🐱CAT QUIZ❓: Shy cats #2

What things should you do to help a shy cat feel relaxed around you? A? Stroke the cat and reassure them you’re a friend. B? Ignore them when they’re around you. C? Learn to read their body language, or D? Subscribe them to a self-help audio podcast. And the correct answers are B, ignore them when they are around you and C, learn to read their body language. It wasn’t A, stroke the cat and reassure them you’re a friend because when a cat is fearful, hands-on contact pressure can be a little bit too much for them. And it wasn’t D, subscribe them to a self-help audio podcast because cats don’t understand English.

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  1. Cats of Crete says:

    Thanks for the Tips ❤️
    By the way, if you like cute cats and beautiful nature, my channel is def. the right thing for you. Have a quick look guys. Thnx ❤️

  2. TOP 1 in everything says:

    Good video ❤😻❤

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