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the video. Dog fighting is a cruel sport that requires
breeds with a firm and muscular body, strong jaws, and great bite strength. Luckily, today it is outlawed in most countries. Dog fighting is legal in: Japan, Honduras,
parts of Russia and Albania. Are the dogs used in dog fighting aggressive? Aggressiveness and a desire to fight isn’t
natural canine behavior. Man’s actions created various breeds that
took part in the harsh sports of dog-, bear- and bull-fighting. Additionally, dogs used in dog fighting are
kept separate from other animals and do not socialize at all. In these illegal fights, dogs get wounded
and hurt, so do not under any circumstances support this inappropriate, frightening and
forbidden sport. Now let’s take a look at the top 10 dog breeds
that were used in dog fighting. Dog breed number ten, Gull Terrier. Gull terriers are very rare dogs that were
used for dog fights, hunting, and protection. These dogs were created by crossbreeding English
Bull Terriers with indigenous species such as the Bully dog. The Gull Terrier is extremely: protective,
wary of strangers, and intelligent. These dogs were used in dog- and bull-fighting. Although they don’t have a great past, they
can be kept as pets. They require early socialization, a lot of
attention and physical activity. Dog breed number nine, American Staffordshire
Terrier. American Staffordshire Terriers are extremely
agile, quick, and athletically built, which makes them good candidates for dog fighting. Although they were not used in legal dog fights
in the past, they were used in illegal ones, where they are unfortunately still being used
today. American Staffordshire Terriers are: brave,
stalwart, loyal, devoted, friendly, and attentive. These dogs make for great pets that are loved
by all family members, including kids; they love spending time with people. The American Staffordshire Terrier as a pet
is a dog that will act the way you teach him to. Dog breed number eight, American Bulldog. The American Bulldog is a muscular, strong
and firm dog with a, particularly powerful bite. They were used in many different parts of
the world in illegal dog fights. American Bulldogs are: stubborn, devoted,
friendly, and sociable. These well-behaved, cuddly pets are nevertheless
careful and they never run away or give up on a conflict. All these characteristics, unfortunately,
make them an often seen candidate in illegal dog fights. Dog breed number seven, Bully Dog or Bully
Kutta. The Bully Dog is a large working dog used
for hunting and guarding. They were used in illegal dog fights in Pakistan
and India. Bully dogs are: intelligent, attentive, energetic,
and aggressive. These dogs still aren’t recognized as a dog
breed in India. Dog breed number six, Bandog. The Bandogs were created by crossbreeding
various different kinds of dog breeds, giving them the size of a Mastiff, and the temperament
of an American Pitbull Terrier. They aren’t recognized as a dog breed. They have an extremely strong bite and characteristics
which make them excellent guard dogs. Bandogs are: confident, relaxed, reliable,
decisive, and stable. These dogs were primarily used as a working
guard dog. Still, they were used in dog fights because
it is more difficult to control them once they spot an unknown animal that could hurt
their owners. Dog breed number five, Presa Canario. The Presa Canario is a large, strong, and
extremely dominant pet. These dogs have not only a strong body but
also a powerful bite. They were used for dog fighting in the Canary
Islands until 1950, at which point the fights were outlawed. These dogs can make for good pets, but they
should never be allowed to become the Alpha member of the family. The Presa Canario is: suspicious, strong,
gentle, dominant, and calm. In some of the world’s countries, this dog
breed is outlawed, or the ownership is restricted. Dog breed number four, Tosa. The Japanese fighting dog Tosa originated
through crossbreeding with various European species in order to gain size and strength. These dogs are still used for dog fighting
in Japan today. They have a very powerful bite and characteristics
that make them an enticing choice for dog fights. The Japanese Fighting Dog Tosa is: suspicious,
fearless, smart, aggressive, sensitive, and brave. This dog breed is considered very aggressive
and is outlawed in many countries. And now follows the top 3 dog breeds used
in dog fighting, ready? Dog breed number three, Fila Brasileiro. The Fila is a large working dog used for hunting
and guarding. He is the least obedient of all Mastiffs. Also notable is his fierce temperament and
stubbornness. These dogs were used for dog fighting. They possess extraordinarily good tracking
abilities. They are excellent hunting dogs because instead
of simply catching their prey, they trap it and wait for their owner. The Brazilian Mastiff is: devoted, brave,
decisive, and fearless. Loyal to their owners, they will do their
utmost to protect them, which includes being aggressive. Dog breed number two, Dogo Argentino. The large, muscular Dogo Argentino is a good
and devoted guard dog. These agile, strong and resilient dogs were
unfortunately a popular pick for dog fighting, which continues even today. Nevertheless, today these dogs make for extremely
loyal pets. The Dogo Argentino is: kind, devoted, cheerful,
protective, and tolerant. These dogs can be dangerous, but it all depends
on their owners. They do not attack without a reason, and if
you treat them correctly, they can make for excellent and loyal guard dogs. Finally, the dog breed most used in dog fights,
ready? Dog breed number one, American Pit Bull Terrier. The American Pit Bull Terrier is a dog traditionally
associated with dog fighting. They were used in dog fights in the past,
and they are used in illegal dog fights today. There are various associations attempting
to change the negative perception of these dogs. This is because the American Pit Bull Terriers
can successfully adapt to become excellent, loyal, devoted and obedient pets. They can also be used as: police dogs, and
therapy dogs. These muscular pets are definitely strong,
agile, and have a powerful bite, but their temperament isn’t aggressive by nature. American Pit Bull Terriers are: kind, devoted,
obedient, smart, strong, friendly, and attentive. In most cases, their owners are the ones to
blame for their aggression. The dogs used in dog fighting are kept separate
from other animals and do not socialize at all. They can get hurt or even gravely wounded
in the fights, so it’s very understandable why this sport has been outlawed in the majority
of countries. Fortunately, dog fighting is outlawed in almost
all parts of the world. If there are more dog breeds that could be
a part of this list, I would very much appreciate it if you wrotethem down in the comments. Would you like to see more? I have also made lists of the top 10 deadliest,
most aggressive, most dangerous, most beautiful, most intelligent, smallest dog breeds in the
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