$1 Vs $50,000 Dog!

– Oh hey. I just got back from the Doggo store and I got a $10,000 Doggo and a $1 dog, ’cause I
thought I’d do a comparison. It was actually quite a long trip. This one actually isn’t
for sale in California. So I had to drive to another state. Let’s jump right in and do a comparison of these dogs and see
what the difference is. Okay, we’re gonna start by
opening the $10,000 dog. We have to be very careful with this. In fact I’ll get, let’s see here. Okay wow. Well yeah wow, that is a. Oh come here, come here. The $10,000 dog’s trying to run off. Oh that’s a good looking dog though. Right outta the box it’s functional. Okay and second we’ll do
the $1 donation Doggo. Alright, let’s see what we got. Oh wow. – Yeah, wow, this $1 donation dog, I swear looks the same as the $10,000 one. Check this out. Look at that, I mean, same sort of fabrication and everything. Interesting. Well, oh look, it needs
a recharge already. But yeah, right outta
the box it’s functional. I mean, seamless, can’t
see the stitching anywhere. Let’s do some tests. Let’s see if this one came with
loving capabilities or not. Gimme a kiss. Oh yeah, this one definitely gives kisses. Okay, but will the $1 dog give kisses? Does it have the loving capabilities integrated into its software? Let’s see. Gimme a kiss. Okay wow, it looks like the $1 dog also has the love capabilities
built into the software. Well for that price it’s
a very large kiss also. Okay the dog comes with
selfie mode built in. Smile. Yeah perfect. The $1 dog says it also
has a built in selfie mode. But the question is, is it reliable. Let’s check it out. Yeah, I’d have to say I’m posting this one right to Instagram. The resolution on that, look, I mean. They’re porky, but the $1
just has a better resolution. There’s just a crispness in there that seems to be a lot better. Okay lets do the treat test. Okay. Yeah that’s a win right there. No problem, full functionality. Alright now the $1 dog. Hey, $1 dog, can you sit? Can you sit? Let’s do the treat for the $1 dog too. Huh, looks like the same capabilities. Okay those were a lot of in lab tests, but I’d be interested to
see how it actually performs in the wild. So I thought we’d do the
fetch test in the wild. Go get it. Yeah, I don’t know, it’s
almost like the $1 dog even has a little more pep. Where you going $1 dog? You seem really appreciative
of that game of fetch. Is this true? Well there ya have it guys. That $1 donation dog is the clear winner and the better choice. Hey, I’m Rocky Kanaka, I
hope you enjoyed this video. But in all seriousness
please adopt, don’t shop. And if you’re like me and
you believe in adoption, subscribe, smash that like button, and comment down below, adopt don’t shop. Share this video with
everyone that you can so we can spread awareness
about how important pet adoption is.

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100 Responses

  1. Corgi Mom says:

    Of course it's adopt. Dogs are members of your family . . . So ADOPT and enrich your family with love ❤️ and save a life too.

  2. Melissa says:

    Adopt don’t shop ❤️

  3. Rocky Kanaka says:

    Who else thinks the adoption dog is the best one?! ???

  4. BlueRaffy '-' says:

    who else thinks that the 1 dollar dog is cute as heck

  5. Kieu Le says:


  6. Luiz Filippo says:

    Hey. You copied from my favorite youtuber kickdapijamas (oh crap its jackfilms). And I'm a 11 year old troll, so I'm just gonna *dislikes video*, haha i'm soooo funny. No but in all seriousness I really like this vid. #adoptdontshop ! 🙂

  7. Carie says:

    that looks exactly like my dog we got her from the pound

  8. OG ⴽⴷⵍⵊⵝ says:

    i have a lg v20 to XD

  9. official_rudy360 YT says:

    Seriously this are fake boxes these actually 300$ or 800$

  10. John Kempton says:

    Pretty corny but I get it. Luv ya bra. My two fur kids are both rescued and both have issues from troubled past but when we brought them in our home they became family. Nothing can or will ever change that. Keep doing what you do!?

  11. Lucy Kelly says:

    Cute dog!

  12. Player trusty says:

    i think its fake ;-;

  13. MineSheep says:

    Same ?

  14. MrAnimu 739 says:

    Jacks films much

  15. JamiePH says:

    You liar i saw that 1$ box is nothing inside it

  16. Dirty wet Poopy poower hole says:


  17. Roblox Guy And More says:

    Lol busted

  18. Evile Foai says:

    What the hell

  19. Tristan Ice Bradley says:

    Who puts dilog in boxes

  20. Tristan Ice Bradley says:

    They r fake

  21. Twilight Star says:

    At 2:57 he already has 2 more dogs

  22. Freya Bowman says:

    They're the same dog u stuiped

  23. I Am A Stick says:

    Are those dogs the same?

  24. SpookyMemeMan says:


  25. Justin GARCIA says:

    Soo cute i have a doge

  26. Mitochondria says:

    I prefer pure bread dogs but this was a good video

  27. Kawy Thowy says:

    Why would ANYONE dislike videos like this. This man and his team are dedicating there lives to helping innocent dogs. SHAME SHAME ON YOU. karma baby….karma will get ya. Good job ROCKY!!…and team!??

  28. Sweet T says:

    Adopt don't shop!!

  29. kevin tran says:


  30. Aisa_Love _channel says:


  31. Cutelittletail6 AJA says:

    Clickbait but id say THAT DOG IS SO SO SO SO SO CUTE AHHH

  32. Lesqie says:

    I get dogs from anywhere so I can give the miserable creatures a better home.

  33. The Boss says:

    Don’t matter what price all dogs are awesome!! ADOPT DONT SHOP!!!!???

  34. gacha kitty says:

    That was the same dog it has the same coler and wow they exacty the same

  35. Binky D'Eath says:

    Needs a recharge already. Oh rocky. lol
    I don't know what this is a parody of but I like it.

  36. Sunny B says:

    ADOPT DON'T SHOP. Flip you are a billion dollar boxer! ?❤?


    I love the quote adopt don’t shop but don’t you need to shop to keep your pet alive ._.

  38. DYLAN M says:

    So fake its the same dog

  39. Heaven on GACHA says:

    Are they the same dog I don't know because I don't listen

  40. Android Gaming says:

    They are the same

  41. Zibbe122 says:

    the thumbnail is very cute

  42. Cynthia Fonseca says:

    I LOVE DOGS CONGRATZ U HAVE ONE??Adopt don't shop

  43. Mariposa 111 says:

    Software?! Is it real or…. No!!!

  44. Kreeves X says:

    Fck it's the same one but in a different box lol

  45. Lysette Morgan says:


  46. 77qq33 says:

    you are funny! and I decided my next dog will be from adoption of coursse

  47. Ram Christal Garcia says:

    your dog is already in you
    and wheres the the $1 dog?

  48. Michael Cullen says:

    Hey I feel like that dog is your dog flip

  49. bts A.R.M.Y says:

    if it's real show them both at the same time

  50. Crazy Challenge Kids says:

    They are the same dog because they have the same colors and that is impossible according to the dogi donation s

  51. Random comment boi says:

    LMAO!!! This is retarded!!!

  52. Random comment boi says:

    Your dog is adorable!!!

  53. Daniel kelly says:

    Why do they look like flip they are sssooooo cute ??????????????

  54. Steven Malguin says:

    Rocky you are a mess but love the video.

  55. mezzomi says:

    I got an add, and it's a poopeepad add ?

  56. Anonymous the Internet Friend says:

    Thanks for posting the link to the youtubers you got inspiration from, and supporting animal adoption!

  57. Gaming Girls says:

    I started off with an add called red energy Don’t tHrOw ThEm AROunD PlS!

  58. Gaming Girls says:

    Guud your careful =3

  59. Bored beaver says:

    I want someone to actually buy the cheapest dog out there and the most is expensive dog

  60. Marissa Dog girl says:

    Why the dog in the box

  61. Jasmine Young says:

    Dude he obviously used the same dog for both one he diddnt show both in the camera at the same time and the box that was $1 was empty then he cut the video and put the same dog in their omg?

  62. Dux 123 says:

    Wow both have the same coller

  63. eggdog says:

    Wait I saw you on the dodo!

  64. Susan Mazzanti says:

    I "paid" the amount it would cost to get my baby neutered at a discounted price. I've gotten hours of fun, love and someone to keep me company. I do not buy dogs. I love my adopted fur baby and will replace her with another if I outlive her.

  65. Lindsay Hayward says:


  66. kev BLOX says:

    WIt is thst chocolate?!

  67. xX _SPY_ Xx says:

    i feel like this is an ebay unboxing

    makes me feel bad?

  68. Junior dakid playing says:

    It’s your dog

  69. SGG_ sofi says:

    Adopto schop

  70. Grace the Gacha girl says:

    Its the same dog!

  71. Robert Leonard says:

    ? To Cute. LMBO. ?
    Every View Counts
    Every Like ?Counts
    Every Comment Counts
    And Please Think About NOT Clicking' "Skip Ad" ….
    Every View Counts
    Thank You?
    God Bless All Animals ?

  72. Grace the Gacha girl says:

    What to say to get likes? ???

  73. Evie the Amazing Potato says:

    My cat and dog are both adopted! Hey Rocky I thought this video was so funny! I know it was Flip in both the boxes! But it was great and put a smile on my face! I liked, subscribed and I HAVE to say it was a great video!!! ????????????????????????????

  74. Kanzada Holmes says:


  75. Rose Cook says:

    can I have a dog 1

  76. deejay playz says:

    In the title is 50k in the vid is 10k

  77. Silver Jolteon says:

    Ummmmm….. Are those real dogs?

  78. Paulina R says:

    Flip is like '' dad why you doing this to me ? '' lol

  79. Nobody Human says:

    i snot realy

  80. Efren Tellez says:

    You said it was 50000 dollar dog

  81. ivan rosa says:

    I have a boxer dog ? to

  82. Aletha Faye Drewry says:

    That's just flip

  83. Marina Quintero says:


  84. Amy kelly and quinn says:

    Kind of a jacksfilms copy but not fully

  85. Bellamanates 2007 says:

    One day I’m gonna adopt a dog

  86. Samantha Reyes says:

    That is so cute i love the 1$ dog

  87. Samantha Reyes says:

    And the 10000$ dog

  88. Karrie Dean says:

    they are the same dog

  89. *Gacha Mia* says:

    Adopt don’t shop

  90. Darian Kalember says:

    You look like steve from gta v fib

  91. Mïdighţ Kün says:

    Can i adopt 1$ Doggo?

  92. Ahmad.n Aslan says:


  93. Elias Arn's Stickbot Studio says:

    you use the same dog tho

  94. BANANABOB says:

    Thats flip.

  95. curtcreative apex playz says:

    Are they real

  96. Elyas Martinez says:

    First of all why are the dogs in a box there is tape on the box and there is no holes for the dogs to Breathe thats not good for the dogs because they can’t breathe

  97. Elyas Martinez says:

    And that is the same dog and there is no dogs that cost $50,000 dogs don’t cost that much

  98. cookie swirl c 23 says:

    It the same doggie

  99. A random channel says:

    50,000? You mean 10,000 how did you mess that up

  100. Braelyn Olsen says:

    ?? adopt don’t shop

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