4 Great Brain Games for Dogs

The first game we’re going to play is a very simple Hide and seek a very simple game but it requires that you have a good stay for the sake of this video I’m going to consider mind games and scent games as the same thing Sit Stay, Stay Ches Oh! Hello Ches! Hold on, Leave it Get it Ches! Get it! Get it! Good Boy. Get it! Get it! Good Boy Good boy! Which hand? Which hand? Which hand is it in then? Which Hand? Get it! Get it! Get it! Get it Ches! Good boy! There you go! Get it, Get it! Good boy! Good Find it then Find it Good boy Five treats left Four treats left, good dog! Good dog Ahh! Three treats left Good boy Good boy Good dog Two treats left, good boy! One, one left One left Ches, come on Ches! Good boy, one, one Find it Ches Find it Ches Good dog! All gone.

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