2015-2016 F-150 Husky Gearbox Under Seat Storage Box Review & Install

What’s going on, guys? I’m Alex from American Muscle, and this is
my quick review and install of the Husky Gearbox Under Seat Storage Box fitting your 2015 and
2016 F-150 Supercrew. In this video, I’m gonna talk about the construction
and materials used, as well as the installation, if we can call it that, which I’ll touch on
later in the video. But, right off the bat, I’m gonna be giving
this a very easy one out of three wrenches on the difficult meter, and you should have
this in your truck in about five to ten minutes, tops. So if you’re finding that you’re already running
short on space, be it in your bed or the back seat of your F-150, and you’re looking to
organize your tow gear or any type of camping gear, or tools, this is gonna be the perfect
addition for your truck to ensure that everything is gonna be safe and sound and not flying
around while you’re driving. So, in terms of the construction of the materials
here, we’re gonna see that this U.S.-built box is gonna be made up of a heavy duty rubberized
shell. Now, this not only is gonna protect your interior,
but it’s going to protect the box itself from anything that you may be putting inside of
it. So, just to touch on the materials one last
time, this is gonna be finished off in a soft impact resistant surface, as well as having
a soft texture black finish, which, in my opinion, meshes incredibly well with the OE
trim in your F-150. One cool feature about this box is gonna be
the divider right here, which is removable. Now, the purpose of this is to ensure that
your gear stays put where it belongs while you’re driving, and to keep everything neat
and tidy. All right, guys, so, in terms of the pricing
here, we’re gonna see this gearbox fall in line right around the $180 price range, and
this is gonna be typical for what you’re seeing for gearbox storage systems. Now, I can personally attest to the fit, finish
and quality, as I do have this exact version in my 2014, and it’s nice to have all my gear
and tools organized in place where I need them and not flying around while I’m driving. So, in terms of the installation, like I said
in the beginning of the video, this is gonna be an incredibly easy, one out of three wrenches
on the difficulty meter, and you should have this in your truck in about five to ten minutes,
tops. And this gearbox is gonna sit pretty snugly
underneath your rear seats, but if you do need that added sense of security, Husky is
going to provide this strap which will anchor at the base of your seat brackets, just to
ensure that this is firmly planted and not shifting while you’re driving. All right, guys, so just to wrap things up
here, I really love this option from Husky, not only because I have this exact box in
my 2014, but because you’re gonna be getting a U.S. engineered, manufactured and built
part that’s gonna hold up over time, keep your gear organized where it belongs, and
free up some extra space in your bed. So that’s my review for the Husky Gearbox
Seat Storage Box fitting your 2015 and 2016 F-150 Supercrew.

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9 Responses

  1. whiteandnerdytuba says:

    Big f u to Ford after that put in the flat load floor

  2. excelerater says:

    I like it………..Ordered

  3. j0sh818 says:

    would this still fit even with a OEM Sony subwoofer?

  4. rexsheldon says:

    He literally said the exact same thing three times and called it a review. BS

  5. WWH - says:

    Does this work on older models. 07 f150 for example?

  6. James M. says:

    2017 F150 XL SuperCab
    Mine a #09291 . . . Fits and looks like crap. 3" short on each side and 3" short on height.
    Top not angled upward towards the front with the seats.
    Only the passenger side has a place to anchor to the seat frame. Driverside floats.
    Did not buy from American Muscle but a 09291 is a 09291.

  7. Randy Cordes says:

    Nice and made in the USA

  8. Dan R says:

    $179.00 for a piece of plastic that probably costs them $20.00 to produce

  9. Bill Peirce says:

    Make yr own for 50.00 bucks or less

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