20 puppies born to local shelter dog

ASSIGNMENT. 3 3 Neal Barton-TAKE OTSNEW AT SIX TONIGHT—-A POSSIBLE RECORD FOR SMITH COUNTY, AFTER A DOG AT THE SMITH COUNTY ANIMAL SHELTER GAVE BIRTH TO 20 PUPPIES.IT HAPPENED EARLIER THIS WEEK. K-E-T-K’S MATT THIBODEAUX MET THE PROUD MAMA AND HAS MORE. 3 OUTCUE: STDTO: 1:24 DURATION:1:24FOR THE STAFF AT THE SMITH COUNTY ANIMAL SHELTER–IT WAS JUST A NORMAL TUESDAY MORNING. THAT WAS UNTIL THE RESCUE LAB MIX–LUNA–WENT INTO LABOR. AT FIRST EVERYTHING WAS FINE..UNTIL 8 HOURS LATER, WHEN LUNA–WAS áSTILL IN LABOR. Lekisha Stinecipher” noticed she was having complications and already lost one puppy so we automatically contacted some of our local volunteers.”AND THE VOLUNTEERS READY FOR THAT CALL–WERE THE KINGDOM VETERINARY CLINIC IN FLINT.WHO EVENTUALLY HAD TO PEFORM A C-SECTION.Dr. Roy Wilmeth”there really wasn’t a lot of time to kind of think and process how many were coming out but it seemed like it would just never end.”18 PUPPIES WERE DELIVERED AT THE VET, BRINGING THE TOTAL TO 20, SOMETHING NO ONE EVER EXPECTED TO SEE.Lekisha Stinecipher”I was blown away when they told me 20 puppies, that’s a lot of puppies, a lot, too many for Luna.”Matt Thibodeaux: AND THANKS TO THE GENEROSITY OF ONE RESUCE,LUNA AND HER FAMILY HERE WILL BE TAKING A ROAD TRIP TO THEIR FOREVER HOME. Lekisha Stinecipher”Because for Paws is actually the rescue in Connecticut, we appreciate any help we can get. We thank Because for Paws for stepping in and helping in this situation.”UNTIL THEN LUNA THE PROUD, AND RELIEVED, MOTHER, SPENDS TIME WITH HER PUPPIES AS PEOPLE MARVEL AT JUST HOW INCREDIBLE HER STORY IS.Dr. Roy Wilmeth”it was special. I’m sure that never in my career will we see this many puppies from a dog and people are saying that it’s some kind of record.”AND IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO MEET LUNA OR HELP OUT WITH SOME OTHER ANIMALS,THE ANIMAL SHELTER IS ALWAYS LOOKING FOR MORE VOLUNTEERS.KETK NEWS 3 3 Neal Barton:A REMINDER TO LOCK YOUR CAR DOORS, ESPECIALLY THIS TIME OF YEAR. POLICE REPORT A SPIKE IN BURGLARIES THIS TIME OF YEAR. TAKE:

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