16 Top BIGGEST Dog Breeds!

16 Top Biggest Dog Breeds! 16. Komondor
Also known as the Hungarian Sheep Dog, the Komondor is a very large, typically white-colored
livestock guardian which is distinct not just for its size, but the strange nature of its
coat. Komondor dogs are also typically called “Mop
Dogs” because their coat clumps together and very closely resembles a floor mop. The earliest mention of the Komondor is a
Hungarian codex from 1544, and the breed has since been classified a Hungarian national
treasure. Bred for its large and muscular frame as well
as its natural instinct to protect livestock, the Komondor is the perfect companion for
a shepherd and is well equipped to carry out its duty. They have been upholding this task in Hungary
since at least the 13th century, when they were brought to the region by nomadic people
who originally fled their homeland after the Mongols invaded in 1237. 15. Newfoundland dog
Known for being a robust working breed, the Newfoundland dog is instantly recognizable
not just for its size, but its full, long coat. Males of the breed reach a maximum weight
of 176 pounds on average and a height of about 28 inches, while females are just a couple
inches shorter on average and weigh up to 143 pounds. They are ideal dogs for a cold, wet climate
due to their water-resistant coat and webbed feet. These dogs are ideal for working close with
as well as being owned as pets by humans, as they have a very cool temperament and are
generally fairly calm in nature. As the name states, they originate in Newfoundland,
Canada, and it’s thought that they gained their mastiff-like characteristics from breeding
with Portuguese Mastiffs brought over by fishermen in the 16th century. 14. Caucasian shepherd dog
Originally registered as having been bred in the USSR but native to Georgia and other
parts of Caucasus, the Caucasian Shepherd Dog is well known for its size. Males get between 27 and 31 inches tall and
typically weigh in between 110 and 220 pounds, while females average 25 – 28 inches tall
and weigh anywhere between 100 and 180 pounds. As the name implies, Caucasian shepherd dogs
were originally bred for the purpose of aiding shepherds in the Caucasus mountains. Now they are widely kept as pets, but can
still frequently be found aiding in their original occupation. They do require special training, however,
as they don’t typically get along well with other dogs, and their large size can make
them difficult to control. 13. Scottish deerhound
The Scottish deerhound is another very large breed of dog, originally bred to hunt Red
Deer by a type of pursuit hunting known as coursing. Males of the Scottish deerhound breed reach
anywhere from 85 – 110 pounds, and up to 32 inches in height at the shoulder, whereas
the females come in at 28 inches and up to 95 pounds on average. These dogs have a long lineage, too – their
ancestors reach back long before recorded history in the region. While they aren’t as fast as a Greyhound
on smooth surfaces, Scottish deerhounds can easily outpace a Greyhound on rough or uneven
terrain. This, along with a better disposition toward
rough weather, is some of the reason why they were so popular as hunting hounds. 12. Neapolitan mastiff
Another example of the massive mastiff family, the Neapolitan mastiff is revered for its
absolutely colossal size. Males of the breed can easily reach 150+ pounds
and a height of 30 inches or more, while females aren’t much smaller at anywhere from 24
– 29 inches and 130 pounds. Because of this large frame, Neapolitan mastiffs
are well known for their usefulness as guard dogs. Aiding in this role is the fact that these
mastiffs are known to be extremely protective of their family and property. Around their family, though, they are known
to be gentle and loving – rarely barking unless they are provoked. The breed has existed for hundreds of years,
but the modern iteration derives from Italy, when after World War II an Italian painter
who sought to establish the breed by way of a kennel he built specifically for breeding
these dogs. 11. St. Bernard
The St. Bernard is perhaps the most well known breed of large dog, due mainly to the celebrity
status of certain individual St. Bernards. Most famously, the movie series starting with
1992’s Beethoven featured a lovable but unruly St. Bernard. Another example is 1993’s Sandlot, in which
A St. Bernard portrayed “The Beast”. Additionally, the 1981 Stephen King horror
novel and subsequent 1983 movie Cujo starred a St. Bernard. However, the St. Bernard was not established
as a breed to be movie stars. In fact, the breed goes back far beyond the
invention of motion pictures; the earliest written record of the breed dates back to
1707. At a maximum weight of 260 pounds and a height
of up to 35 inches, they are ideal working dogs. This was indeed their primary use – serving
farmers and dairymen as well as pulling duty as livestock guardians and hunting dogs. Most notably they were supposedly used as
rescue dogs, and this is where they get their iconic barrel of brandy around the neck. The legend says that St. Bernards would carry
these barrels of brandy to victims of avalanches, who would drink the brandy to stay warm until
rescuers arrived. 10. Alaskan Malamute
Well revered for their beauty and intelligence, the Alaskan Malamute is a favorite by far
among lovers of large dogs. In terms of functionality, the Malamute is
well suited for things like sledding and pulling large loads, with an emphasis on serving as
a draft animal due to its robust strength and the fact that it is not quite as fast
as other sled dogs. These dogs are also one of the oldest breeds
of large dogs – with their lineage dating back as far as 12,000 years, when dogs first
arrived in the region. The Alaskan Malamute itself was first bred
at least 1000 years ago, when the Thule people moved to Alaska from Siberia. These dogs can reach as much as 130 pounds
and stand as high as 30 inches tall, though they often appear to be much heavier due to
their thick, double coat. 9. The Irish wolfhound
Another very popular breed of large dog is the Irish Wolfhound. Given this name not for their appearance but
rather for their original purpose, Irish Wolfhounds were bred specifically to hunt wolves. They were very successful at this task too
– their huge stature was not only intimidating to wolves, but when it came time to fight,
they were formidable. The American Kennel Club considers the Irish
Wolfhound to be the tallest of all dog breeds – males reach a minimum height of 32 inches
and females reach at least 30 inches. Additionally, males weigh at least 120 pounds
and females weigh at least 105 pounds. 8. Russian black terrier
When most people think of terriers, they probably picture the tiny breeds like the Yorkshire
or the Jack Russell, but it’s worth noting that dogs of the terrier name reached the
complete opposite end of the size spectrum as well. The Russian black terrier, for instance, is
a huge dog which can reach 130 pounds and 30 inches in height. Interesting to note is that the Russian black
terrier, despite the name, are not true terriers. They are somewhat of an amalgamation of many
dog breeds, with up to 17 different breeds believed to have been used in their creation. This is another breed which was developed
in the USSR – having been made specifically for working tasks within the Russian military. As a result they’re one of the younger breeds
on this list – the first examples showing up in 1955. 7. Leonberger
Another large dog to come from Germany is the Leonberger, which was originally bred
in the city of Leonberg, Germany, to serve as a symbol for the town. The city’s crest featured a lion, and the
legend says the the Leonberger dog was developed to mimic the lion on the crest. This was done in the 1830s by a dog breeder
named Heinrich Essig, who also happened to be the Mayor of Leonberg. Males of the Leonberger breed can get up to
170 pounds in weight and 30 inches in height, with females reaching up to 135 pounds in
weight and 28 inches in height. 6. Tosa Inu
Another version of the mastiff is the Tosa Inu, which originates from Japan. These dogs are considered to be a fairly rare
breed, and as a result purebreds can fetch a high price. The dog was developed in Tosa, Japan, ostensibly
for the purpose of fighting, and it is still used for that purpose today. The Tosa Inu also has one of the most varied
size ranges on this list, with individuals of the breed which are born in Japan typically
reaching between 80 and 135 pounds, while breeders outside of Japan have focused on
larger size dogs, allowing them to reach up to 200 pounds and 32 inches in height. 5. Bernese mountain dog
One of four large and closely related dogs bred in the Swiss Alps, the Bernese mountain
dog is regarded not just for its large size and usefulness herding livestock, but also
for its beautiful and full mountain coat. The breed was officially established in 1907,
and these dogs are most at home in the Swiss mountains, whether they are pulling loads,
herding sheep, or just being generally helpful around the farm. Males of the breed reach up to 120 pounds
and 28 inches tall, while females are only a little lighter at 110 pounds and just slightly
shorter at 26 inches. They are distinctive for their tri-colored
and shiny coats, which are known to shed year-round. 4. Boerboel Also known as the South African mastiff, the
Boerboel is yet another example of the far reach of the mastiff family of dog breeds. This particular breed was originally developed
for use on the farm but most notably as a guard of the homestead – their large and fearsome
appearance coupled with fierce loyalty to their family has made them an ideal breed
for protection and general guard duty. At an upper weight range of 170 pounds and
heights of up to 28 inches, the Boerboel is known to be one of the more powerful dog breeds,
thus they’ve made great worker dogs as well throughout their history. The breed is thought to date back to 1652
when Jan van Riebeeck arrived in the region and began breeding dogs with those indigenous
to the region. 3. Anatolian shepherd
As the name implies, the Anatolian shepherd dog originates in the Anatolia region of Turkey,
where it was originally bred as a protector and herder of livestock. Its large stature makes it well suited for
this task, with males of the breed weighing in at around 140 pounds and standing 32 inches
tall at the shoulder, and females of the breed not being much smaller, at up to 120 pounds
and 31 inches. It is thought that Anatolian shepherd dogs
have been doing their job at keeping wolves and other predators at bay in the region for
as long as 6000 years. 2. Great Dane
It’s nearly impossible to put together a list of the largest dog breeds without at
least mentioning the Great Dane. Like the St. Bernard, the Great Dane is one
of the most iconic large-stature dogs, coming in at up to 180 pounds and 30 inches tall. Notably, the famous cartoon dog Scooby Doo
is a Great Dane. The breed itself, however, originates long
before cartoons. Dogs resembling Great Danes can be found dating
back to Ancient Greece, with depictions recorded in at least the 13th and 14th centuries BC. Nevertheless, the modern breed is known to
have originated in Germany, and was used to great success as a hunting dog. The name, which was originally the “German
Boarhound”, was changed in the 19th century after tensions with Germany began to grow
in the rest of the world. 1. English mastiff
By far the most prevalent kind of mastiff is the English Mastiff. They are best known for their huge size – with
males reaching sizes of 30 inches tall at minimum and weighing up to 250 pounds, and
females coming in just a few inches shorter and 180 pounds on the higher end. English Mastiffs have led to many other breeds
of mastiffs around the world – which can be confusing for people who don’t know how
to tell the breeds apart. English Mastiffs, however, trace their lineage
back quite a ways. There are depictions of English Mastiffs in
paintings as far back as the 16th century, possibly even farther back. The modern breed dates back to the late 19th
century, when a dog named Beaufort outbred all other dogs of the type and became the
progenitor of the modern English Mastiff breed.

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