3 Things You Can Teach to Get your German Shepherd Puppy to Stay!

This video will show you three things
that will teach your German Shepherd puppy how to stay Howdy, I’m Al the dog
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chance to meet a wonderful family and their young German Shepherd puppy, Zelda.
Now Zelda is like most German Shepherd puppies and she’s filled with energy. Now,
what you’re gonna be watching in the video coming up is me working with Zelda
and teaching her the three things that I use to get virtually any dog to stay. So
if you’re ready, here’s Zelda. Do you remember the three things that I want to
tell her? Like, here they are I’m gonna make them real simple, getting on the bed is good, putting your butt down and elbows down on the bed is the best thing
that you can do, and then coming off the bed without permission is not allowed
right, that gives you to give no treats and that makes the leash go tight. So
what I’m gonna do now is I’m gonna go ahead and take the food, and I’m going to
use a technique called luring and so luring means that I’m going to use the
smell of the food to draw the dog over to the thing I want it to do. Once she
puts all her feet on the bed, that’s whenever she can begin to eat the
food. You’re gonna have to be particularly
good with this dog with using the technique unless you want to have bloody
hands all the time. Boy your mom, I feel for her. Holy smokes yeah, pretty mouthy behavior, but we can teach her how to how to be better at
it Notice I haven’t talked to her yet, have
I? So what am I showing her right now? Im trying to give her one of the better
moments in her life; I’m trying to show her that getting on the bed, getting on
the bed is a good thing. So I’m gonna go ahead and start telling her that
lying down is even better. So were gonna take the food, bring it to her, once she puts her butt and elbows all the way down, that’s when she’ll get the food and this is
where I’m gonna begin to introduce my voice good good dog good girl good good
very good dog So what are you guys getting out of watching me working with her? good girl
good dog One of the things that tell people about
this is I’m trying to make this the most significant moment of the dog’s life
when I teach anything I want that moment to be like very remarkable so that way
it’s easy for the brain to come back to it. So what have I been building right here? We’re always building two things. What
are the two things that we build? habits and boundaries. Say that with me, habits and boundaries. What have I been building right now? Okay cool what else do I need
to build I need to build the boundary okay? So, which emotions build
habits pleasure and comfort what’s the opposite of pleasure would be
frustration the inability to get the thing that you want what does she want
she wants the food so we’ll have to find a way to deny her the food now we could
say that the top of the bed is comfortable so what’s the opposite of
comfort it would be discomfort so that means that we would use the
leash. so I’ve already done enough of the habit
building, now let me do a little bit of boundary building so I’m gonna take my
food put it off the edge of the bed and that tightens the leash and she has an
inability to get it so now I started defining that there was a boundary there
okay that she just can’t come off I want her to come off so that way she can meet
the boundary and begin to see like oh that particular thing doesn’t work I’m
standing out of her way most people the mistake that they make is that they want
the dog they want to say stay to the dog but I’m so want the dog to make the
mistake so they can have the memory of what of what the boundary actually is so
that way they can have a learning moment like right now she would just make my
day if she would come off the bed so that way I could teach because we
haven’t and we have a need to teach them so I’m gonna let her use her German
Shepherd brain to make a decision I’m indifferent about
the decision because they both benefit me equally cool I’ve got some attention
I’m going to reminder that the best thing to do is to actually put herself all the
way into the down and then I can get her food for her. that’s a good girl
good dog guy so are you ready to go train your puppy to stay I’d love to
hear if you think this method or any of the other techniques that you saw me use
in the video might be helpful I really do appreciate you watching this video
it’s always my hope that these videos will help you improve your relationship
with your dog now if you like this video please be sure to like it
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for watching have a great day we’ll see you next time

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