2018-2020 Mustang GT Magnaflow Competition Cat-Back w/ Black Tips Exhaust Sound Clip & Install

Hey, guys. Adam here with americanmuscle.com. Today, we’re taking a closer look at, installing,
and listening to the Magnaflow Competition Cat-Back Exhaust with Black Tips available
for the 2018 and newer GT with the active exhaust. You should be taking a look at the Competition
option from Magnaflow if you’re looking for one of the louder options in the category
that is less restrictive than a lot of the other options, including your factory exhaust. What I mean by that is this particular one
is race-inspired, so it’s eliminating some of those restrictive stock components. This is gonna have a resonator delete mid-pipe,
replacing it with an unrestricted free-flowing X-pipe. That X-pipe is gonna contribute to the sound
you just heard from our sound clips as well as the power gains you can expect from this
because you will get a nice horsepower and torque bump and a nice throttle response increase. This particular one, as you heard from those
sound clips, is gonna get four out of five on our loudness meter. It’s not one of the most obnoxious sounds
in the category, but obviously, it lets you know that it is aftermarket. In quiet mode, you can expect a nice, deep
rumble, something that is a lot louder than stock. This is not the same as the quiet mode on
your factory active exhaust. This is a lot louder and it’s still, in quiet
mode, I’d say probably gets some nice three out of five on the loudness meter. From there, it bumps up to your all-out track
mode, in which case, it’s louder, it’s raspier. It’s definitely got some garble to it. it’s a little bit more American Muscle sounding,
in which case four out of five on the loudness meter. There are a couple of things I want to point
out about the sound you’re hearing with this active exhaust functionality from the Competition
muffler. The Competition muffler is essentially a straight-through
muffler. Essentially, the entire kit is a straight
pipe. So, what that means is when this butterfly
valve closes in your active exhaust valve from Magnaflow, you really get two options,
completely closed quiet mode or completely open track mode. Typically, with your factory exhaust, this
would open and close and force the air through the baffling in your factory muffler, giving
you the four different modes, quiet, normal, sport, and track. With the aftermarket option from Magnaflow,
this will close and force the air through just one pipe. There is no baffling in this muffler. What that basically means is you can expect
two distinct sound changes from quiet to track. Everything in between gets a very, very minor,
almost not very noticeable sound change, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t getting a sound
change. Going from stock to this option, massive jump
in volume, massive jump in aggression, just not getting as many different variations when
utilizing the active exhaust. It is also worth noting on that point that
you are gonna need to pick up the Magnaflow active exhaust valve kit separately if you
want to retain the active exhaust’s functionality. We’ll take a closer look at that and what
you would essentially receive in the kit upon opening your box if you didn’t pick that up
once we do a stock comparison later on. Last couple of things I want to point out,
304 stainless steel from head to toe, mandrel bends, really good free-flowing airflow, powder
coated black tips. And again, we’ll take closer looks at all
that when we have it sitting next to our factory exhaust. This whole kit here is about 1600 bucks and
when you pick up that active exhaust valve kit from Magnaflow, it bumps up to about $1900
in total, something to keep in mind moving forward. The black tips, I think, look really good
and in my opinion, I’d definitely spend a little bit more on the black tips just because
I think it make the rear end look a lot better. From there, I want to talk about the installation. Now, this is going to get a simple two out
of three wrenches on our difficulty meter. And I say two out of three simply because
it is just a little more involved than say a stick-on part or something like a cold air
intake. From here, I want to show you guys every step
of the way, so let’s just get started. Tools needed for this install are a 3/8 impact
gun or ratchet, 10-millimeter socket, extension, 13-millimeter and 15-millimeter deep sockets,
13-millimeter swivel socket, hanger removal tool. The first thing we’re gonna do for the uninstallation
process is disconnect the wiring harness from our active exhaust valves. Now, those are located right between the tips
and your muffler. So, right on top of that is your exhaust valve
motor and there’s a wiring harness connecting both of them. We’re gonna disconnect those harnesses from
the top there by releasing the locking tab, pinching, and pulling them off, and I’ll show
you that in just a second. Once we’re done with that, we’re gonna go
back toward the back end of our factory resonator. From there, we’re gonna disconnect our clamps
just by loosening those nuts. Then we’ll come here and unbolt our bracket
from our chassis. Once it’s done, we’ll be able to remove the
entire cat-back in one piece. First things first, let’s disconnect those
wiring harnesses from the valves. Now for that, you’re gonna put both of your
hands up, push back on that retaining tab, and pull down that harness. Now, as you can see, there is that white tab
that goes forward and backward. You’ll pull that all the way back, pinch and
disconnect. Same thing over here. Pull back on that tab, pinch, and pull it
out. All right. Next up, grab your 15-millimeter socket, go
right behind your factory resonator where your headers connect to it, and you’re gonna
disconnect these band clamps. Now, there’s two 15-millimeter nuts on each
side. The next step here, we’re gonna remove our
bolts holding on our hanger brackets to our frame. Now, I’m gonna use a 13-millimeter swivel
socket and an extension to go over top of our rear sway bar, connect to it, and remove
them. Now, when it
comes time to actually remove these brackets, we’re gonna have to push up on our exhaust
to unlatch it from this clip. It’ll just pull up and you can pull straight
out. All right. From here, you’re just gonna push up on these
brackets and they start popping out of the top end here. Get them out, rotate them down and out of
the way. Now, we can start disconnecting the cat-back
exhaust off of our factory piping from behind our resonator here toward the front end, working
our way back. So, we’ll slide these out of the factory pipes
then we’re gonna pull back out of the hangers at the tips. We finally got our factory exhaust off of
our 2018 GT and on the ground here at sitting next to our Magnaflow Competition cat-back. Now, as you can see, lots of similarities
but a lot more differences between the two kits and I’m gonna walk you through each one
of them. Starting at the back here, you’ll see our
factory resonator versus our aftermarket X-pipe. Now, the X-pipe versus your H-pipe is gonna
be a lot less restrictive, give you a better air flow, which does, in turn, add a little
bit more horsepower and torque to the equation. Now, because you’re losing that resonator
you are gonna bump up those aspects and it is gonna also affect your tone and volume. The X-pipe is going to be a lot louder since
your airflow is moving a lot faster and a lot easier, but it’s also gonna give you a
nice raspy tone when compared to something like the Magnaflow Street, which has an aftermarket
resonator. Now, those are gonna have a little bit more
deep, throaty tones, whereas this one will have louder, raspier tones. Moving forward, the entire kit here is a stainless
steel exhaust. Mandrel bends make sure that air is moving
smoothly. Coming back to our mufflers. Now, the Competition mufflers are made to
be one of the more race-inspired muffler systems on the market or in the category. This gives you that louder tone that you did
hear from our sound clip earlier on, and it’s also powder coated in black. The black powder coating is gonna give it
a more durable, corrosion and rust-resistant layer, but more importantly to most of us
guys here, it looks a lot cooler coming out the rear end of your S550. A couple more things I want to point out here. As you can see on our Competition kit, we
have the active exhaust valve kit already preinstalled on this muffler here. Right out of the box, you are not gonna actually
get the active exhaust valves installed there. Instead, you’re gonna get these adapter pipes. Now, these pipes are for non-active exhaust
equipped Mustangs. If you have an active exhaust equipped Mustang
like we do today, you’re gonna have to pick up the Magnaflow active exhaust valve kit
separately to work with your active exhaust. You could throw this in your vehicle without
having the active exhaust valve kits, you just won’t retain the active exhaust function. And I’m saying active exhaust a lot of times,
but I want to make sure you guys get this. So, if you have the active exhaust, pick up
the Magnaflow active exhaust valve kit separately and you’ll just swap out. Now, all you’d have to do is unclamp the two
clamps, pull that piping out, put your new active exhaust in place, and then pop the
tip back on, clamp them back together. Swapping these out for those is very, very
simple, but it is something you have to do if you want to retain that factory function,
I would definitely recommend it. I mean, after all, these kits are between
1600 and 1900 bucks, so it definitely is worth it to retain all of your factory functions. With all that said, guys, we went over the
sound. We went over the materials. You guys see the difference in the X-pipe
versus the factory resonator. Why don’t we just show you how it’s installed? So, I want to show you guys each step of the
way, starting with transferring over those factory actuators to our new active exhaust
valve kit. From there, we’ll throw on our bushings and
then pop all these components into the car. All right, now transferring over your factory
actuators is a very specific process. You want to make sure you’re using side-specific
ones. So, if you’d take the actuator off your passenger
side, make sure you’re putting it on your new Magnaflow passenger side muffler. We’ve got that lined up here. You’re also gonna use some of the hardware
included in the kit as well as your factory nuts. So, you’re gonna seat that into place there
on the spring seat. You’re gonna put the bolt head through the
bottom and then tighten down your factory nuts into place. You want to make sure that spring is seating
completely in the spring seat on your bracket. All right. Grab a 10-millimeter socket and wrench and
tighten them down. All right. Now we can do the same thing on the opposite
side. All right. The last couple of things, we want to transfer
over our factory hanger bushings, which are gonna go on the hangers right under our frame
like we removed on our factory exhaust. First step for the installation is to throw
up our new X-pipe. Now, we’ve got our factory clamps up here
on the end of our headers, so we’re gonna throw this in place. All right. Now, grab your 15-millimeter socket and tighten
these down. You don’t wanna overtighten all the clamps,
just get them snug. You wanna leave a little bit of room for adjustment. All right. Moving right along with our exhaust pipes
here, these are going to connect from the X-pipe to your mufflers. You want to make sure that you’re putting
them on the correct sides. And you also want to make sure you have a
clamp over top before you put them in place. All right. Now we can do our passenger side pipe. Now we can hang up these hangers onto our
frame here, so we’re going to rotate those pipes, rotate the hangers, and pop them into
place. You might need to slide the isolator along
the hanger to get them to seat. Now you can put those factory bolts back into
place. Grab your 13-millimeter socket and extension
and tighten them down. All right. So, now we’re going to throw in our mufflers. So, you want to make sure you’re hanging the
hanger into the isolator under your rear valance first, putting it all the way through, and
then lining it up with your exhaust pipe. Now, we’re doing the same thing for the opposite
side. Now, we can go back through all of our clamps,
make sure everything is aligned properly. Visually, look at your tips, make sure they’re
all lined up properly in your valance, tighten down all those clamps, and then we’ll come
back and reconnect our harness on the actuators. All right, guys. Now, the last step in this entire process,
now that everything’s tightened down is to reconnect our harnesses on our factory actuators
that we transferred over to our Magnaflow active exhaust valve kit. Well, that’s gonna wrap up my review and install
of the Magnaflow Competition Cat-Back with Black Tips for the ’18 GT and newer with active
exhaust. You can get yours right here at americanmuscle.com.

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