12 Harmful Things You Do to Your Dog Without Realizing It

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100 Responses

  1. BRIGHT SIDE says:

    Who is a dog owner? What could you add to all this?

  2. lance cantos says:

    fqing ads

  3. NYCLowkey says:

    Raw eggs??? Really

  4. Millicent Adjei says:

    Yay dogs

  5. Thingy Nothingy says:

    When I realized yelling (even though it’s not at them usually) scared my family dog it helped with my anger issues.

  6. Redrooster says:

    Don't feed your dog raw meat or eggs. This guy is a fruitcake lol

  7. Im Inlove With Cookies says:

    My pup one time ate my socks and he’s still alive.. idk how

  8. Kal0 Oof-finity says:

    Me: That’s the dislike button…
    Me: Can dogs do that???

  9. Afraidway says:

    I dont realize I step on their little paws.

  10. Jordan Quesnel says:

    Where are your sources?

  11. Bboy. Tony says:

    * Dog ripps up shoe *

    * throws dog outside *

    "Wait did I do something wrong? It's an animal. Animals belong outside."

  12. Chayden Channel says:

    My mum said I can’t get one😕🙄🙄😡😤😭😭

  13. Jordyn Hill says:

    I taught my brand new shih tzu how to follow me, we got him yesterday and he’s attached already, my sister took a video of him running all the way down the hall way cause I wanted Kal to explore that part of the house, also, Kal wanted a toy llama and a chicken, very furry, will he choke on the fur

  14. Adam Armstrong says:

    I disagree, how do you use positive reinforcement to teach a dog to not do something?? Physical punishment is necessary but can’t be done just because you are frustrated by what the dog did, I’ve spanked my dogs and I’ve never had issues with them not trusting me but you cannot do it just because YOU are mad

  15. [cheeky。] says:

    Captions are so lit

  16. Elizabeth Heagy says:

    I thought dogs are very forgiving.

  17. FLASH PROD says:

    Dogs can’t get hurt from pulling to hard will a collar on🤦‍♂️

  18. Mercedez Carreon says:

    My aunts brother accidentey let shereen the dog lick the alcahol on the floor

  19. Mercedez Carreon says:

    IF YOU LOVE LOVE DOGS HIT LIKE 😑if you like -_-(cats) comment

  20. Mercedez Carreon says:

    My (3) dogs died one got eatin 2 got cancer 3 got ran over night ACCIDENTALLY



  22. Steve Dyches says:

    If you dislike pathetically desperate comments intended to blatantly encourage likes, you know what to do.

  23. NeferPitou's True King says:

    K-9 companion is that a reference to detective movie about a dog and a detective working together XD?

  24. Kyra Blackwell says:

    My dog ate three birds in one month

  25. bouncy dog says:

    while i was watching this, my dog peed on the side of my bed…

  26. Olivia Heffernan says:

    Those Dogs Kinda Look Like Mel & Max From The Secret Life Of Pets…


  27. Alina says:

    3:35 what kind of dog is that?
    I've been searching his race but can't find I really love them

  28. Calico Cat with luv says:

    No one:

    Not even a soul:

    Comments: If YoU lOvE dOgS pReSs LiKe

  29. Chaos Coyote says:

    Why are you repeating yourself? In the first minute you've said the name of the video three times. YES. WE GET IT. THINGS WE DO TO HARM OUR DOGS. THAT'S WHY WE CLICKED ON THIS, GET TO THE LIST ALREADY.

  30. hoverYoutubebooth 4eva says:

    Wait so they cant have meat or fish or raw eggs??? I give meat to my dog everyday he is fine ya liar

  31. Kenshi Shimada says:

    If you love dogs… Do nothing and keep reading comments.

  32. Tarah Scarioni says:

    Who is more loyal?
    Humans: 👎
    We have 5 dogs💜

  33. GamingWorm says:

    i was attacked by a neighbours german shepherd and the owner was smashing his head with bricks

    poor doggy

  34. Chezy The chez says:

    U said milk when it was meat

  35. Vasile Roman says:

    Ok thanks for the tips!

  36. nicole kundert says:

    So major misconception on pulling FYI! A dog that pulls naturally will pull harder in a harness! Why you ask?!? Because they now can achieve greater pulling with less discomfort to themselves. No tool will ever be replacement for training. If your dog is pulling that hard it’s a hazard to itself and you. Do your shoulder a favor And sink your money and effort into a good trainer not tools to skip the training.

  37. Ayasha says:

    2 of my dogs died 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  38. Agust Singhi says:

    Thanks i have 2dogs

  39. wolvex water princess says:

    I am a dog

  40. GoogleAccount201 says:

    I feed my dogs Frigoles, arroz con pollo, and more Mexican food and they’re invincible to it and love it😂😂

  41. Hopey xoxo says:

    I have 6 dogs and 4 cats oop-
    LiKe IF yOu LoVE DOgS oR CaTs

  42. GoogleAccount201 says:

    My dog has motion sickness 😂😂so every time he gets in a car he vomits🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️so it’s impossible to take him anywhere

  43. Mo nika says:

    I got 4 dogs and 1 cat

  44. Hoxto licious says:

    Nice captions

  45. Lizbette Arreola says:

    They are not scared of me

  46. Gaming With Dania says:

    I let my dog in the car Nutting happened

  47. DC XD says:

    Thanks for changing scary background music

  48. Stephanie says:

    How do you know? ARE TOU A DOG SECRETLY?

  49. Naomi G says:

    Have u ever tried Listerine?

  50. Andy Aitken says:

    Number 11 got to me, not only is the dog alone in a car but it also has a collar on that jabs him when he pulls on his leash, totally uncalled for and painful for your best friend. Go buy a harness.

  51. Simon Jones says:

    Never give your dog cheese as a treat , or chocolate, or any food with onions , always never grow fox gloves in the garden as they are a danger to us and them , never run with the dog on a lead or behind a bike , make sure your dog is on a harness in a car and strapped to the seat belt , always give the dog fresh water make sure bowls are washed , if your dog is on a lead and it is attacked take the lead off as it cant defend its self on a lead , never leave the dog tied up when out of sight as strangulation can happen never give a dog chicken bones or sharp bones ,

  52. da speaker tester says:

    Dogs are no different to you yes it is da talking WOOF

  53. Giana DIY says:

    2:07 It’s kinda hard to find a harness that can withstand a 140 pound extremely strong Rottweiler 2 year old, my dad ties the leash around his waist since he pulls CONSTANTLY, so if he runs and my dad is just holding the leash he could let go on accident, but around his waist if he runs, my dad won’t loose him since he’s pretty much attached to him

  54. Giana DIY says:

    Can someone tell me why my dog pants so much? Even inside, like I’m my thumbnail you can see him panting.. when he was in his cage.

  55. Sophia Sass says:


    Brooke Houts, they’re talking to you

  56. Calex12 says:

    7:22 he said milk instead of meat

  57. *Miserable Bitch- I think* says:

    I mean, I have to yell a little bit at my dog when she comes over to my flowers and digs them out.

  58. Sahlo Folina says:

    dogs CAN have raw eggs. in fact,, its actually good for them! it keeps their hide shiny too.

  59. Nathaniel Ter says:

    7:22, u said milk instead on meat

  60. Fredd Bricks says:

    What do dogs eat in the wild???


  61. A R says:

    My dog got her collar off one time

  62. Modern life says:

    Some of these i dont belive, like not feeding your dog meat? As soon as i saw that i was like bruh and not yelling? I dont yell unless if it really bad but i yell because my dog needs to learn her lesson si she wont do it again. And also dont hit your dogs thats not right.

  63. Kayley Dyszelski says:


  64. latelle waller says:

    I love dogs and I don’t do any thing like these one I just love my puppies
    So i do every thing that makes my puppies happy and healthy for them

  65. latelle waller says:

    I love dogs so much that I almost cried who hits there dogs I know only sick people

  66. Void Less says:

    Check the subtitles

  67. avarage_brosXD Milkc says:

    Raw eggs are relly good for thr dogges but only 1 a week too much a week is bad

  68. Gabriel Gamer says:

    I ❤️ My 3 🐶s And I Am Going To Tell My Parents What I Learned

  69. höneyy_ says:

    6:05 that face tells it all..

  70. Charles Harrell says:

    I whoop my dog and he act right

  71. Charles Harrell says:

    I whoop my dog and he act right

  72. RAYM CC. says:

    I love my dog’s nose ❤️

  73. Saale Maripuu says:

    Will It still have an effect on my dog if I scream in agony as It's tearing my skull open, scrathing my eyeball and eating my limbs? What do I do then if my 40 pound dog is on top of me and eating all my limbs.
    Any suggestions on what I should do

  74. Francisco Hernandez says:

    I would have to agree with Sahlo Folina I 2 German Shepards have 3 Raw eggs Daily, and a 100% raw beef, poultry and fish (Salmon).
    Them who see it laugh and say deamn poor dogs live like Rich Movie star dogs lol.

  75. captain mostafa says:

    Number 7: brooke houts is never okay

  76. Black Hawk says:

    This video should be taken down as dog abuse!!

  77. uarobloxihateu 112212 says:

    My cat has a breakaway collar he lost it somewhere

  78. 남진Namjin남진Namjin says:

    Im working on getting a seatbelt for my dog but currently i ONLY let her stick her head out MY window because i can pull her in if i think something is about to hit her. Also raw food is actually one of the BEST ways to feed your dog, it is much better than their everyday kibble.

  79. Mia Funnia says:

    Is chicken ok

  80. Angel Annor says:

    I have been thinking about getting a Norwegian Elkhound pup, anyone know a good name I could give it when the times comes to get one?

  81. Lindsey Rotman says:

    The tip of number 7 is not the best tip bc i did that with my puppy and she got bitten there by a big strong dog

  82. дана резвая says:


  83. purplestina69 says:

    2:05 that looks like my dog even my little dog is wearing a harness!

  84. FoxyGirl Animatez says:

    I only lightly smack my dogs snout when she's biting me, is that bad?

  85. Luigi Razer says:


  86. gingercake fujiku YT says:

    my brother gave his dog a chocolate, and when we grew older he said "didn't know chocolates are bad for dog's."

  87. Kieley Hannah says:

    I have a terrier ausie mix and my mom yells at het

  88. DFG Snail_On_Bread says:

    Don’t take your dog to the dog park

    Me: So your saying don’t let your dog run around in dog paradise

  89. Eusebia Santiago says:

    how am Isuppose to brush my pit bulls teeth

  90. Eusebia Santiago says:

    my pit keeps pooping and peeing in the house after he was out side. help

  91. tScooter07 says:

    99% of this video: information dog owners already know
    1% of the video: wrong info

  92. michelle ruiz says:

    u for telling me this cause i never known this stuff thank u bright side!!!!

  93. Edward Linzer says:

    I give my dog fried egg once in a while. Like once a month.

  94. Erin Westmoreland says:

    I don't like dogs

  95. Hateeyah Rufai2 says:

    Answer to the title:
    Not paying attention to your dog because of this video

  96. Breshannon Devereaux says:

    You forgot to mention ONIONS and GARLIC as NO-NO eating items! It causes blood poisoning!! Respectfully, I must disagree with your advice about "yelling". In a serious situation, like avoiding an oncoming vehicle, a strong "No!" could save Fido's life! Tone of voice, when used appropriately, can communicate how serious the situation is and the importance of acknowledging a command. The trick is not to abuse this tone and use it inappropriately, like when in a hurry or while frustrated. Dogs DO ( can) understand complicated speech when we give them a chance. They are ALOT like children. Talk to them intelligently, they behave intelligently! Mine knows "not that yard" on " sidewalk" " go on grass" " on the left" and "on the right". She did not grow up with ne. I got her at 5 yrs. as a gift and she amazes me. She also knows ALL her family members by name, including ones she does not live with! If we give them MORE credit, they will surprise us!! Try it!!

  97. Jack Daly says:

    These are all the obvious that u realize

  98. Moon the alpha werewolf Starlight moonlight says:

    I give my dogs milk

  99. Milo Maths Dog says:

    Never laugh at your dog's behaviour if you don't want to happen it again. For example, your dog's barking when you're playing the music (piano, etc.) and you laughed at it because you thought it is cute and funny. Then your dog thinks, it is ok to do so and whenever you play the music again, your dog will bark again, and you will start annoying it and realising it is not ok but will be too late to know. Cheers!

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