3 Marker Challenge Poodle Illustration

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So, if you watched last month’s “Copic Colors” #ColorsoftheMonth video, you know that copicmarker.com,
Imagination Inc. (Imagination International?) they have transitioned to Universe of Markers
because the makers of Copic markers, .too, in Japan, they’ve done away with those middleman
distributors outside of Asia, so that company, Imagination, they’re no longer the North American
distributor of Copics. Which is sad, because they can’t do their #CopicColors anymore with
their customized 3 marker packs for sale and what not, but it has allowed them to turn
things around. They’re becoming Universe of Markers, they’re going to distribute all sorts
of marker brands, and they are continuing that 3 marker contest (*challenge). That’s
why they started using the hashtag #colorsofthemonth in January, that’s why they put out the hex
code and Pantone codes for the colours, so as I mentioned last month, I’m going to continue
doing these challenges. I am filming this intro in May, because I’m batch filming a
whole bunch of stuff, so I don’t even know what the colours are, but here it is! Alright,
so I am going to do a talk to camera and just have music when I speed up for time lapses.
Ignore the bandaide on my hand, I’m trying not to itch a bug bite. So Imagination International
Inc., (sorry about hitting the camera), their Copic contract got cancelled. They can no
longer supply Copic products. They are still picking colours from the Copic selection for
their Colors of the Month challenge, but they are now also providing several other brands.
I have them written down. The Copic colors are YR04 Chrome Orange, which I have right
here, and then they picked Y35 Maize. I am using Y21 Buttercup instead. And they also
picked YG01 Green Bice, and I am using YG03 Yellow Green. Pretty close. I will also be
using my colourless blender, I have sketched in some PrismaColors. I’ve got a PrsmaColor
Premier in… Sunburst Yellow, ‘cuz I wanted to kinda go with these colours, and then the
spots that are gonna be darker anyway I used my red Col-Erase. And of course, I will probably
be doing some fineliner details at the end. Just a quick summary of this list, I will
have all of the colours down below, but they have provided alternate colours in Graph’It
markers, Winsor & Newton markers, Winsor & Newton watercolour markers, Krink, and of course
they provided the hex codes if you want to do digital art or just use any of these as
a reference to colour match as close as you can with any of your supplies. You are free
to do that. markeruniverse.com is where you will find this information. Not sponsored,
I’m just continuing to do their challenge. And the hashtag for this challenge is #ColorsoftheMonth.
I decided to do this adorable little poodle. I found this shot on Pixabay, and the dog
is an orange-y ginger shade, and it’s on a green background, so that’s what I figured
I’m gonna do. So I’m gonna start colouring. I may be talking to you along the way, but
I’m also gonna do a lot of silent time lapse with music. Let’s have fun! By the way, I am using Strathmore 400 series
marker paper on this. I’ve done, I’ve marker out where the lightest parts on the coat are,
and I think now I’m going to lay down a basis for the green background before I go in and
start working on the details of the dog. By the way, if you’re new here, please do subscribe
and ring the bell for notifications. I upload every Tuesday and Thursday at minumum. I do
also do bonus videos from time to time, and although I am mainly an art channel, I do
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So definitely stick around for those things as well, if that’s something that interests
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Have you tried the #ColorsoftheMonth challenge? What do you think about the changes that have
happened at Imagination International? And… are you gonna do this month? Are you gonna
do next month? Do you have the right colours in any of the brands? Are you colour matching?
Have you tried doing it in a completely different medium yet? I’d love to know. I’d love to
see what everybody else is doing. So go ahead and drop links down below. I don’t mind if
you promote yourself in regards to this. Show me this. Don’t go show me gaming videos. That’s
not this channel, that’s Game & Gab! [laughs] And I’m gonna shut up again, ‘cuz we’re gonna
go into time lapse while I work on this. Just for reference, because I know I am going
to be doing a lot of time lapse, I have now been recording for 25 minutes, and when I
was doing the green, my camera said 9 pretty early on for the green. So just a reference
for how long this has been taking, just in case you’re wondering or you’re new to markers
and you’re wondering why you’re not this fast. Nobody is, it’s time lapse. [laughs] Don’t
worry about it! Take your time. Typically the best artworks take a long time. So at this point it has been 46 minutes of
recording, of colouring, and we have the basics down. I’m gonna go in, back in with this yellow,
and start to blend and change some tones a bit. Still gonna work on the colours in the
eyes and nose. And then at the end I’m gonna bring in the fineliners and probably a white
gel pen, just to do some final details. What do you think so far? If you haven’t left a
comment yet, leave a comment down below, tell me how I’m doing on this poodle fur texture
with just 3 colours of Copic markers to work with. And again, if you like this video, hit
like, and tell me if you’re doing the #ColorsoftheMonth challenge, if you’ve done it before, if you’re
doing it now, if you’re doing it in the future. What products are you using, what colours
are you using, are you using the exact ones or are you matching. I’d love to see what
you’re doing! So I’m gonna go and start refining this. It took so long because I didn’t want
to just put a flat colour down. I did want to allow the brush to do a lot of overlapping
and apply a lot of texture to this fur. And, yeah. I like it so far! Okay, so I have darkened up and defined some
more colours. I have blended a bit down here. Now I’m going to lighten up a few pieces with
the colourless blender. So now I’m going to use a Copic Multiliner
in Sepia, size 0.3mm. Copic Multiliner 0.3mm in Olive. Sakura Gelly Roll white gel pen in 10 bold. And there we go. Our #ColorsoftheMonth Copic
Colors, 3 colour challenge adorable little poodle. I hope you enjoyed this. I’d love
to see what you have done with June’s colours of the month. Let me know where to find your
work. And I will see you again on Tuesday. Thanks for watching!

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