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mmm. I knew it was a good idea to save these biscuits– you get these in flights.. decided to save it for a precious moment where I really needed a snack, and it’s been a few hours since I ate. SO much better when you’re hungry so my DP, which is basically what we call our thesis, I’m mainly going to be doing screen printing, so I made a design here and I’m quite elaborate this time. I want to separate it into different layers, and I have four screens instead of using one screen, so with the tracing paper, I’m marking out what I want each screen to look like. I have been really really productive the
last couple of days, I’m very happy with that. yes, I used the P word. but something I’ve come to learn is that, productivity is a buzzword nowadays and it’s not necessarily bad to want to be productive, but we don’t need to be productive 100 percent of the time. I’ve been feeling a little dull in terms of my schoolwork but I found something that really I feel is worth my while and I enjoy every second of doing it instead of feeling like I have to do it or I’m doing it to fulfill an assignment, especially during that slump, it made me feel even more guilty that I wasn’t putting any work out because I didn’t really have that drive, and made me question myself as an artist or a student and I made me feel lazy even though deep down I know I’m a I’m a hard worker and there wasn’t a lot of physical proof of that, and now I guess I validated that for myself so everything I’ve done right now is preparation, and I’m about to leave to find a light table because we have one in our department and I’m going to begin the final pattern- twhen I say final- it’s like final at half scale and I have to scan it in to be rendered on the computer and then put out as the actual final. …yeah and one thing that studying art has taught me is realizing how much work and preparation it takes to make art. it’s not like you pick up a blank paper or a sketch book and then you just drop something there and that’s your final… so many things in life, if you want it to be worthwhile, if it’s like a craft, you got to work at it you revise and you prepare and you do everything with patience and precision and a lot of discipline. I’m gonna get changed and head out because I got a buy paper actually never mind– I realized I have paper, always feels good to not have to go to the store and buy new materials. I just need Bristol. as you know, people shat on me for hoarding materials that I don’t immediately need but like, this I probably bought two years ago and then the tracing paper I was using earlier, this was for one assignment in freshman year where our professor wanted us to make a sculpture out of tracing paper only, and no glue I think? and I made like a ramen bowl.. I just finished some of my poetry homework and my body is actually kind of… just exhausted from sitting in that stool and working on my art so I’m gonna take a 20-minute break before leaving the house. are you comfortable? two blobs on my bed ugh I just finished crash-landing on you, might’ve said that before, now I’m itching to watch a new kdrama. Bambi’s back in baby jail until Prairie is finished with her dinner, so he won’t go and steal her remaining.. yeah you know why you’re in here! last night after class, I stayed in the classroom and I finished the art that I needed to, and I scanned it in and I went straight to the computer lab and just worked on it- or actually no I didn’t, I had dinner for half an hour and then I went to the computer lab and I was there until past midnight.. I didn’t really get to sleep until I 1:30 in the morning and at the moment I forgot I had to work out with my friend at 8:00 in the morning, so I didn’t set an alarm, then I woke up at 8:15, naturally and I like ran there. (well I biked there) I turned on my rent check after, so I went to the grocery store that’s near it- I always do those errands and one go because it’s convenient and there’s a little grocery haul- I love.. these are like my staples, they didn’t have any vegan corn dogs, they on and off have it in the freezer section, but not this time. but it’s okay I wasn’t really craving it lately but it’s an amazing late-night snack that you can microwave up. I got my vegan Mac by annie’s a can of soup- I normally get a couple, these make really fast lunches but it’s really heavy so I just got one, and then this is my Holy Grail lately- cookie butter, I mix it with my peanut butter and it’s really sweet, I’ve been having kind of a sugar addiction
lately and that’s it. three and a half hours later.. ready to…start! after much preparation, I’ve gotten my preliminary trials done so I printed two panels tonight, and now I’m gonna go home, it’s like 10:30 just kidding it’s 11:30 how time flies! when you’re having fun~~ I can’t believe it’s snowing outside! is it snow? omg it’s snowing! yay! half snow, kind of rainy but mostly snow. what a nice surprise! here’s my trusty bike. can’t wait to get home and have a decaf latte the nail polish I’m wearing changes with UV light and it’s working it goes from green to… I think like maroon? but it doesn’t look like that. I just sewed my pieces together. look at suki in ten minutes, my sister is gonna come, we’re gonna go see a movie, and these 2.. want food. it is Bambi’s birthday! bambi turns one today! at the shelter we found Prairie at, they don’t know her birthday and she was rescued, and approximately two to five years old and then after we got bambi, and observing his behavior as he grew up it made me more accurately guess how old I think Prairie could be and I’m thinking that Prairie is about 2, if you look back at the old vlogs, Prairie definitely seemed smaller when we first got her and less fluffy, and right now she seems like at her very mature.. mature Pokemon stage but where we got Bambi, they knew his birthday so his exact birthday makes him 1 today! happy birthday! and I have not been studious today, you know I thought my weekend was gonna be crazy like a lot of work but yesterday was a long day and actually like, the previous day before that as well and my mind kind of just drifted and I have no focus but I’m not gonna make myself feel guilty about it, not like that actually produces any good
outcome or has ever. tomorrow I really better…. for now I shall feed the cats. just watch– prairie!! it’s time! for those that feed their kitties wet food, if you refrigerate yours, like I do for the leftovers, add just a little bit of boiled water or very hot water to their food, it brings it up to room temperature and I think that it’s tastier probably and also easier on the stomach. okay, come on bam gotta fold my laundry when I get
home tonight.. we went to see onward,
-hello! I think it was really good, it’s really funny yeah, it was like.. better than we thought.
I almost cried a couple of times there. you can tell he’s been sleeping, he just woke up. so now both cats are decently furry because Bambi didn’t used to shed at all when he was a kitten and now they’re both pretty much fully furry, the fur is getting quite overbearing so I got a lint remover. it’s the same idea where it’s like a pile, fuzzy thing I’ve seen the handheld ones, but the way it works is that as it goes back and forth, it removes the lint and the fur for you. and Michael~ I did a quick pass over the bed, couch, the little couch so let’s see how much is in there ! Oh… my… goodnessss just wow! just… my grandma would be… fainting right now

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  1. Aasiyah Khan says:

    The print that you made was so gorgeous also you getting excited about the snow after you got out of the studio reminded me of one of your older vlogs wherein freshman or sophomore, you were also at the studio for very long and when you saw snow outside, you got really happy. It just made me happy to see that moment again idk

    Also the third wheeling part was so funny and how you paused hahaha

    Love seeing your vlogs Annabelle
    Always give me a cozy feeling

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