10 Ways to Convince Your Parents to Get a Dog | Parody of “I Don’t Know My Name” by Grace Vanderwaal

(cheerful acoustic music) – Kamri, what do you want? – Hey guys, it’s Kamri from
the Kamri Noel channel, and today I’m here to teach you guys 10 ways to convince your
parents to get a dog. If you want to be notified when my video first goes live so you have a chance for me to respond to your
comments during power hour then make sure you ring the
bell on my channel page. Now on to the video. Number one, show your
parents you’re responsible enough by doing your
chores without being asked. (upbeat guitar music) (bell ring) – The two regions of America
involved in the Civil War (bell ring) I love cleaning countertops. Anything for the puppy. Step two, compliment your parents. Compliments often return back in favors, so compliment your
parents every single day and it will increase your
chances of getting a dog. Also, it will increase your chances of becoming their favorite child. Dad, that shirt looks so wonderful on you, it makes your eyes pop! Hey, did you do something
different to your hair? I can hardly see any gray. (snores) Dad, have you been working out? ‘Cause you are looking
especially buff today. – Buff? Kamri, what do you want? – Step three, drop random
facts in normal conversations. This will show your parents
that you’ve done your research. Mom, research shows that
kids who grow up with dogs in their homes are less
likely to get allergies. Mom, did you know that dogs can help kids become more sociable? So I can have more friends. Mom, did you know that dogs
can help detect cancer? The average cost to take
care of a dog is $2 per day. That’s a lot less than
your morning Starbucks. Step four, post cute puppy
pictures on social media. Then ask your followers to convince your parents to get a dog. They might be able to say no to you, but can they say no to a hundred of you? Step five, only put dog
on your Christmas list. This one is a little bit risky because you might only end up with underwear for Christmas, but it’s definitely worth the risk. (brass Christmas music) Step six, offer to trade one
of your siblings for a dog. Everybody knows that they’d rather have a dog than a sibling. They’re way less annoying
and they don’t talk back. – Hey! – Guys, this one’s super easy. Number seven, tell your
parents that by getting a dog, you’ll become more fit. But you actually have to
follow through with it. Number eight, put pictures of cute puppies all around the house. They won’t be able to get the idea of a dog out of their head. (upbeat guitar music) Nine, find out which of your two parents are the sucker and ask them first. They’ll be more likely to say yes and help you convince the other parent. Hey dad, Braidy seems to
be really lonely lately, doesn’t a new puppy
seem like a great idea? – You know, yeah, maybe I’ll
talk to your mom about that. – Great. And if the other ideas
weren’t good enough, I have one that is the holy grail of puppy parent convincing. Make a music video. You can let your creativity juices flow. Use pictures, videos, music, you can even write your own songs. So this is the actual
video that me and the twins and one of my friends made
to convince our parents to get our dog, Ash. So we created a parody
to Grace VanderWaal’s I Don’t Know My Name,
and this was all filmed and edited at like two
a.m. in the morning. We showed it to our parents,
they had no other option than to give us a dog. (film reel spinning) (warming up vocals) – Shh, everybody quiet. One, two, three, four. ♫ We need a new dog ♫ He will be perfect for a vlog ♫ But you say, “Let’s not get him” ♫ But we will get him ♫ So I’ve heard Braidy needs a new friend ♫ He’s spends most days alone ♫ Let’s adopt this brand new dog ♫ Who really really needs a home ♫ He is lost ♫ Looking for a home full of ♫ McKnights ♫ Please don’t ask us any more ♫ We already have his name ♫ Our family will still be the same ♫ So you say, “Let’s not get him” ♫ But we will get him ♫ We already have his name ♫ Our family will still be the same ♫ So you say, “Let’s not get him” ♫ But we’ll get him ♫ So please just say ♫ Yes ♫ If you don’t believe me when I say any of these methods work, just look. I have proof, aren’t
they so cute, my puppies? Make sure you subscribe to my channel by clicking right here. You can watch my family
vlogs and my other videos by clicking over here. And since December is my birth month, I will be having 100% Kamri
all month of December. So make sure you’re here next Thursday to watch the video about me. Bye! (cheerful music)

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