10 Best Dog Breeds to Travel With

Since our species first stepped out of Africa,
man has taken his best friend on his voyage to explore the world. And with good reason, he’s a protector,
a fellow explorer, and a friend. Nowadays from swank hotels to shacks in the
woods from yachts to kayaks, our canine companions can be found with us in the air, on the road,
at sea and romping through the rough wilderness. Heck, we’re willing to bet he’ll be with
us as we travel to Mars and beyond. But for now and a little closer to home, let’s
look at the top 10 best dog breeds to travel with. Hi, I’m Leroy and I’m Rosie and this is
Animal Facts. Let’s get started. But, before we start, take a moment to like
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below. 10. Labrador Retriever There’s a whole lot of world out there to
explore. Why not bring along a travel companion who
won’t ask, “Are we there yet?” every five minutes? Gentle, active and easy to train, great for
those traveling on the land, whether by car or by RV, the Labrador Retriever is a natural
on the road. He loves to get out. He loves meeting new people and he loves to
explore. This might not be the dog you want to take
on a plane since he is so big and heavy, but he’s going to make a great travel companion. Your Labrador will be up for any activity
you choose to do, whether you want to take a hike in the mountains or take a kayak out
for a river adventure. Since he needs quite a bit of exercise, he’s
an ideal pet for the active traveler. 9. Golden Retriever Like his cousin the Labrador, the Golden Retriever
is more at home on the ground than in the air. This people-loving pooch wouldn’t do well
sitting in the cargo hold of an airplane, but he’s perfect for car rides, and you
can count on him being friendly to people you meet at rest stops and camp sites. This active family companion likewise will
be game for any outdoor adventure. As long as he is with you, he doesn’t mind
a long trip. Both the lab and the golden learn obedience
skills quite easily and a well-trained retriever of either type make outdoor adventures a pleasure. 8. Yorkshire Terrier The Yorkshire Terrier is fantastic for long-haul
air travel because he is tiny and doesn’t need a lot of exercise. The Yorkshire Terrier is commonly used as
a companion dog and is very affectionate toward his owner. He is a perfect travel companion and will
keep you calm when you feel a bit anxious about your trip. He’ll do well on a flight or in a car, or
any other mode of transportation you decide to use. His loyal nature makes him easy to travel
with, as he prefers to stick close to mom or dad. Here’s a quick tip: To keep your dog healthy
as you travel, bring along a supply of his regular food and some local or bottled water
and be sure to bring any medication he needs. 7. French Bulldog The French Bulldog may sport a bit of a frown,
but he is actually quite friendly and playful, He is known for being easy to train, meaning
he can be trained for travel. He does come with a caveat. This breed is brachiocephalic, which means
his short muzzle could make it hard for him to breathe in the cargo hold of a plane. Some airlines have even grounded such breeds. Not that we really suggest putting any dog
in the cargo hold of a plane, but he’s a high-risk flyer. 6. Boston Terrier Like the Frenchie, you have to be careful
with airline travel, but otherwise, the tenacious Boston Terrier is ready for anything: from
motorcycling to riding the rails. he has a spunky personality and adjusts quickly to
new situations. If you travel often, you know that adaptability
is a necessary trait. And, Boston Terriers are known for being adaptable. This companion dog does well in new environments
and situations, making him a great companion for the long-term road warrior. 5. Dachshund If you’ve been in an RV park you’ve seen
a doxie, or two, or three, maybe even a pack. Easy to travel because of his size and minimal
grooming, he makes a good watchdog for your motorhome. A friendly, inquisitive breed, the Dachshund
is generally adventurous and is willing to try new things with his owner, including travel. If urban adventure is more your style, this
is the dog you want. He’s small, which makes it easy for owners
to carry him around cities without issue. While they make great travel dogs, they’re
not particularly friendly with new people, unless well-socialized. 4. Poodle Of course you think of jet-setter when you
think poodle. This highly intelligent breed is one of the
easiest to train of all dogs. Combine that with his low-shed coat and his
general love of adventure and you have a perfect traveling companion. If all that is not enough, he comes in three
sizes to fit almost any travel lifestyle. 3. Bichon Frise The
fluffy Bichon Frise is known for his gentle disposition. He is cheerful and easy-going, making him
an optimistic pal for any type of travel. The Bichon may be a small dog but he’s hardy. He also doesn’t shed like other breeds. These traits make him a great pet for the
traveler. He does, however, suffer from separation anxiety,
so if your version of travel require leaving your dog locked in a hotel room for long periods
of time, he might not be the best breed for you. But if you want a dog as a constant companion
on your travels, he’s more than willing to oblige. 2. Pomeranian A little dog is a huge plus when it comes
to hopping on a plane. The compact Pomeranian is ideal for airline
travel because he can fit comfortably next to your feet on the plane. Easy to train and highly adaptable to almost
all living conditions, Pomeranians love to please their owner. Don’t be surprised if your Pomeranian gets
more attention than you do on vacation. Bonus Dog: Papillon Nicknamed the “butterfly dog” for his beautiful,
fluttery ears, the papillon is easy to train and does not need a lot of daily activity. Be aware that while the papillon can handle
the heat well, he has a harder time in the cold. Pack an extra doggy sweater if you plan on
traveling in chillier climates. Otherwise, he’s up for any adventure you
are. 1. Chihuahua Have a long flight ahead of you? The lovable Chihuahua is the perfect breed
for you. His little body doesn’t require much exercise,
which can make him the perfect pet if you travel overseas. The Chihuahua is an amazing travel companion. He’s small, so he fits in small carriers. This also helps because you can carry your
dog onto a plane and avoid large fees associated with placing large dogs in specialized plane
compartments. If you’re looking for a small and loyal
travel companion, this is the dog breed for you. It’s easy, and enjoyable to travel with
this little guy. Want more fun, fauna facts? Go ahead and smash that subscribe button and
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