10 Bicycle Inner Tube Hacks

Thanks to Squarespace for supporting Seth’s
Bike Hacks. Whether you need a domain, website, or online
store, make your next move with Squarespace. Even if you ride tubeless, you might keep
inner tubes around for emergencies or older bikes. If you have a bike shop, then you definitely
have a pile of tubes on hand. Today, we’ll be putting these tubes to use. Here are 10 inner tube hacks that you can
use on bikes, around the house, and on the trail. Let’s get started. You’ve probably seen someone using an inner
tube to protect their chainstay, but it can look kind of—like an inner tube. Instead, cut the tube along the seam and open
it up. Wrap it around your chainstay while stretching
it on each pass. Secure it with electrical tape and you’ll
have a streamlined and functional chainstay protector. Garbage bags have a tendency to fall in as
you fill them with trash, so most people tie them like this. Instead, use an inner tube. You can use a tube by itself, or cut one thinner
to use it like a big rubber band. Since tubes come in different sizes, there’s
always one that will fit your garbage can, and the bag will be unaffected until you tie
it up and throw out. The rubber from an old inner tube can be used
for gripping things without scratching them. Since you can cut a piece in whatever size
or shape you want, it’s easy to create the perfect buffer between a tool and a pretty
bike part. I keep various pieces of inner tube around
just for this purpose. These plastic caps protect the ends of your
cranks, and—you guessed it, there’s a way to hack them out of inner tubes. Take off your pedal and place a piece of tube
over your crank. Now slide a section of tube over it. Cut out a hole and reinstall your pedal. It actually doesn’t even look that bad,
and rubber is great for deflecting debris on the trails. You can make a rim strip out of an inner tube. Just cut it along a seam long ways, and cut
it again at the width of your rim. If you’re precise enough you can even use
it as a tubeless rim strip. The best part is that you’ll have a valve
too! The differences between a legit tubeless stem
and one cut from an inner tube are pretty minor when you consider the disparity in cost. I’ve run stems cut from inner tubes with
no trouble at all. You can make a wall mounted bike stand from
a piece of inner tube, and I’m going to show you how. Just measure out a piece of tube around your
bar and brake lever. Make a loop and put a hole through the end. This part isn’t as easy as you would think. Now we’ll mount it to the wall. I’m using a drywall anchor since there’s
no beam here. A washer will help keep the tube in place. Since the tube squeezes your brake lever,
it keeps your rear wheel from rolling, holding the whole bike in place. I got this from one of my subscribers. If you don’t like riding with a saddle pouch
or backpack, you can keep a spare tube on your hub. Just wrap it around and secure it with tape
or a zip tie. Since the weight is on your hub at the center,
it won’t have much of an effect on your bike’s performance, and the tube will always
be with you when you need it. Let’s say you’re riding street with nothing
but the clothes on your back, and your tire goes flat. Just go to a gas station that has air, find
the hole in your tube, and stick a piece of chewing gum over it. As long as it’s not a massive tear, the
gum will seal it against the tire. The best part is that you can make this repair
without any tools as you don’t need to fully remove the wheel. This trick has been around for ages, and it
can still get you out of a sticky situation. If your shop dog keeps running loose, you
can keep them at bay with an inner tube harness. Just cut the stem out of a tube and fasten
the ends with zip ties. Put your pups front legs inside of it and
pull it up around their back. This is the same design as Drama’s normal
harness, and if he runs to the end of his tether it’ll provide some cushion. Just look at how much he loves it. Remember when dropper posts had boots on them? Go old school with a custom made dropper boot. Just remove your saddle and stretch a segment
of tube over the seat clamp. Now secure it at the bottom of your dropper
post. Reinstall the saddle, and check this out. It works well and really does protect the
post. Best of all, it’s really funny. I also got this trick from one of my subscribers. So there you go, 10 hacks to put those old
inner tubes to good use. If you found any of these useful or just entertaining,
like and subscribe for more videos like this. If you have any bike hacks of your own, write
them in the comments so I can put them in the next video. Thanks for riding with me today, and I’ll
see you next time. Drama had been freeloading off me for 4 years,
but then he started his own business. I built him a website for it on Squarespace. If you’re savvy enough to manage a Facebook
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  1. Seth's Bike Hacks says:

    Hey guys, Brian and Alexander are on their way through the South right now, posting videos as they go. They're making their way here, so head over to "BKXC" and "The Singletrack Sampler" to follow the journey! I miss those guys!

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    You should make a diy bike rack

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    For some reason I really love Drama.

  5. Zane Jarrell says:

    If you are in the woods, you can desperately use leaves to protect your chainstay

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    Funny how i found more uses for tube after going tubeless xD

  7. AJ Perez says:

    i like your dog man hahaha …

  8. Gary Miller says:

    ALRIGHT SETH. lets see you get creative with your friends and make balloon animals outta innertubes. a simple project that wont break your wrist or any other part you haven't damaged yet.

  9. Guero Rodriguez says:

    I cut out the stem and use them as big ruber bands to tie up rolls of roofing material – rolls of sheet paper or rolls of the water/ice block, I also put them over my matress to hold down my sheets as I toss and turn in my sleep and mess up my sheets often. or when I have too much shit in my fridge and the fridge won't close I put them over the fridge to hold it shut

  10. Youssef Hossam says:

    I watched this video a billion times yet still when i punctured my bike yesterday while riding street i fogot completely about the gum hack !!! 😂

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    1:59 Warning guys, be careful when doing this hack, as if you do not have enough space for the pedal's screw part the pedal may rub against the innertube. I did this on a 1 week old bike and striped the crank. Be careful!!!

  17. Tim Griffin says:

    Haha the ad for Drama's site at the end is a great way to help your sponsors without a hard sell!

  18. h4x0rin _ says:

    you have cute drog bro


    If your inner tube has pinned or flat you can use rubber band for temporary repair just tie on the pinned part and secure if there is no air going out anymore then if there is no you are ready to go so don't forget to have some rubber band in your bags when going to ride

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  24. Pascal Rieder says:

    I got one!
    U can make a crankstopper by cutting some rubberbands out of an inner tube and putting it over your cranks between the bb and crank (more bands, more friction)


    For the first hack. Just do it without cutting if you have an cheaper deleriur.

  26. John Huron says:

    Entertaining, informative and thought provoking. Infinitely superior to anything found on Broadcast TV. Please continue! (70 year old MTBer.)

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    You can make a chair out of Tubes. You need a Frame to stretch the tubes around. Or bold down 2 car tires and tubes around the holes to make a Tire Chair/Trampoline for kids

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    Inflate a fatbike inner tube and float through your pool

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  37. John Cox says:

    I liked this video ,A better way to make holes in inner tubes is with a hollow punch . They cut a perfect circle to reduce tearing . They a cheep and also a great way to make rubber or leather washers to reduce vibration and keep worn fasteners tight I once used one to reduce a jittery derailleur problem on my prehistoric mountain bike good luck hope this helps.

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    I simply loved all of these hacks, you are just superb man!

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    After removing a seized seatpost I had damaged the little slit part in the seat tube (the bit that your seat clamp squeezes together) so I had mud and dirt entering my seat tube. I cut a 2" long piece of inner tube and slid it over the top of the seat tube, completely covering the slit. No more water in my frame 👌🏻

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    Seth in back of class: Innertubes

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