🛠 iRobot Roomba Error 2 – How to fix iRobot Roomba 532 Pet Series error clean brushes

iRobot: “Error 2, Open Brush Case and clean brushes.” Hello everyone. Привет все. And welcome back to very excited video-blog When you hear a similar sound – it’s tells us that the iRobot brushes are dirty. If you just clean the surface of the brushes, this sound will not disappear and the iRobot will tell you about error number 2 again and again. iRobot: “Error 2, Open Brush Case and clean brushes.” This error is easy to fix, and because this video will be short. If you clean the dirt directly in the rollers, that the brushes can spin without problems. Remove the brushes from the brush compartment (case). Remove this plastic plug. This one. And this dirt … It needs to be cleaned. Unfortunately, the brushes are so arranged that the plastic plug may break, but this doesn’t affect to his work. After, when your clean your brushes the error 2 was gone Best way say: “Thank you!”, to the author it’s share this video with your friends. I’ll hope to see you – next time.

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  1. Vitalii Tereshchuk says:

    Do you have a robot cleaner?
    #irobot #roomba

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