1973 Husqvarna WR RT 360 (Street Legal) … Ugly Husky gets a makeover

First Start

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4 Responses

  1. TheStevemcqueen68 says:

    Great job, Bike looks like new,

  2. José da Cunha Filho says:

    When I was fourteen, in 1974, I managed to "extract" a 1973 WR 250 from my dad. I had had a Yamaha AT3 125 since I was twelve, and it was always in the shop. Then, I heard about a guy crashing one of the 19 Husqvarna WR 250 imported to Brazil (by a German man called Kurt Jurgen) in 1973, and never wanting to lay eyes in it again. So I found someone to buy my AT3 for a fairly descent price, got all my 'savings' from my allowance, and my dad had to tip in a relatively small amount of money, so it was hard for him to refuse it. All of this was done within a week, and it was thrilling. The bike was in OK shape, no serious damage (most of the damage was on the rider, who fell off a cliff with it, and was stranded overnight with a broken leg… ouch), and I was ecstatic with happiness to own this monster which, I could not lift from the ground if it fell over, and could not reach the floor with both feet, for I weighed 30 kg and was about 1,62 m high. The bike was orange (It had the name and the logo with the crown on the tank), with the exact same shape air filter box, same frame, same suspension, but no blinkers, for they were lost at the cliff episode. I used it from 1974 until 1978 when I moved to the US to study, then what I returned 17 years later, I was no longer interested in motorcycles, so I gave it to my nephew in 1994, and he sold it last year.

  3. Mick Rudd says:

    Very nice job…another one saved.

  4. Donnie Porter says:

    I just found a 1973 husqvarna 400 8speed the guy says his friend bought it brand new road it once it scared him so bad he put it up and its been setting since 73 unfortunately the lean two it was under has slowy rotted and the bike has been exposed to the weather for years its a complete bike i can buy it for 500.00 is it worth rebuilding i dont know anything about these bikes if anybody knows anything please let me know thanks

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