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  1. L Lawliet says:

    Hey Vsauce Michele where

  2. morrits van gurp says:

    Is this royalty free?

  3. L Lawliet says:

    Everytime I listen to this soundtrack I feel like I am falling in a never-ending well

  4. Chakib says:

    A remix of this would bang on a drill track

  5. Xongi Channel says:

    Hey Vsauce……

  6. Eren Yalçın says:

    When you hear this you know that things are getting serious

  7. Hypnotic Turtle says:

    The beginning is giving me The Beatles Revolution 9 vibes

  8. Maukustus says:

    Please no!!! Creeps

  9. Mr Oof says:

    Sounds scary

  10. MachiToons - Machimations says:

    The melody is straight from The Beatles – Revolution 9

    speaking of which

    do not look up Revolution 9 without a damn priest who can do improv exorcisms that thing is Lennon being possessed by 13 demons at once put onto a record

  11. Link's Shiny Arceus says:

    *Insert hilarious and original comment about Revolution 9 or Vsauce here*

  12. ItsKev Here says:

    Are you on 10 yet? am i the only one who hears the resemblance

  13. Diancie says:

    ugh this song has always been gold, john and yoko are quaking

  14. Versace Noose says:


  15. Luis Hartmann says:

    Thank You, Jake. This means a lot to me.

  16. Delbert Garay says:

    This was sampled from Revolution 9- The Beatles where you can hear the violins at about 4:00

  17. Oh Yeah Yeah says:

    hey, VSauce. Michael here.

  18. Saturn314x says:

    Some of the bits of the beginning were taken from Revolution 9 by the beatles… Who would've guessed?

  19. NateBit8 says:

    I wonder what this sounds like.

  20. Ahmad Sarem says:

    Soundcloud link isn't working

  21. I own Far too much macaroni, but says:

    That’s a very weird poodle

  22. Dank Engine says:

    I swear this is from Revolution 9

  23. alucardfu2 says:

    The best way to enjoy music

    Cisum yojne ot yaw tseb eht

  24. bit gaming says:

    and as always thanks for listening

  25. The Jack'o' Lantern says:

    Play this at my funeral

  26. J̴o̶s̶i̸f̷ ̸V̵i̶s̶s̶a̷r̶i̸o̴n̵o̷v̷i̸t̵š̶ ̷D̷ž̵u̵g̶a̶š̸v̵i̵l̵i̵ says:

    This sounds extremely similar to Revolution 9 by The Beatles from around 4:00!

  27. LOCHY says:

    Damn this song just hit me on how much you encapsulate different vibes and thought with your own artistic style . Hope you keep composing

  28. Ajay Kumar says:


  29. ScrubyCasual says:

    Put song on spotify some1 idk how to do it

  30. ㄩ几ᗪㄚ几乇 ㄒ卄乇 ㄩ几ᗪㄚ丨几Ꮆ says:

    Vsauce raps to this beat

  31. Dark matter swordsman says:

    finally found it

  32. SpookCanNot says:

    listening to this 2 years later after my music taste has changed significantly and this song is still pretty damn good

  33. Wassaketchup 101 says:

    Putting it at 2x speed also sounds pretty sick

  34. yagos skiadaresis says:

    I feel like Albert Einstein

  35. Magnogen says:

    Is this music really that good?

    Maybe… What really defines "music"?

  36. Alexiev and Comrades says:

    Number nine, Number nine, Number nine

  37. Ash Leey says:

    This. Is. Real. Music.

  38. NIX-FLIX says:

    Is this copyright free

  39. Info NEPA says:

    I showed and make my friend listen this….

    he said – is this Cocaine or LSD?

  40. 9's the Limit says:

    The only reason I fail maths is Coz the teacher doesn't allow me to listen to this during the test, smh

  41. Pëwdìëpíē 666 says:

    I want micheal to freestyle to this😂

  42. Krenon says:

    Sounds like music played backwards

  43. Cosmic says:

    I love this song so much

    OR DO I

  44. Ally Lockhart says:

    In the beginning I got an Erie vibe from this

  45. WheresMyBuns says:

    love your music

  46. Liokardo says:

    Well, this one got popular.

  47. Adrian Motley says:

    Who’s here from vsauce?

  48. bryan says:

    i like how in the beginning when you skip 5 secs it will still be in the same moment

  49. Ewum's World says:

    Does the melody sound normal played forwards?

  50. 6Pope9 says:

    Sounds like a short part from Beatles – Revolution 9

  51. red yoshi says:

    When this starts playing, you know michael is going to say some crazy shit

  52. Lucrio Zora says:

    Is this a remix of Revolution 9?

  53. Άγγελος Αβεντισιάν says:

    Not another existential crisis!

  54. Tingsborg says:

    May I sample this?^^

  55. Lil Fox says:

    Hey VSauce! Sampler here

  56. AN1M3GOD 69 says:

    Man this Music is Just ….. Extra Dimensional

  57. Vercil Juan says:

    we miss the old Vsauce.

  58. FBI AGENT 420 says:


  59. INFINITY says:

    At 2x speed it should be used as music for an on foot chase scene

  60. Lil Phaze says:

  61. Toons & Tunes says:

    hey v sauce, Jake chudnow here

  62. Prayag's Lab says:

    who is here because of vsauce?

  63. prod. plugboi says:

    Finna use this. Thanks.

  64. Isaac 3523 says:

    Hey vsauce here

  65. Sporfe says:

    0:75x playback speed, it becomes horrific

  66. feeling bored. says:

    oh my god

  67. lolicop says:

    ( ͡◉ ͜ʖ ͡◉)

  68. Nida Mohsin says:

    James Randi brought me here

  69. spaceee says:

    i want KAAN to rap over this

  70. Ryan Stark says:

    This would go well with some freestyle rap

  71. ajay hegde says:

    OR .. Is it??

  72. Eli Williams says:

    Thanks Jake, very cool

  73. Tyler says:

    My IQ grew x

  74. Spiderman eating a giant onion ring says:

    When you're playing Uno and someone places a reversal

  75. MaximumFedoraTip says:

    Number 9

  76. Mr. Knowledge TV says:

    Hey Jake, I'm a big fan of yours and I'm subscribed to every channel on YouTube that has your song. Thing is, I want to start my own channel so could you please let me know if I can use your soundtracks? I'll give all the rights to you, so could I? *btw if anyone else reads this comment and has the Knowledge, let me know pls I need it thank you

  77. nibelung165 says:

    This sounds like Plants vs Zombies

  78. Modern Times says:

    Michael asks a weird question.
    This eerie music starts
    My brain: Ah shit, here we go again.

  79. Lakthul says:

    Holy shit, all of these comments are from at least 2 years ago, what about 2019?
    Just me?

  80. Cave Johnson says:


  81. LemonBread says:

    this song actually heavily samples from Revolution 9 from the beatles, which ironically, samples heavily from many many many different sources

  82. The_intellectual says:

    piano is boring these days

    except when backwards

  83. Necra Arcen says:

    good music

  84. Tjdamann says:

    number 9

    number 9

    number 9

    number 9
    number 9

    number 9

    number 9

    number 9
    number 9

    number 9

    number 9

    number 9

  85. Perry Janssen says:

    I need sheet music for the pianoo

  86. Bidaqiqa - بدقيقة says:

    Is it possible to use this song in my youtube video, or is it possible to buy a licence? Thank you

  87. Elic says:

    This is so fucking fire

  88. raglanheuser says:

    wow. its actually free to dl. that's…..i almost feel dirty getting this for free

  89. Sam Tux says:

    This song is made by Aliens.

  90. Obey Legendz says:

    Listened to this while smoking some cro, jesus christ i got 10X higher just by listening to this.

  91. ConzoplaysMario says:

    In revolution 9 from the Beatles you could hear something similar to this

  92. Aditya Sinha says:

    where are your fingers

  93. help me for the love of shrek says:

    I don’t know about anyone else, but this song always caught my attention during every vsauce vid

  94. Noyz Productions says:

    Hey! VSauce! Michael here!
    …What are you doing?
    Like sure, you're watching a video, but you're also digesting food and healing your cells, just to name a few things.

    (15 minutes later)

    And that's how possums give birth. Crazy, huh.

  95. Bameron says:

    Something you’d play while researching whether a report or the cure for the worlds deadliest disease

  96. Daunte uflay says:


  97. Ignacy Skupiński says:

    man, i feel like 1337 gone totally 3301 from 1986

  98. Colin Meyerhof says:

    Epic sound

  99. Wingdings Master says:

    CAPTIONS! :^)

  100. Snicker Doodle says:

    Here from revolution 9

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