$17 Pet vs. $100,000 Pet

(upbeat music) – Niki! – Hello. – What up my good friend? You wanna come with me on a Worth It lifestyle episode? We’re doing pets. – I love pets! – I see that. Look at you, can you say Worth It? – Worth it. – Pets. – Pets. – Okay, here we go. – Here we go pets. – Worth It Lifestyle. – Pets – Guest on today, Niki. – Hi. – Today on Worth It Lifestyle, we’re trying, oh – Trying? We’re not trying them! – Today on Worth It Lifestyle we’re seeing three pets at three drastically different price points to find out which one is the most worth it at its price. – Worth it! Pretty much all of my life, I have had pets. Growing up I always had dogs, and I now have a cat. Its so nice to come home to someone who’s excited to see you. – Other than your wife. – Other than my wife. (laughter) – I have not lived with any… – What? – Four legged creatures in my life. – Ever? – So this is gonna be fun. We’re going to the Best Friends Animal Society. An animal shelter called No Kill LA. – Wow! A no kill shelter. A great start! Adopt, don’t shop. (upbeat flute tune) ^- Welcome my name’s Michelle Sathe ^and I’m a PR specialist with Best Friends Animal Society here in Los Angeles and we’re really happy to have you at our beautiful NKLA pet adoption center in West LA. – We are very excited. – Yay. Pets! – [Michelle] Best Friends Animal Society is actually a national animal welfare organization and we are dedicated to ending the killing of shelter pets. Shelter pets generally get killed because there is a lack of space in the shelter system. And unfortunately, every day in America, 4,100 dogs and cats are killed. I don’t meant to bum you guys out. – No. – There’s a lot of happy stuff going on here too. Here in Los Angeles, Best Friends launched the NKLA initiative in 2012. Our team is here to make you the best possible match for your lifestyle. All of our pets are fixed, vaccinated, and micro chipped. So its like a one stop shop. – They do all the work for you. – We do all – it’s like, they are ready to go home. You just do a short adoption survey and fill out some paperwork, pay the fee, and you’re out the door. – So full of emotions. – Do you wanna go meet some pets? – Yes, please. – Alright. – Dog time. Party time. Puppy party. Puppy Party. – Hey cutie pie. Hi. Hello. – [Niki] You’re so beautiful! Look at Woolie. – Hi Woolie! – He’s a big handsome. – You’re so handsome. – I found a friend! I know. – Wow you make friends with animals so quickly, Niki. – I love animals. – Like I’m bad at reading body language, and you just have to read them. – What I like to tell people when they’re looking at dogs in Kennels is that it’s not indicative of who they are anytime you want meet a pet, definitely ask for a face to face. (bouncy drumbeat) (bell sound) – [Steven] So who do we have here? – [Shelter worker] We have Boxy Brown. She’s a very sweet and bubbly pup and she loves playing with balls. – Yes! – Whoa. – She did it! – Hello. I got it. Oh you got it. Can I have it? – You’re so sweet. Look at the smile. – Niki, I’ve decided I’m going to have a dog and cat. – You’re gonna have a dog and a cat? – Yes, and I want them to be friends. – She’s so cute. Look at that! Look at that! Talent, beauty, grace, Boxy Brown. – We have a lot of high tech features for people where they can go around and check out different screens and check out different pictures and videos of the pets before they even meet them, to help you make that love connection. – Look at him! Look at that face! Yeah. She’s like “hey” – Yo. – Wanna hang out? (jazzy music) – [Shelter Worker] This is Mia. She’s our training cat. I got my first Cat Day training with her because she’s just so adorable and she’s very active. – [Steven] Hi Mia. – [Niki] There you go. Hello. – [Steven] She’s like a coffee cinnamon roll. – [Niki] She does look like a cinnamon roll. She’s so nice. She’s got such a calm energy. – [Shelter Worker] We have like a booklet that we keep all their behaviors and this is Mia’s. – Perfect as usual. – [Steven] Cat pun! – Adopted pets are really special, you know? They’re so grateful to just have a home and hang out. – [Steven] You ready to hit the road Niki? – Can we take 30 cats and 30 dogs with us? How much space do you got in your car? So that shelter was cool! – That was awesome! Are you ready for the inaugural pet fact of the season? – Oh gosh, I forgot about those. – Pet fact! – Oh my god. ^It was estimated that in 2017, Americans spent ^nearly $69 billon their pets. ^Considering how much I have spent on my one cat, well you have like the recurring costs like the food and like the litter. I bought him a Christmas sweater cause it was cute and he hated it. But, just like dumb stuff like that. – You know Alex is also a pet person? – We’ve bonded over that. You know, there’s two Alex’s in the back. – In the back? Oh, this is gonna be very confusing. Well we’re bringing an extra person because we’re going on a road trip – – Road trip. – We’re going out see some mini pigs right now. – Mini pigs! – I’m going to need your help. – Why? – Because they’re fragile, I don’t know actually. (Upbeat music) ^- Welcome to So Cal Mini Pigs, ^I am Sandy and I’m here to show you kind of around and let you know what a real mini pig is like. – So this is mini pig? – Yeah, this Jay. This is a mini pig. She is three and half years old. I like to compare them to the size of, you know, a hefty English bulldog. There’s a whole misconception of, you know, the little tea cup mini pig is just a marketing term. They all do fit into tea cups when they’re born but they all grow to be a full sized mini pig. Which is still so easy as like a family pet. – I have so many questions, I just – Lay them on me! – What’s like the personality of a pig? – They’re usually a perfect mix of sweet and cuddly to playful and a little mischievous but in the funniest of ways. – Do you have to let them out to poop? Do you have to brush them? – Can they live inside? – I think a good goal is to have the mini pig maybe 50% inside and 50% outside. You feed them twice a day, it’s pig pellets just like you would buy a bag of dog food and then they can have their fresh veggies and salads and greens. Anything that you would put in a vegetarian human diet, they can have. They all potty in one little corner. – Wow! – Yeah, so it makes clean up really easy. You can absolutely train them to do anything a dog can pretty much do. – [Steven] They also know how to untie my shoelaces, apparently. – They love shoelaces! – Wow. I’ve had to tie my shoelaces twice since I got here. – Pigs can pick a person too that they really like their energy and they will stick with you. Yup. So. – It picked you. – If I wanted to go home with one, how much would it cost? ^- At my farm, it’s $800. ^But you can find them up into the $2500 to $5000 range. – I like them. Sold! – Sorry. I don’t know what’s going on. – She doesn’t like me. – You know, I think she’s guarding him. – Steven! You have guard pig! – [Steven] Alright you stay away from Peg. – She doesn’t want me anywhere near you. – Yo. Piss ’em off. Yeah. Alright here are the babies. Let’s hang out with the babies. – Pig picnic! – This one’s got real nice hair. – I know. – Yo. Are we not matching? Check out this hair. – (unison) Aw! – [Sandy] Scratch under her arm. Right away. Yes. Keep going, keep going. – [Niki] you’ve made a friend. – Bye bye! Be free! – [Sandy] That’s the magic spot under the armpit. – Under the armpit? – Under the armpit? Okay. That’s not my magic spot. – No? Their behavior is a little cat like to me. – [Steven] Really? – A little bit, yeah. I’m gonna do thing on my terms but also I’m a little cheeky monster. – Oh, I’m sorry. – [Niki] Steven. – You can tell Niki knows how to act around animals Oh my gosh. You think I found my future pet? I don’t do humans anymore, I have pigs. (cheerful piano tune) – [Niki] Is this Peg? – [Sandy] This is Peg, following her man. – Peg returned! To make sure there is enough space for Jesus between me and Steven. – [Steven] You were saying about them being therapy animals? – [Sandy] Yes. There’s a lot of people that register pigs as emotional support animals. They can be very loving, and really comforting. – They’re so huggable. – Huggable pig. – On her terms. – I’m sorry, I was hanging out with Violet okay? I promise I won’t hang out with Violet anymore. Or Niki. – Mini pigs! – Mini pigs! One, not as many as I thought. Two, cuter than I thought. – Yes. – Three, very therapeutic. – Like when you think of a pig, you’re not like wow a sweet animal! But they were so sweet! – Now we go to Terrebonne, Oregon to meet the most expensive pet. (upbeat drum) We’re in Portland! – Ah! – But we’re not there yet, so here’s the plan, Niki We now have to take a two hour drive – [Niki] Oh good. to the Alpaca we are about to visit. – The Alpaca. – That’s right. But before we get any further with that you know what time it is? – No. – Do you not watch Worth It? – I was setting you up for it. – Oh, okay. Pet Fact! ^- There it goes. ^- You know that cats can change the frequency of their meows ^to manipulate their humans. ^- Wow! That does make sense. Cat’s have different meows. – Meow. – Its like talking. – Can you meow like you’re a cat? – He does like a, meow when he’s hungry. Like a higher pitched, like please, like that kind of thing and then when he wants to play, its kind of lower and it’s like this weird kinda like meow! – I’m gonna take a quick nap-a, I’ll nap until we get to the Alpaca. – Keep working on it! (Low soft music) ^- Good morning! I’m Nancy and this is my husband, Art Izer, ^- [Art] Morning! ^and we’re at Alpaca Country Estates in beautiful Terrebonne, Oregon. – [Niki] Beautiful indeed! – This has to be the most beautiful place we’ve been to on this show. – And I get to wake up to that every morning with my cup of coffee. – To about how many Alpacas? – [Nancy] About 1000. – [Steven] Whoa. – Art has a saying, about if you don’t look them in the eye – [Niki] Oh, why? – [Art] You’ll wanna take them home. – [Niki] Cute. – They’re very curious inquisitive animals and I love to work with. – Do they take care of your land? – Absolutely. They mow it so you can throw away your lawnmowers. Don’t work that on the weekend. They have to be in a fenced area. They’re very smart so they know where they belong. So if you catch them they’ll go back inside. Then they need shelter, whether it be trees or barn, something like that. And they need food and water. – [Art] And they need a friend. – At least two buddies. They’re herd animals. – [Art] Sometimes when we have to take alpaca to the vet most of the time we have to take his buddy too. – [Niki] Aw. – [Art] Otherwise they get stressed, very unhappy, they want their buddies. – Oh wow. Oh. – So we have some feed here. – We’re gonna try to lure them. – Cause how do you win friends? Food. – Oh. – (Together) Hello! – So abrupt. – Hello. – They both chose Niki. What can I say Niki’s better with the ladies than I am. – Steven, I’m out. They’re looking at you. – Oh. – [Niki] Yay! – Look at how much they ate of mine and how much they ate of Niki’s. (soft uplifting music) We heard about this beautiful Alpaca worth quite a bit of money. – Who is Lennox? (laughter) And why is he so special? – [Nancy] Lennox in his own right is an incredible male he is now almost 16 years old. He’s still breeding. We have people who will bring their animals here and we charge them the stud fee to breed. His progeny we take to the shows all over the United States and they’re very worthy of championships. – So Lennox is like the best Alpaca. He’s like the best shape, the best fur, the best walk, and he makes the best babies. – [Nancy] Absolutely. – [Steven] Who’s Lennox’s friend? – [Nancy] Patagonia Lennox’s buddy is ^Snowmass Andean Midnight. ^A true black male that’s 12 years old. They’ve been together for several years. – They’re Buddies! That’s really cute. – [Steven] Lennox is such a prize for you out here, I don’t wanna say you could sell, but what is the value of Lennox? ^- [Nancy] We have him listed for $100,000. But, he’s priceless to us. – We should go meet Linux. The best alpaca I will ever see in my whole life. (jaunty wood instrumental tune) – [Nancy] So that’s Andean Midnight. – [Steven] Oh. – Wow! Whoa It’s so deep. – It’s like a campfire and a blanket. Alex, get in here. It’s like memory foam but better. – [Niki] That’s Lennox? – [Nancy] Yes. – This is the guy, grandpa. You are a majestic creature. – Hello, sir. Thank you. – I’m gonna pet you, Lennox. Good boy. Whoa. It’s so dense. Oh my gosh. That’s what I’m talking about. Wow. The posture is like crazy. – I know. His front feet are always together. – He knows he’s a show alpaca. – He’s like I’m a pretty boy! He’s just looking out for his pal here. – [Art] He sure is. – [Niki] They just want to be close. – [Art] You see that? – You have very long eyelashes. – [Steven] Oh my god. I just noticed that. Wow you don’t even need to get falsies or anything. Those are natural eyelashes? – That’s right. – No. They put fake eyelashes on alpacas, Steven. Do you even know how valuable you are? Do you think he like stands at the top of the farm and it’s like ah, my children. (Art laughs) (piano tune) (Lennox sneezes loudly) – [Art] Sneezed. – Niki. We finished Episode 1 of the season. But which pet to you was the most Worth It at its even price point? – I have to say NKLA. How do you beat a no kill shelter, dogs that just need homes, kitties who just need hugs? Those alpacas though. I didn’t think I’d like them that much. – [Steven] Really? – [Niki] They were really cute and really sweet. – [Steven] So soft. – [Niki] So soft. _What animal is that soft? – Alpacas! – [Steven] I fell in love with Peg. I fell in love with Linux. I fell in love with the babies at the Alpaca farm. Oh my gosh. But NKLA. Gotta adopt. Just too heartbreaking, like you just have to accept they need help. – [Niki] Yeah. – Alex, Who’s your Worth It winner? – Pigs. – Pigs?! – Of course he picks pigs. – Wow. – He’s the pig man. – That’s it, Niki. See you next week at boats. Car’s coming. – [Niki] Go!

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