? Rarest Dogs Ever – Top 10 Rarest Dogs In The World!

The rarest dogs are almost unique which makes
them particularly fascinating. Rare breeds are those that: reside in a small
area, unfortunately threatened with extinction and newborn breeds. You probably have never heard for some of
them because, as you probably assume, there are very few of them left and I have to say
that rare dog breed number 3 will totally surprise you. Before we get down to the list, if you are
a new visitor on the channel, I invite you to subscribe and support the channel. Now let’s look at the top 10 rarest dogs in
the world: Rare dog breed number ten Lagotto Romagnolo. Lagotto Romagnolo is an Italian water dog
and was used primarily as hunting dog breed. As a hunting dog, he had the role of bringing
prey. Yet today the Lagotto Romagnolo Water Dog
is known as the truffle hunter. These dogs have an extremely good flair and
in order to be good truffle hunters they need to be trained from puppy age. Training is performed through the game of
hiding and burying truffles, and also getting prizes for finding them. Lagotto Romagnolo Water Dogs are:
easy to train, friendly, kind, active and loyal. It is a little less known that these dogs
are good pets and that they have hypoallergenic hair so they are good for people who suffer
from allergies. However, their fur requires care and maintenance. Rare dog breed number nine Bergamasco Shepherd
Dog. The Bergamasco Shepherd is an ancient dog
breed originating from the Italian Alps, where it was used to guard sheep. These dogs are good guard dogs who adore all
members of their family. Bergamasco Shepherd dogs are: intelligent,
determined, patient and brave. They are an extremely rare but special dog
breed because of its beautiful hair. Rare dog breed number eight Griffon Nivernais. Griffon Nivernais is an old French dog breed
that almost became extinct during the French Revolution. They were owned by French nobles who disappeared
during the revolution. They were also used as hunting dogs for hunting
wolves and bears. These dogs were rescued from extinction by
hunters, but their number was very small. It was not until the late twentieth century
that this breed was protected and their population increased significantly. Griffon Nivernais dogs are: independent, stubborn,
noisy and brave. Rare dog breed number seven Rhodesian Ridgeback. Rhodesian Ridgeback is a rare dog breed originating
in South Africa. These dogs are loyal and used for hunting
and housekeeping. It’s unique feature is a stripe on the back
that extends along its spine. Rhodesian Ridgeback dogs are: intelligent,
sensitive, dignified, loyal, determined and playful. Rhodesian Ridgeback dogs are very nice and
good keepers, but still not recognized by dog owners outside Thailand. Rare dog breed number six Azawakh. Azawakh is an ancient African dog used as
a livestock keeper and hunting dog. These dogs establish a strong bond with their
owners, but they are also extremely independent. Although it doesn’t look like it, we’re talking
about very good hunters who, as pets, like to hunt anything that moves. Azawakh dogs are: kind, careful, attentive,
fierce, refined and loyal. Although their number is increasing, they
are still considered to be a rare dog breed that doesn’t tolerate well the colder areas. Rare dog breed number five Xoloitzcuintle. Xoloitzcuintle or Mexican hairless dog is
known for having no hair. It is an ancient dog breed that was worshiped
as an ancient dog of the gods by the Aztecs. Mexican hairless dogs are: intelligent, happy,
careful, friendly and protective. They were almost extinct until the 1950s when
they returned from oblivion. Xoloitzcuintle dog is considered a national
treasure in Mexico. Rare dog breed number four Nederlandse Kooikerhondje. The small Dutch dog Kooikerhondje is a working
dog that has been used in the past to lure ducks into cages or traps. The small Dutch dogs Kooikerhondje are: benevolent,
intelligent, agile, careful, active and territorial. These small working dogs were almost extinct
during World War II. However, they have been brought back to life
and are gaining in popularity. Now follows the top 3 rarest dog breeds in
the world. The rarest dog breed number three Norwegian
Lundehund. Norwegian Lundehund is a small dog breed that
originates in Norway. These are rare dogs that are unique because
they have six toes. They are also very flexible and have excellent
control when they want to climb the rocky cliffs where they hunt birds and take their
eggs. Norwegian Lundehund dogs are: protective,
energetic, careful and loyal. Today they are used as friendly and athletic
pets. The rarest dog breed number two Peruvian Hairless
Dog. A Peruvian Hairless Dog is a rare dog breed
that is special in being one of the few non-furry dogs. Although some Peruvian Hairless dogs have
hair, they are disqualified on the dog shows. Peruvian Hairless dogs are: protective, lively,
intelligent, kind, careful and noble. These dogs were very small in the past, but
when Peru was conquered by the conquistadors they were crossed with other breeds and given
three different heights. The original species has been preserved in
the Andean mountains. Yet Peruvian Hairless dogs did not fare well
in cities where people considered them sick and try to exterminate them. This breed barely survived the extinction
and is today considered the national heritage of Peru. In just a few seconds you will see world rarest
dogs ever, ready? The rarest dogs in the world are Otterhound. Otterhound is a dog breed whose population
is small and the number of newborn dogs is still extremely small. They originate in England where they were
used to hunt otters, which is now banned. Otterhound dogs are: noisy, temperamental,
kind, playful and friendly. Otterhound dogs are seriously threatened with
extinction and the fact is that they are more endangered than large pandas. Their number is estimated at only about 600
individuals worldwide. Yet even on the best days their population
was small. Today, great efforts are being made to increase
their populations and to save them from extinction. Specifically, these dogs adore owners, children,
strangers and even other dogs, so they can be very good pets. Do you wanna own a dog breed that is rare? Each dog is unique and special in its own
way, but the rarest dogs are often attracted to us because many people have never heard
of them. However, you need to look at the characteristics
of individual breeds and if they are suitable for you, adopt a rare puppy and increase their
population. Wanna see more? In the description I have prepared for you
links to the top 10 most aggressive, dangerous, beautiful, intelligent and popular dog breeds
in the world. If you like this video click the like button
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