3 Siberian Huskies Our Furry Friends

So today we gonna do something a little bit different I was tagged by the mom of six boys on Youtube The number 6 not spelled out There will be a link in the video description to her channel You guys should definitely go check out their channel Hi I was tagged to do the furry friends tag We thought this might be fun Some of the questions that are asked in the tag you ask a lot And some of you are newer viewers and might not know the answers to these So we thought we go ahead and do it What do you think Memphis? We gonna do each girl one at a time as to not make it super super chaotic First question What’s your pet’s name This is Memphis (Laughter) This is Shelby This is Oakley Second question What kind of pet and what breed? Right now you’re crazy, right? It’s a dog, I think it’s a dog you’re a dog right and she’s a Siberian husky She’s a dog Sometimes I think she thinks she’s a human And she is a pure breed Siberian Husky big yawn Oakley is a dog And we’re not actually sure We’re not a 100% sure what breed she really is We’re pretty confident she actually a cross between a husky and a malamute We don’t think she’s full husky She’s way too big and stocky for that but she has blue eyes so she can’t be a full malamute So I’m pretty sure she’s a husky-mala Next question How long have you had your pet? We have had Memphis since the end of May So what June July August September four months four and a half months holy cow We have had Shelby since September of 2007 So we’ve had her for what you’re six years old about six years now We have had Oakley for two and a half years How did you get your pet? We got Memphis from a breeder in Dexter Michigan We actually met the people that bred her at a sled dog race shortly after our oldest dog Shiloh passed away We got a waiting list we continued to look for a dog to adopt and once the puppies were born we said well I guess we’re getting a puppy pretty much how we got Memphis, pretty much how we got ya, hu We got Shelby from a breeder Not a very good breeder That was before we knew a whole lot about different types of breeders and what to look for and what not to look for (Shelby whines) I’m not saying you was a bad dog, no I’m not saying that, no I still love you I do I still love you You want this treat? I’ll give you this treat We got Shelby from a breeder My sister actually had seen there were husky puppies for sale in the paper and it was shortly after we almost had lost Shiloh Shiloh had a really bad illness when she was about five years old and to make a long story short we thought we were gonna lose her back then when she pulled through the sickness back then we decided that it was time to look for another dog so that if we did lose Shiloh we wouldn’t be lonely there would be somebody some dog still there I know So that’s kinda how we fell into getting Shelby We went and looked at these puppies and I actually picked a boy believe it or not you guys I picked a boy but then when Jamie went back with me the second time Jamie picked Shelby So we ended up with a girl So yes we’ve considered getting boy huskies before, we almost got your brother We adopted Oakley from a family that was getting rid of her because they had to move into a smaller apartment that did not allow dogs, that was how we got Oakley Oakley does have a long story and a long history in her background but that’s how got her How old is your pet? Memphis just turned six months old on October the 4th Like I just said Shelby is six years old She just turned six years old Apparently when recording I skipped this question Oakley is somewhere between 8 and 10 years old The vet said she’s pretty much a middle aged husky So we say she’s 8 years old cause we want her to be younger than she really is What are some quirky things about your pet? Memphis is a hugger She likes to lean into you and give hugs a lot especially when we get home from work. which is pretty cute She is also a pretty upside down husky sleeper which I wouldn’t call quirky it’s husky, just a husky thing I know She’s still a little bit too young. We haven’t figured out all of her quirky things yet. Shelby likes lettuce, that’s definitely a strange quirky thing about her You can give her a head of lettuce and she will eat the whole thing Other quirky things… if you leave the shower door open Shelby will get into the shower with you She loves the shower, when she was a puppy, she was like younger than Memphis She was probably about maybe three months old she actually came through the shower curtain while Jamie was in the shower and decided she was going to take a shower with him So Shelby likes to get into the shower if you let her. She still does that to this day We just don’t let her do it. Oakley I guess one of her quirks would be she doesn’t like to be caught. And if she is put into a situation where she thinks she is going to be caught she kinda panicks And think in a situation like this like you see when I move my hand you see she is watching she thinks she is gonna be caught Even though we’ve never done it to her, so one of her quirks is, she thinks she’s gonna be caught And she is a compulsive licker What are some nicknames you call your pet? Memphis is still kinda young to have nicknames, so we call her baby Memphis and if you guys have noticed in monday’s video she’ll do this flat ear thing when she gets really excited so sometimes we call her flat ear especially when she’s doing her flat ear thing you like your flat ears, you got little flat ears? Wanna treat? Good job! I think the nickname I call Shelby the most is Shelby-girl Which isn’t a nickname but I call her that a lot. Or I call her Shelbers I call you Shelbers a lot don’t I? Are you my Shelbers? Would you like this treat I’m hiding in my hand? Oh that’s a good girl, it’s a good girl I call her the clown I definitely call you that I still call you that I think everybody knows Oakley nickname And she’s showing it to the camera right now We call Oakley fluffy butt A lot I call her my big fluff butt cause that’s what she is! Especially compared to the other girls she is my big fluffy butt! Here wanna give me a kiss? I let you give me a kiss Fine! Wanna try again? Uh you give the wettest kisses I guess that’s quirky Ah like the wettest kisses Uhm yeah but her nickname would be fluffy butt Oakley Dokley, I do call her Oakley Dokley, Oak tree, I tend to call her that especially when she is hanging out under the oak tree. But fluffy butt is is definitely her most popular nickname. What does your relationship with your pet mean to you? These girls are our kids Our relationship with them means everything Each one has her own unique personality Thank you for moving the camera Memphis See that time it was Memphis that moved the camera not Oakley But I mean they’re We love them, they’re our kids, they’re our furry four legged babies and they each have their own personalities and their own individuality like Oakley is gonna block the whole camera It’s okay Oakley, they wanna see you too The girls make our house a home if they weren’t here it just wouldn’t be the same What are some favorite pass times with your pets? We like hiking and biking and sledding and camping and apparently husky wrestling time cause it is what time it is now? Husky wrestling time. wow, momma doesn’t need to be in the middle of husky wrestling time alright Alright we were told we had to tag two people at the end of this video. So I’m gonna tag Andy from TheLionsDenNews Now you have an excuse to make another video and you better do this tag video cause the girls wanna see Shia And I’m gonna tag CheekyChickenHead cause I believe she has a cat I think I hope so If not I’m sorry but I’m pretty sure you have a cat So I’m gonna tag CheekyChickenHead And any of you guys that are watching this, if you wanna do the tag go ahead and do it, answer all the questions, put up a video, tell us more about your pets, kinda good way to get to know people And if you do the video be sure to post a link since there is no more video response Post a link to your video on our facebook wall which is facebook.com/GonetotheSnowDogs or send it to us on twitter which is Twitter.com/Gone2TheSnowDog (Cuddling Memphis) Alright I let you go we’re almost, oh look I let you go and you don’t down Anyway thanks again for watching thanks to the Momof6boys for tagging us That was a fun video, something different for our channel, a little bit unique kinda let some people know more about our pets, our furry fuzzy fluffy friends Right? And it’s about dinner time for the dogs So I’m going to go And we will see you guys on – when will we see them – fan friday, on fan friday Thanks for watching stay positive dream big and we will see you guys on Friday I let you go I knew they were gonna wrestle as soon as I let her go

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