🐑 Shepherd in Punjab Pakistan (English translation)

Greetings, how are u doing Sir? – I am doing fine thank you. Please wait hold the sheep. – Yes, turn them around. Sir where do you come from? I am from Sargodha. – How far is Sargodha from here? – Its between 150 to 200 miles from here. (To be precise 155 miles – thats 250 km) How come you traveled so far? Did you walk all the way to this place? No we did come by van to sell our stock. We travel from village to village and city to city trying to sell our stock. When did you leave home (Sargodha)? – About 7 days ago. We arrived at Mandi Bahawaldin then other cities. Here the van dropped us at Sohawa from Sohawa we came on foot.

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8 Responses

  1. Asif Mehmood says:

    Very nice

  2. Ayesha says:

    Such hard working people. Hats Off!!

  3. Wolverine Scratch says:

    Inshallah he sells them all

  4. Raja says:

    Where was this video recored ?

    And where R u from Pakistan

  5. Arifiqbal Iqbal says:

    Very good

  6. Hazwani Harani says:

    super cute from malaysia

  7. Joynalআপনার মোবাইল নাম্বাটা দিবেন Joynal says:

    sir je apka contract number mujhe baj di jhe mujhe domba chagiye apna farm kaliye

  8. Usman ALI says:


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