11 Rarest Dog Breeds in the World

Hey guys what’s up it’s Charlie here and
today we’re going to be looking at the 11 rarest dog breeds in the world
dogs are said to be America’s favorite animal and I’m sure a bunch of you guys
watching right now have dogs as pets but I’d be very surprised if you had any
of these dog breeds as your pet that’s because these are some of the most rare
and expensive dog breeds on the face of the earth before we get into it why not
press the subscribe button and the notification bell 2 coming up first we
have cut a howler leopard dog have you ever wanted a leopard as a pet
well sadly in the USA it’s illegal to own leopards as pets but this is the
next best thing the Catahoula Leopard dog is a
multicolored or spotted dog that resembles a leopard
it was first bred in the United States and it’s named after the Catahoula
parish in Louisiana USA traditionally this dog was actually bred to hunt wild
ball wild boar used to be a big problem and these dogs would hunt them but now
they’re incredibly rare and sought-after because they look so cool and they can
cost you anywhere from five hundred to two thousand dollars next up is as a
whack and as a wag is a very tall and odd-looking dog they’re known for their
brown or blonde bodies and their white legs very sighthound and they’re
originally from West Africa if you want a loyal dog then an asura is a must
these dogs are fiercely loyal and protective of their owners they also
make great Guardians which will protect your children and they’re also said to
be one of the most intelligent dog breeds in the world they look incredibly
elegant with a very very short coat and a wide variety of colors but as I said
the most common have blond or brown bodies and white legs they’re super rare
and a barely of a bred in the USA this means if you want to buy one you’ll
likely have to pay the cost of international shipping the shipping of
one of these dogs alone can cost $2,500 and then the dog itself can’t set you
back eight hundred to two thousand dollars more but if you want an elegant
and loyal furry friend then and as a whack is a must next up is Thai
Ridgeback the Thai Ridgeback is such a rare dog that it was unknown outside of
its original country that is as you would guess by the name Korea now just
kidding it’s Thailand these dogs were first brought to the USA
in 1994 but they were and still are commonly used in Thailand for many jobs
they used as watch dogs to pull carts and also to hunt vermin such as rats the
Thai Ridgeback has a feature that makes it unique from any other dog breed that
is a ridge of hair growing in the opposite direction of its coat running
down its back no other dog breed has this same feature which makes it super
rare Thai Ridgeback puppies can cost around $2,000 and if you want a fully
grown and trained Thai Ridgeback this can cost $3,000 these dogs can be very
aggressive which is why some people use them to guard their homes another reason
why they’re expensive is because they can be quite tricky to train sometimes
and the lifespan of a Thai Ridgeback is around 14 years next staff is Peruvian
Inca orchid the Peruvian Inca orchid is one of the oldest dog breeds in the
world it’s been around since 750 ad but despite it being such an old breed it’s
actually very uncommon and rare however these pets are definitely treasured by
anyone who owns one they’re said to have great agility be smart and also fast
this makes it a great breed for those who like hunting the dog is also known
for its hairlessness it comes with various different colors
of skin but it almost never has any hair as the name suggests it was firstly seen
in Peru and this dog is so laughed it’s even the national dog of Peru and there
are also some of the most rare dogs in the world in fact it’s estimated this
only 1,000 on the entire planet and because of this one of these can set you
back $2,000 next up is tell omean the tellurian
breed comes from malaysia and it’s the only Malaysian breed known to live
anywhere else in the world this dog has a lot of history it was originally bred
by the orang asli indigenous people to catch vermin like rats and mice these
indigenous people also built the first known dog houses these dog houses were
built on stilts to make sure their tell oh me ins weren’t injured by any other
dangerous animals this cause tell o me ins to develop an unusual climbing
ability and they still have this in their DNA today modern-day telling me
ins have a great ability to climb up walls and fences these dogs also look
super amazing with brown and white colorings and they’re also super
expensive in price ranging from around fifteen hundred to three thousand
dollars next up is Tibetan Mastiff the Tibetan Mastiff is famous for its
massive size it also has a very solemn and wise expression and it also has a
coat like a lion seriously if you guys like hugging your
dogs and warming up beside them on a cold day then you’ll love this dog breed
this dog breed is very aloof and watchful and also very independent and
can live well on their own it’s a great Guardian breed and is sometimes used as
a watchdog for homes however these dogs can be very independent and thus
sometimes not too obedient Tibetan Mastiffs can cost around five thousand
dollars so you better take out that second mortgage right about now in 2014
one Chinese billionaire businessman bought two Tibetan Mastiffs
however he bought these for two million dollars 1 million dollars each the
reason he splashed out on these pricy pooches is because it’s his favorite dog
brain and he was also convinced that these two dogs had the blood of lions
I’m not sure where he got that idea but I hope he’s happy with his purchase next
up is Carolina dog Carolina dogs are also known as the
American dingo they actually started out as a wild dog which roamed around freely
in Carolina and it was actually first discovered in 1970s in the cypress
swamps that Cypress as in the plant not the country by the way nope these dogs
are as American as apple pie but these medium-sized yellow dogs are very rare
and bread very exclusively they’re known to be intelligent resourceful gentle
reserved and lawyer and they’re also very outdoorsy and love family
activities but make sure you have enough money to buy one as they can cost around
$1500 next up is finnish spitz the finnish spitz
resembles a fox in many ways as the name suggests this originates from Finland it
has pointy ears and a very thick coat of hair as well as a bushy tail its fur
comes in a variety of colors but the most common color is a honey type color
the breed is also known for its intelligence and fast movements this dog
breed can also live for a long time around 16 years maybe it’s got that old
finish Viking blood the reason why this dog breed is so rare is because it
nearly went extinct during the 19th century these dogs were not bred very
much as many other breeze came to Finland
but luckily to Finnish hunters made it their mission to save the breed and they
succeeded in their mission the breed was saved but it was still a rarity and that
swype can cost a lot of money a finnish spitz can set you back around $1,700 and
finally on our list we have Moody the moody breed is originally from Hungary
it was used by farmers as a herding dog for she this means it’s very active and
also versatile it also makes a great hunter for vermin like rodents and
moody’s also love things like running and hunting these stalks are very very
small and usually come with black fur but because they’re very rarely bred it
can cost you around $1,800 to buy one but now it’s time to make your voice
heard vote in the poll in the top right corner
tell me which dog you liked the most on this list and also leave me a comment
telling me which dog breed you have if you own a dog if you guys want some more
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