy says:

    I have lots of anxiety and it's often hard for ne to leave the house. But yesterday, I decided on a whim to go to the store with my boyfriend. πŸ™‚

  15. Lauren Elizabeth says:

    I seized the moment by having a water balloon fight with my sisters!

  16. Abigayle Dippel says:

    while your on your road trip you should swing up to the thousand islands ❀️

  17. debra donley says:

    I 'seize the moment' every time I walk outside of my apartment building.Β  I look up the street and see majestic mountains close by with an avenue of palm trees leading up to them.Β  Everyone should take the time to appreciate the beauty of where they live.Β  On a different note, Peter, your mom's place is my dream home.Β  It has that lovely paneling that I love, it gives a home that 'cozy' feeling.Β Β  I also love that she lives near the ocean.Β  How cool is that?Β  Loved seeing Ollie playing in the surf.Β  Priceless!

  18. Trekkifulshay says:

    Oliver was the happiest dog ever. So cute!

  19. MikesGirl Finnegan says:

    You two are simply wonderful..Mary I have learned so much from you…; )

  20. Kathleen Smith says:

    I love watching your show and keep up the good work and I love Ali

  21. G T says:

    Oh my gosh I was cracking up at Ollie, he looked so cute zooming up and down in the water.

  22. Merrily S. says:

    Go to Michigan! So many bald eagles along the lake shore of Lake Michigan.. I once saw 10! Ten in a single tree (:

  23. p mck says:

    I stopped to capture the sunset!

  24. LaDonna Wipf says:

    Ollie is going to sleep good after all that swimming. The eagle has flown!! Enjoy your vacation, I'm enjoying your videos of it.

  25. Carol Stanley says:

    Like Kelly, I cannot go a day without your video. I love you both….oops…you ALL..Ollie, too.

  26. tisNICHOLE says:

    Morning sunrise when the sun is peaking through the clouds. That's when I seize the moment. Before the day starts with hussle and bussle.

  27. Maria Dunton says:

    My seize the moment was dancing in the pouring rain in the market basket parking lot πŸ˜„

  28. Laura Piacentini says:

    Great drone footage!

  29. Laura Piacentini says:

    Ceasing the moment for me was stopping the car to look out at the water.

  30. Brittany Smith says:

    I absolutely LOVE how he jumps most of the way, instead of swimming until he can't reach the bottom. It's so damn cute!

  31. Jackie Rollins says:

    can everyone just stop with all the "Mary, Peter do this, do that." bull crap??!! I'm sure they are very aware of what's going on with her health and Ollie.
    Mary, Peter you guys rock and I support every decision you guys make!!
    thank you for being so upbeat and positive!
    I absolutely love you guys.
    my seize the moment was with my son. we just took off and explored evening we could!!
    I am so happy to have found your channel!

  32. Kathy Girlygirl says:

    Mary, ya silly girl. I think you will finish off your trip by driving …….HOME! I love your life. You really have a lot going on when you are on the go whether it is to the hospital or visiting family and friends. Now Ollie, what a kick to watch him have the time of his life just playing in the water and then to crash at night was so cute. Thanks for sharing your vacation with us. It has been so much fun. Hubby and I went up the highway about 45 min. and went shooting in the woods, just plinking our Browing 22. So much fun blasting rocks and targets.

  33. Johnson Family Vids & Vlogs says:

    Love watching Ollie hop the waves. πŸ˜ƒ

  34. Allie Love says:

    My seize the moment part of the day was playing with my nephew even though my hips were really bothering me. My nephew also made me laugh a lot since his little laugh makes everyone around him laugh.

  35. Joy Fly says:

    I AM LOVING THIS VACATION!!! SO MANY AMAZING SIGHTS πŸ˜€!!!! Seriously these have been some of my favorite YouTube videos ever. Thank you so much!

  36. Awayward says:

    4:42 That is one soggy poodle!

    Do y'all ever get nervous with Ollie out on the boat or swimming so far out from the beach? I know he is very well trained, but I'd always be worried that something would happen. Of course, I'm also terrified of the ocean, so that could be part of it πŸ˜‰

  37. Krystal Kvidera says:

    Ollie boy! 😍

  38. jmleeinla says:

    β€οΈπŸ’–πŸ’œπŸŒΈπŸŒΊπŸ¦„you are the icing on my cake, the cherry on my sundae, the ball in the mouth of a curly poodle!!!!!! In other words you make my day complete🐞

  39. Madelynn Haider says:

    A seize the moment for me this past weekend was: even though my nacolepsey was acting up and I just wanted to nap- I took an extra long jet ski ride around our lake- and bumped into a Great Heron eating two fish! I got to watch her stab both fish with her beak and swallow them… sat there quietly and watched for a good 20 min.. it was so special and peaceful!

  40. Stephannie Lyman says:

    The Eagles are so majestic .
    I've in a suburb of Washington state and we see them quite often nesting in the tops of our tall evergreens. My moment was early this morning I go through a place called the Snohomish Valley to get to my sons house to watch my granddaughter. There is always sheep but noticed babies that had just been born .Also a huge white dog is always there laying on the field watching over them . I pulled to the side of the road and just took it all on for a few minutes. It is really beautiful this time of year early morning about 6am.

  41. Mary Reese says:

    Where are your life jackets? Where is Ollie's life jacket? Seriously, I can't believe it.

  42. hypnotherapy69 says:

    Im on vacation and we are living in the house where my mother in law grew up. A few days ago it rained like crazy and when the skies cleard we went for a walk with our cat. We saw the most beautyfull rainbow. And we snapped a picture with our cat surounded in a field of flowers looking up at the sun. With the rainbow and the moon in the background. I have cronic headaches and hat day was a bad day pain ways, but I pushed throu and im so happy I did. Even if it ment me beeing stuck in bed for the rest of the day.

  43. tamara kost says:

    Where the life jackets

  44. Katie Johnson says:

    That is so great capturing the Bald Eagle. Thank you for describing it as well. It helped this visually impaired girl to get the full picture. I stopped and played "catch the bugs" with my 3 year old niece. Basically put her on my shoulders and jogged lol. Small but magical moment to hear her giggle.

  45. Bobby Baldeagle says:

    We are so blessed here in S/E Wisconsin in the past 5 years we've gone from never seeing any Bald Eagles to seeing at least couple of them a week… They are amazing birds Maybe that's why my grandfather gave me that name… LOL… Every time I see one I remember Isa. 40:31 "But they that WAIT/serve the LORD shall renew their strength, They shall mount up on winds as/like Eagles, they shall run and not get tired, they shall walk and not faint……." Praise GOD for HIS unending promises!!!! :0)

  46. Cindy Riggan says:

    Watching y'all every day helps me smile more. Watching Oli leap swim made me giggle so much! It was the cutest thing how he would jump through the water instead of swimming because many dogs won't do that! I'm so happy y'all are having such a great vacation as you both deserve it! Your lungs are doing great for a reason and if it was to help you het through this wonderful trip, praise God! I know Mary still has her down times and other times her body just needs some good ol' fashion rest or sleep but that's what vacation is for! Mary you were blessed with a husband who is empathetic, compassionate & took his vows seriously about in sickness and in health! Peter you married a Godly woman whip Haas been through more in her life than some could go through in 30 lifetimes so she has the ability to help serve you as your help meet, (as it says in the bible KJV). As a pastor her insight will help give other perspectives one would not normally receive. My prayers are for continued R&R along with safe travels to wherever your next destination is! Y'all asked what our breadth taking moment was today, I've been traveling for the last 4 weeks sms my last destination is here at my best friend of 13 years home in Jacksonville, NC at the Marine base Camp Lejune. I stayed longer than planned to help her recover from surgery and prepare for another unexpected surgery occuring this up coming Monday. Anyways, after her post -op Dr's appointment today we stopped at a memorial that ous dedicated to Vietnam, the Beirut bombing attack, 9/11 Memorial and a Montford Point memorial. My friend and I were blessed to meet one of our soldiers who was working during the Beirut attack and he shared some of his story. We both had tears in our eyes for him as he walked away not able to hold back his tears. He knew at least 70 soldiers who died in that terrorist attack. Sadly, it really puts what we think as burdens on our hearts into perspective for sure! looking at the Vietnam memorial made my jaw drop because I never comprehended how many soldiers gave their lives for our freedom. Have a wonderful and blessed Friday!

  47. Julie Brown says:

    Do you think that if I mailed them some life jacket vests that they would actually wear them? Peter was going so fast in the boat today.

  48. Terry Dominguez says:

    Ollie looks so cute jumping in the waves.

  49. Ali says:

    to seize the moment today, my guy and I were alone in the house for the first time in ages, we just enjoyed each other's company. it was super nice! and yesterday, I was feeling okay, so my guy and I cleaned the dining room!! (it was super messy, the kids just throw their clothes in the dining room when they're dirty, plus their toys and random stuff, so it's usually pretty messy. we don't eat in there, so why not, right? )

  50. Sharon Spears says:

    on July 5th my family visited Kennedy Space Center and by chance they were launching a SpaceX rocket that evening. we seized the moment, stayed the extra few hours and watched the launc.

  51. kornilia pap says:

    hey Mary πŸ™‚ I don't know whether you will see this or not but could you tell me on which side your previous port was? right or left? thanks πŸ™‚ I don't know if your camera flips the image ect.

  52. Amanda Brierley aka Mandy's Magic Moments, says:

    My seize the moment is that I gave my carer a hug whilst they was sitting me forward to take the hoist sling out. Oliver made me laugh he looked like a kangaroo in water.

  53. Becca B says:

    It's so sad that service dogs never get to have any fu…. oh

  54. Emily Kew says:

    I seized the moment this week by trying out a kayak for the first time on a lake

  55. Pamela Sue Williams 718 says:

    Love the curls Ollie Boy!

  56. Maria Solano says:

    I love watching you three every day ! Thank you for your inspiration, motivation and honesty. πŸ™‚ I know you might read this & I definitely would not expect a reply. πŸ™‚ Love seeing Ollie swim too ! πŸ™‚ Loved seeing your families too in this series of vlogs ! πŸ™‚

  57. Kathy Abel says:

    I am so in love with the Maryland drone shots. Maryland my Maryland. Place of my birth. Oh boy, that was lame. LOL Anyway, cool Joe's drone has the same launch sequence and music as Peters drone. Some great shots, thanks Joe.

  58. Brandi Vandygriff says:

    I seized the moment today by signing on at a school as their art teacher. I had never heard of the town before, and now I'm moving there at the end of the month. I went down for an interview, not expecting much, and they offered me the job on the spot.

  59. Connie Tuccito says:

    I love watching Ollie gallop through the water after his ball! lol

  60. Brianna says:

    To Mary watching you makes me happy, because cerebral palsy is not always easy but you always say ""Do what think you can't do

  61. Shaunna sparkles Clarke says:

    Maybe Australia 😏

  62. Connie Tuccito says:

    My "seize the moment" moment… I went out to the deck to watch the 4th of July fireworks, even though I had a bad AVM headache. It probably wasn't smart, but I really love fireworks!

  63. Stephanie Blackwell says:

    my seize the moment was, I was really tired but I was asked to watch my grandson, so I did it. I enjoyed every moment, even though I came home and fell right to sleep.

  64. Katy Watson says:

    Okay you mentioned the wildlife preserve now I know where on the Eastern Shore you are. I used to live there. I love the game Apples to Apples it's a great laughing game. We had a nesting pair of Bald Eagles near our dock.

  65. PrincessMax360 says:

    My seize the moment was taking pictures of the fireworks and my fiancΓ© and brother on 4th of July. Making memories.

  66. Erica Lynn says:

    I am trying to seize the moment. I am needing to vacuum but my lungs, pain are having other thoughts. Plus, my little Chihuahuas went into heat and acting odd and she goes crazy at the vacuum. Just out of curiousity for chihuahua owners is it common for one to walk on three legs in heat? She doesn't usually and we have wiggled that leg she doesn't act as if it is hurting her.

  67. Liz says:

    there are plenty of bald eagles in your home area (ma)

  68. tiger talks says:

    a rip tide could swallow Ollie, good swimmer or not. I grew up in CA, it happens.

  69. Court__ says:

    Bald eagles are quite prevalent where I live. Near one of our reservoirs there's an eagles nest and people always stop to bird watch! My "seize the moment" was last month. My boyfriend and I had gone out to dinner with friends and there was a beautiful sunset over the reservoir on the way home. We pulled over and took pictures to remember the moment πŸ™‚

  70. Monica and Jovanni says:

    I wonder what their audience retention is! It's probably in the 90% because they know how to keep you engaged! <3 I love you guys thank you for the daily motivation! <3

  71. Julie Yates says:

    I adore you two, my son has CF so I love watching your vlogs to see how you're doing x

  72. Katie Albright says:

    Peter / and or Mary are amazing videographers. I truly enjoy the different but beautiful vibe of your family.

  73. Chronically Cassidy says:

    Stopped at the beach on the way home from a drs appt, not planned!

  74. Terri's Thrifty Finds says:

    Ollie loves the water, I love How he hops in the water getting the ball.

  75. Kattie Anderson says:

    Bald Eagles are beautiful!…..Ollie is just too precious πŸ™‚ xo

  76. laura vietmeier says:

    Totally love that game!!!

  77. Joy Gross says:

    It's so awesome to see you guys having a great time relaxing with Ollie and your family. I love Mary's laugh so much. Oh and the drone was very cool also.

  78. Joy Gross says:

    Are you going to Disney world?

  79. Frida Writes says:

    Ollie bunny hopping in the water is a hoot!

  80. Kathy Novosad says:

    Seize the moment. There is a herd of wild horses and a brand new member and a got to pet the baby, kiss another and a selfie with another before they left

  81. Milly McBug says:

    I LOVE your mom, Peter! So funny!

  82. Audrey M says:

    hi! sorry im so late but i moved a week ago and im trying to keep up on your vlogs!
    im a manager in a big gas company, and since im new in the area, im getting to know my new employees. today, there was a big thunderstorm and we lost lost power and we had to close our store.. i got to talk with my people and i loved it so much! since its a new place for me, im these people's boss but i dont know them.. so i got to talk with them, i stayed late and got to know some of them.. i loved it! it was a pretty bad storm but i got the best of it.. i knoe you guys do the same! love you

  83. Just V says:

    Does buying 96 8oz water bottles for my elderly patients to keep them hydrated count as seizing the day?

  84. Su Pete says:

    Can someone tell me what city they were in when they filmed this?

  85. Kelly Anders says:

    A little while ago we spontaneously decided to go to our local fair since it was in town and it was really fun!

  86. Brandi Descamps says:

    I saved a turtle from being road kill recently. Had to stop traffic and everything.

  87. Erin Haney says:

    I don't know if anyone reads my comments, but this past week I learned that my lung disease (pulmonary hypertension) has progressed. So I just went numb inside and stayed that way for days. Well the other day, I drove past a beautiful l sunset-and i was filled with peace from the vivid orange, yellow, and purple hues. So I stopped my car, got my oxygen and just admired it for a bit. Haven't ever done that before! πŸ™‚

  88. Stephanie McCabe says:

    where on the Eastern Shore is this?

  89. Michelle Adkins says:

    Did or does Joe go to Liberty University?

  90. Betta Blue says:

    Fun fact…horseshoe crab blood is used to type people's blood.

  91. judgingfromafar says:

    I seized the moment this week by even though my mental illness was acting up and causing me to be disoriented and need to rest, I went for a walk and looked at the plants outside

  92. Loren Schurter says:

    There are several breeding pairs or bald eagles that come back every year here in S. Florida and they even have set up nest cams to watch their chicks grow every year. It's pretty cool.

  93. courtenay scott says:

    Love to see ollie bouncing through the waves to get his ball lol he doesnt swim he bounces

  94. Rhema hill says:

    Where i live i see bald eagles everywhere its amazing

  95. Jacque Refregier says:

    Bald Eagle?? Super cool! I love birding and taking photos of them. I have captured bald Eagles from far away, but that was amazing! An amazing gift from nature!

  96. Kathy Zito says:

    Pulled over to get sunset pics last night πŸ’š

  97. Haley Aud says:

    I took a moment to hug a sad resident at a nursing home 😊

  98. christine raines says:

    I am so in aww with this beautiful womans struggels dayly with C.F. She is so upbeat…i cherish every moment with them…& such a great devoted hubby ❀

  99. Natasha Latiff says:

    Wahahhaa, mine is still too scared of water πŸ™‚ We will keep at it ! Lots of love you beautiful couple!

  100. Ajayla Davis says:

    Thanks For sharing that Peter!! I’ve never seen a Bald Eagle before as well and that was very cool footage. NICE!!πŸ¦…

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