3 Weirdest New Instagram Trends

Hello, mythical friend. You’ve heard about a “FOMO,”
but it’s for you to get ready
for “FOMO-NITT–” Fear Of Missing Out on
New Instagram Teen Trends. Uh, the fear is real, y’all,
and it can be debilitating. In an op-ed
for “Vanity Fair,” Larry David’s super hip
daughter Casey David broke down all the latest
exhausting Instagram trends, and today I have picked
some of my favorites. – I’ma see if you know
what they are, Rhett.
– Okay. It’s time for… – All right.
– What you know about
Instagram trends? You’re not even
on Instagram. Well, I’m starting
to do research ’cause you know
I’m trying to come back, and I’m still looking
at all of the suggestions that you guys are making
for what can be my
comeback photo. So go to that video
and continue to comment. I’m gonna keep trying. I’m always searching.
I’m always searching on there. – Searching it up.
– I’m gonna come back. – Okay, so you–
– I’m very confident
I will know all of these. Okay, so can you
tell me what it means for someone to have
the KiraKira affect? – The KiraKira affect.
– KiraKira affect. Uh, yeah, this is, uh,
this is when you
have Kyra Sedgwick and Keira Knightley
together in the background of all of your
Instagram photos. Which is very hard
to pull off because they absolutely
hate each other. – Oh, you know that?
– Oh, yeah, it’s a cat fight every time you get
those two together. That’s good.
A lot of action in
the background. So, it’s tough.
Only a few people have done
a KiraKira affect. – It’s so rare.
– You seem so
confident, Rhett, but you are indeed
so wrong. Oh, I’m not– okay. The KiraKira effect
is a glittery filter
that is added by a super viral app
called KiraKira. It’s just the name
of an app, dude. Is it Keira Knightley
and Kyra Sedgwick? – No.
– Combined effort? But, Kendall Jenner
and Karlie Kloss did use the glittery filter to
emphasize their glittery Halloween
costumes this year. But you know what?
So did I. I took a little video of me – Aww, look at that.
– using the KiraKira app. All right, throw this
on my head, and then I’ll just
put these on my face, and then I turn
the glitter up. Whoa, look at me!
Yeah! KiraKira! I don’t think you’re
supposed to say “KiraKira.” You ruined it for me.
I was so into this
until you did that. …then you take the photo. So, like, saying “KiraKira”
kinda gets you into it. I’d rather see Karlie
and what’s her head do it. The point is
you were wrong, okay? – And I did awesome.
– It’s just one. What does it mean
when all these kids
are participating in “zoom culture” on
Instagram? – Zoom culture?
– Zoom culture! Okay, yeah,
I’m familiar with this. This is when you end
all your Instagram stories with that little
creepy little thing at the end of those
Mazda commercials–
“zoom, zoom.” ( laughter ) You’re like,
“Had a great day at the park. See ya later. Zoom, zoom.” It’s actually a big branded
campaign for Mazda. Yeah, that’s what it is. No, it is not. – This is what it is.
– Are you sure? This is Zendaya.
You know her from
the Spider-Man movie – I haven’t seen it.
– and just being so hip
on Instagram. – I haven’t seen her–
– Well, she’s hip on
Instagram, okay? You see how close
she zoomed in on her face? She’s like showing
how pretty she is
even up close. Did she just have a donut? Why are her lips so shiny? That’s– I don’t know. – I guess–
– “Hey, donut lips.” I think what happened
is pretty people
got annoyed at how easy it was
to look pretty under
normal circumstances, so they wanted to prove,
“Oh, I can look pretty even when you can see
deep in my pores.” Why don’t you try it? Take yourself a selfie. Oh, gosh.
That was good. That’s zoom culture, man. A lot of nose in that. You can’t even tell what
part of my body that is. – That could be any orifice.
– Oh, my goodness. – But it’s just
my right nostril.
– That is your right nostril. Zoom culture.
Zoom, zoom. You’re 0 for 2.
Rhett, what is
a French belfie? Oh, the French belfie, huh? Yeah, you know
what that is, right? Yeah, that’s, uh,
that’s a selfie with
a French bulldog. No it is not.
It is a butt selfie. But you can no longer
just post your butt, you have to make it French, as in artsy
and sophisticated. Like Emily Ratajkowski,
she did a French belfie. She’s pretty good at that. We had to censor that. That photo was directed
by Jean Luc Goddard. I’m gonna direct
your photo right now. Well, what do you
want me to do? – I don’t have, I mean–
– Just– leave your jeans on. I don’t have on
my thongs today. I want you to go to an
exotic location by that globe. – Is this…
– Put your butt by
the globe and I’ma take your photo. Oh, yeah. All right, give me
that French belfie. There we go. I’m just gonna get–
yes, yes, there it is. – Zoom, zoom.
– I see the Atlantic Ocean. Got it. Nailed it! I turn everything
into zoom culture. Man, I don’t–
I think what I just did was I just got you some
killer Instagram pics. – Yeah!
– You’re supposed to be
helping me. I’ll post ’em. You’re welcome,
if I taught you anything. I learned something,
I guess. Click through to watch us
get our heads trapped
in a fish tank.If you like GMM, you’ll love
the GMM logo T-shirt,
available at mythical.store.

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