2015-2017 Mustang Husky WeatherBeater Front & Rear Floor Liners Review & Install

The Husky WeatherBeater floor liners are the
perfect fit for any 2015 or newer Mustang owner who is looking to keep their carpets
factory-fresh and protected from the outside elements with an easy to clean liner. These cover more area than the average carpet
mat, and have a form-fit design for a perfect fit. They’re a pretty affordable way to do so as
well, for just over the $100 mark for the front and rears combined, as you see here. The installation is barely going to take any
time at all. So you can imagine, it’ll get a one out of
three wrenches on our difficulty meter, which I’ll talk about later on in the video. We tend to spend a lot of time on our Mustangs,
and over time hopping in and out can get the interior pretty dirty, especially in the rain
or snow. These liners offer different grooves and tread-like
patterns, as you can see here, to trap the mud, snow, or spills inside the confines of
the rubber, in order to keep the carpets clean underneath. You’ll even notice they extend off the carpeting
here to the door sills for maximum coverage. These are made from a patented rubberized
material, which is extremely durable, and they were designed using digital lasers and
computers for an exact fit to your S550. On the reverse side, as you can see here,
they are covered in tons of spikes, similar to a pair of cleats, to make sure it sticks
to the carpet and doesn’t move around while you’re driving, to prevent the mess from getting
out of the mats. As I mentioned, just over $100 gets you the
mats you see here, which in my opinion is well worth it, considering the time and potential
money you can spend getting your carpets cleaned to get rid of the really nasty stuff that
leaves behind stains. In addition, you get a lifetime guarantee
from Husky that these won’t crack or leak, while installed in your Mustang. The price is great because you get the coverage
for the front and back of your Mustang, with the matching set for the passengers, so they
don’t dirty up the carpet in the back either. The installation, if you can even call it
that, is so easy, anyone can do it. They’ll just lay simply right into their respective
sides, obviously, for the driver, the passenger, and the rears as well, and you’ll just put
pressure all around to sink the spikes into the carpet for a better grip. To clean them off, you’ll just pull them out,
hose them off, and pop them right back in. The process could not be any easier. So I’m giving it one out of three wrenches
on our difficulty meter, which you can get done in a matter of minutes. Well, just to wrap this one up, if you’re
the owner of a 2015 or newer Mustang, you might want to check out the Husky WeatherBeater
floor liners for the front and rear in black, which are available right here at americanmuscle.com.

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