4 ICONIC HONG KONG STREET FOODS | Eating Food With Foodies On Friday Ep. 1

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  1. Bee says:

    I love the way she says 'sauce'. "Sohrrrce", omg. <3

  2. Bee says:

    I wonder if the restaurant that does a lot of charity work would consider sponsoring the dog rescue?

  3. Tony Stark says:

    You should go to Changsha if you like smelly tofu.

  4. NiceJewish Mama says:

    Taylor-Push the food up the skewer as you go. Never put sharp things down your throat! #SwordSwallower

  5. Skid says:

    16:15 lol!!!!!!!! The Tai Mai Shu reference! She got that Goooohdiii free style haha

  6. Pak Hin Tang says:

    those skewers arent turkeys' kidney and pigs' intestine. To be correct, those should be turkeys' gizzard and pigs' oviduct (some part of the uterus is included)

  7. Viviane Venancio says:

    I thought she was vegan…

  8. COco Yo yo says:

    Is Kinki… Kinky?

  9. jolly fire says:

    nice video~

  10. K Chan says:

    爽口 (song hau) at 12:38 is the cantonese phrase which is similar to "Al Dente". Something that isn't too mushy, too raw/ hard, or too chewy.

  11. Marcio Couto says:


  12. Awai says:

    Okay but can we talk about how amazing this content is????

  13. Kwong Jai says:

    welcome to HK

  14. KA MING WONG says:

    Actually mongkok 肥姐 is rubblish. I recommend sham sui po 喜喜

  15. Eisenhower Eisenhower says:

    In fact, that's not pig's intestines, that's female pig's oviduct.

  16. jason cheng says:

    i love that she puts anything in her mouth =D

  17. Moses G says:

    Beautiful looking human being💟😍

  18. Moses G says:

    I bet you taste good Taylor 💟

  19. Paolo Villa says:

    New sub here..!you are the apple of eye..haha..i like your video thumbs up for you gorgeous!

  20. P P says:

    Hmm Taylor baby has a deep throat . Tell me you didn’t get diarhea that night . The foods are tasty but I remind you girl don’t eat too much

  21. Sarah Marshall says:

    Great video. Strange cheung fun though! I like the restaurant ones with the prawns inside and the light soy sauce. It's just heaven!

  22. YM L says:

    cunt princess, speak cantonese

  23. K t says:

    Wow man as soon as I saw this right after found out Anothony Bourdains passed away on facebook feeds… RIP

  24. 방재인 says:

    Omg i used to go to that last restaurant for their cheung fun too when i was an exchange student at hku! Aww the mems

  25. Kat Kormilitsyna says:

    It would be great if you added the locations of the places to the description box!!! So people who spend a lot of time in Hong kong could find these places again!!

  26. 椰子南平 says:


  27. RiverDanube says:

    Talking about a food shop comes this bright comment – "They don't need to rely on anything else, just the food"

  28. Fatima Betchim says:

    I really like this kind of video nice one Tay 😘

  29. エミ says:

    Brooo that shit looks good I want all of it

  30. エミ says:

    Street food doesn’t exist where I’m at, only overpriced food trucks. Honestly there’s so space or infrastructure for it like in Hong Kong. I’d be overwhelmed going there not knowing what stand to get food at lol 😁

  31. エミ says:

    Reminds me of spirited away lol

  32. LOSA Chan says:

    people say don't go for street food in your first date cuz you gonna look so weird and wild 😂😂 even though they taste amazing😍😍

  33. Ocean Eleven says:

    this programme about food and culture makes me think of Anthony Bourdain.

  34. coffeegirl18 says:

    I watch a lot of travel and food shows….Keep up the awesome work. I really like your little thought comments, they make me giggle. Kinki's English is pretty good 🙂 plus she's plain fun. I just watched No Reservations last night…I need to see the Hong Kong ep now. I would've tried a bit of the cow intestines…My local butcher uses pig intestines for breakfast sausages and they're incredibly good. I draw the line at bugs and some shellfish. Also I saw your video on Japan when I was doing a little research on it and I'm now saving to go with my mom (she's a fun travel buddy).

  35. lilstarfox says:

    aaah! can't wait to see more from this series! Also, were they speaking cantonese during this video? I study mandarin and still have a hard time being able to hear the difference because I don't know if its just a different dialect or if its cantonese. LOL thank you for teaching me more about Hong Kong culture.

  36. A G says:

    What if the intestines are dogs or cats?

  37. Gacha Janice vlogs says:

    Love this!!! I'm Hong Kong!

  38. LJ Cl says:

    Great video! Kinki was an excellent guide, her English was great!

  39. 彭绎齐Lillian says:

    ♥️nice shirt…

  40. 彭绎齐Lillian says:

    Welcome to Nanjing or dubai for trying sth nice…

  41. Dana Gabel says:

    Kinki shouldn't be nervous she did great!! Awesome video can't wait to see more!

  42. livylivy Tsang says:

    The hk lady’s English is no bad. Happy to see her speaking English.

  43. Esther says:

    Love your video so much♥ I can tell you really enjoy the food instead of just pretending. And you are so gorgeous too!!

  44. Amp says:

    What's with all these rich kids making travel videos on street food.

  45. Alexandra says:

    why are you not vegan anymore?

  46. AoiGreen says:

    This is an awesome series Taylor!!! Kinki is so adorable. And wow, that last rice noodle dish really got me (drooling). Want to go to Hong Kong so badly now!

  47. Vader says:

    The last restaurant in Kennedy Town, it’s my favorite.

  48. OhMy Gee says:

    I like the humor. 😂

  49. ancientk100 says:

    Eating food with foodies on friday ep. New from Taylor R

  50. Michael Bagherzadeh says:

    has MSG also , not good for heart !

  51. Michael Bagherzadeh says:

    please stop eating garbage in hong kong ,

  52. Eludiastar 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 says:

    I looove fried crispy rice noodles 😍😍

  53. SamuraiBBGun says:

    Since this series is for Fridays, can I suggest this foodie https://www.instagram.com/fridaylahk/

  54. Mina Lau says:

    I was so relieved at 15:48 that you have finally stopped poking the stick all the way into our throat, and ate it ‘horizontally ‘ omg…that was so dangerous ,girl :O I cringed every time and am thankful that you girls didn’t hurt yourself…Please always rmb to place the stick horizontally and just slide the fishball out to eat it ><

  55. Riz says:

    lol Kinki at 19:39 when she said that her english is getting bad and she has no brain AHAHAHA

  56. Juliet says:

    The "sweet sauce" they had with the smelly tofu, is that similar to hoisin sauce?

  57. le chat says:

    Great video girls. Thanks a lot for sharing and friendly greetings from Slovenia :))

  58. hunhunhaha says:

    we need a local who speaks english, hei, im in hong kong now

  59. Sabu says:

    What is Taylor's haircolor? I love it.

  60. Vandna says:

    just come to india taylor, i am sure nothing like it.. and you can never like anything else but indian food!!

  61. Hong Kong er Basic bitch says:

    hi, I am a Hongkonger. I have watched your channel since you were in Japan. As I like Japan and want to learn them by practicing English.

  62. Hyunsoo Kim says:

    goin at hongkong this sept. i wanna taste all those food with source (sauce) hahhaa

  63. Alexandra Stubbs says:

    These need WAY more views!

  64. monica Mangondato says:

    200 day kayo jan man stay

  65. monica Mangondato says:

    Work company store

  66. monica Mangondato says:

    Work company store building

  67. Sid Bakshi says:

    Stoooopid white gurl….is it called stinky tofu cause it stinks. Wow

  68. Carrisa V says:

    Sooo excited for this series, I don't know a lot about the food culture there, so I am very much looking forward to more episodes. 💕✨ ps- love that you added the prices and the names of the shops!

  69. alyzza87 says:

    I give this video a 10. 😉

  70. Amber leung says:


  71. Amber leung says:

    I dont think the hk girl is good at Introduction, she even dont know the history and story of the shop she took to. Thats so boring. And even she is a food youtuber, cant believe. And her English is not that good. Cant explain the point normally.

  72. Tony Lee says:

    Man I guess you didn't care whether the food were good for your health? I used to live in Hong Kong years ago but I never cared for the starch or sweet food. May be time had changed.

  73. Larry Tischler says:

    In Houston we buy fermented tofu in small bottles at the Asian markets. The ones we buy are from Taiwan or Thailand. The taste is so good on rice, or noodles, or veggies. Never fried it.

  74. Joan Pagulon says:

    Hello! I love street foods and we will be in HK next week, I'd like to try all of those! Can you please tell the addresses of the stores?

  75. Evan Roderick says:

    Taylor is so beautiful

  76. Evan Roderick says:

    Ehmm i wanna marry taylor

  77. Yeung Steve says:

    Still around?

  78. Kwan W says:

    As a local HongKonger who lives in Shum Shui Po, I think Kinki did a great job recommending you to all the awesome hongkong style street food!


    White girls are hottest in the world shame they goin extinct tho…white girls betrayin their own race..but thats the case of all girls in all races..at least we keep on bitches on line

  80. Gilbert Yeung says:

    I'm Hong konger she bring you to many famous restaurants in Shum Shui Po, hope you like Hong Kong 😁and your video better than many TV program show….. Work hard

  81. woo woo says:

    Hi baby girl….I'm new to your channel. I love to travel with people. I am a 63 yr old grandmother. Disabled so I can't travel that's why I travel with others . I see a lot of places. So I will experience travel thru you. Thank you. Be Safe ,…have fun grandma 😀

  82. Vince Lau says:

    i grew up eating curry fish balls and cheung fun (especially cheung fun from Macau, so Yummy) but i will definitely stay away from the stinky tofu.

  83. pushkal kumar says:

    Very beautiful video

  84. Honda.Civic Calasiao says:

    You are so Beautiful…..

  85. YuLi anugerawati says:

    Can you writing where te locations please ?

  86. El Bottoo says:

    Wow, you are pretty! I was in HK last week. Why didnt I see you? What district are you in?
    Dang, you should hang out with me. Take me around HK to see places. I look for a pretty woman to hang out with. To chill out with and watch movies and play computergames with. Talk about random stuff and shit. I am 100% Chinese too.
    You would know its me, when you see all the girls giggle when they see me and all the guys (both chinese and white guys) avoid eyecontact with me at all costs lol.
    The sponginess from the fishballs comes from the way you prepare it. You gotta slam the meat again and again untill it hardens up. Ive seen my dad do it when I was young. Takes alot of skill and strength to do it.

  87. Flo Jae says:

    Love the content.. but cam too shaky.. 😄😊

  88. poppicandy says:

    I agree with Kinki. Wanna eat good food, go with locals!! Thanks for your sharing of the real local street food.

  89. luhivy says:

    Rewatching the whole series because I'm traveling to Hong Kong soon 😀

  90. David lang says:

    Fried stinky tofu=fried cheese……

  91. Paola Bueso says:

    Excellent series!! The whole episode feels so professional and it’s super fun to watch. Thank you so much for sharing this!

  92. Elaine Yip says:

    I cannot wait to see you my love

  93. tkjho says:

    @12:00 not kidney, gizzard
    @12:20 not squid, cuttlefish

  94. ᏠᎥᏋᏬᏁ says:

    I was born in Hongkong but never got to explore much there I’ve always asked my parents to go but I need to wait and I’m just watching videos of Hongkong 😊

  95. GLAMY .T says:

    At 7:50 I actually though that a man looking at u on backside in a wired way🤣

  96. Helen L says:

    I used to live in Hong Kong and I miss Mong Kok, Kennedy town, quarry bay and so a lot more so much.

  97. Ghen Ginalyn says:

    Hello frnd ur so beautiful and u speak very well in ur vlog , love ur vlog

  98. Diana45251 says:

    I love how your enjoying Hong Kong Food I’m so late lol but 😊 and I’m Chinese my family is from Hong Kong so this is like 😍😊my dad is from here my mom is from Guangzhou I just wanna travel there

  99. Rebecca Youde says:

    Love this! Are there any worries about eating street food (eg in some countries eg India they suggest to avoid) also can you order/get most thing speaking English only ? The food looks AMAZING and prices are awesome! Very excited to try. Are there local food tours you can join as a newcomer/tourist to help get acquainted with the local/street food?

    Love you videos. Moving to HK in August X

  100. Hung Tai says:

    Not great

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