2009-2014 F-150 Husky Gearbox Storage Systems Under Seat Storage Box (SuperCab & SuperCrew) Review

Hey, everybody, I’m Justin with AmericanMuscle.com.
And this is my detailed review of the Husky Gearbox Storage System Under Seat Storage
available for your ’09 to ’14 Super Crew and Super Cab F150. You should be checking out
Husky’s Under Seat Storage System if you’re like me and every other frustrated Super Crew
or Super Cab owner out there who are sick and tired of having all their stuff sliding
around the rear of their cab. Now this is a great option to take advantage of all the
dead space underneath the rear seat of your F150, keeping your stuff organized, but most
importantly maintaining 100% of the leg room for your rear seat passengers. If you guys didn’t know, Husky’s a really
cool company that makes all kinds of stuff for you and your F150 from floor liners to
mud guards to fender liners, storage options like we have here. You name it, they probably
make it for your truck. And all of their stuff is made and designed right here in the U.S.A.
and it’s all backed by their lifetime no hassle warranty. Diving right into the construction with Husky’s
storage box, you’re going to find an impact resistant polymer material for the basic overall
build here and that’s been finished off in a rubberized coating. It is textured and I
do like this for a couple of different reasons. First off, it’s going to help prevent the
box from sliding all over the rear of the truck along with the included safety straps
that will keep this thing locked down in one place. But in addition to that, that rubberized
textured coating will also help prevent all the stuff you store within the box itself
from sliding all over the place when taking turns in your F150. Another thing I like about
the textured material that the Husky uses here is that it resembles a lot of the other
interior plastic, and it’s going to help the box blend into the interior of your F150.
Now obviously more so if you have a darker interior, but even if you have a grey or tan
interior, with the seat down, you can hardly tell this thing is there. And that leads me to my next point. You can
tell that Husky really did their homework when designing this box as it is vehicle specific
and it really does fit like a glove in our F150. And that’s really no surprise to me,
guys, as I’ve seen a lot of stuff from Husky. It all fits great, especially with products
like this for the floor liners where fitment can really make or break a product. As I did
mention earlier, when installed, this thing is completely out of the way for the backseat
passengers. You’re not going to have to worry about them kicking this thing. Again, it does
maintain 100% of the leg room. Another nice thing to point out with the Husky
Gearbox is that they do throw in one or two dividers depending on what option you go with.
For instance, Super Crews with a factory subwoofer installed, the box itself is going to be a
little bit shorter so you’re only going to receive one of these dividers. However, our
truck does not have a factory subwoofer, the box is a little longer and therefore, they
throw in two of these things. Now this is nice because you can basically up your level
of organization. You can keep your smaller stuff over here. If you have slightly longer
stuff, you can keep it over here, remove one. Whatever you need to do. Again, totally up
to you but it is nice that Husky throws these in. Now, I do have two small concerns or nitpicks
here with Husky’s Gearbox, pretty insignificant overall but it is worth pointing out. First
up is the thickness of materials. Now, personally, I like to see a little thicker material used
with the Gearbox when it comes to overall durability but again, the lifetime warranty
should put any of those concerns at ease. Second is the price. Now, at $150, some of
you guys might think this thing’s a little steep but again, you have to factor in the
quality of fitment, which is great, along with the practicality of something like this
and if it’s going to be worth it to you and your F150. The final benefit here with Husky’s Gearbox
is definitely the ease of install. Now as you might imagine guys, there’s really nothing
crazy to expect here. No drilling, no permanent modification. Instead, simply lift up the
rear seat, secure it with the two safety straps here and you’re pretty much good to go. A
very soft one out of three wrenches for my overall difficulty meter. No tools needed
whatsoever. We call it an hour on the site, but honestly, I’d be surprised if it took
you any longer than five minutes to get everything in place. Now that easy install is also going
to make for an easy removal, too. If you ever need to utilize the full floor space in your
cab, simply unbuckle the safety straps, remove the cargo box and you should be good to go. All right guys, to sum this one up here, if
you’re like me and hate having a messy truck and stuff sliding all over the place, then
I feel the Husky Gearbox will certainly be worth a look. Sure the price tag might be
a little bit high, but with the quality of fitment, I think it’s going to be worth it
in the eyes of many. So be sure to check out more options from Husky for your F150 right
here at AmericanMuscle.com.

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3 Responses

  1. Aaron Cano says:

    Bro…vacuum that back floor!!

  2. Mike Pierce says:

    What you don’t see is the organizer for the super cab. It is 1/2 the length because of the jack. The Prius still 140.00. It’s also cheap flimsy molded plastic.

  3. C. Juneau says:

    How to install with the OEM Subwoofer??

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