4 Simple Magnet Motors You Can Make at Home

Hey guys welcome back i’m Nate with the king of random and today We’re going to be doing a few small projects that let us take a look at the relationship between Magnets and electricity growing up. I always love playing with magnets and over the years the quality of magnets available has improved significantly These silver coloured rare earth magnets are very powerful And you can do a lot of really cool things with them the purpose of today’s video is to show you a few awesome tricks That you can do with magnets and electricity using some easily available supplies here are the materials we’re going to need for today’s projects aluminum foil some double-a and triple-a batteries Some strong rare earth magnets and you want to make sure that the diameter of the magnet is at least a little bit larger than The diameter of your triple-a battery some coated copper wire I found this in the jewelry making section at a craft store This is copper wire that has a thin layer of Enamel paint over it it can often come in several different colors some uncoated copper wire Electrical tape and a couple safety pins now the first thing that we’re going to do is extremely simple I have here a stack of these rare earth magnets and a roll of foil what I’m gonna do is I’m going to drop the magnets down through the tube to watch what happens. There’s nothing in this tube. It’s completely empty Let’s watch what happens if I just drop them without the tube They fall straight down. Nothing’s impeding them, but if I drop it through the foil It goes way slower like that’s not even half the speed it’s amazing how much slower it goes It’s not rubbing up against the size of the tube or anything like that as far as I understand it Here’s what happens when a magnet moves past metal it creates an electric field and when electricity is running through metal it creates a magnetic field so as the magnet drops through the metal the metal becomes charged with electricity and then turns into an electromagnet itself the Electromagnet that is the foil is then repelling the magnet that’s falling down through the tube so it slows it down a lot and the more powerful the magnet the more powerful the electric field the more powerful the Electromagnet and the slower it goes it’s kind of confusing But I’m going to try and turn it upside down when it’s almost at the bottom and just keep it going Yes off you Well nope nope That’s crazy magnets, let’s try the next experiment for this one We’re going to take a double-a battery and attach three of our rare earth magnets to the bottom of it Next we want to take about one foot of our bare copper wire bend your wire in half and use a pair of pliers To pinch where it’s bent now, let’s bend the wire into a sort of a heart shape You’ll want to touch the bent portion of your wire to the top of your battery Next we want to bend the two ends of our wire so that they will run directly across the middle of the magnets if you Have excess wire sticking out too far trim that off You’ll also want to bend your wires to make sure that the two ends are parallel to each other At this point we should be able to make a small motor by placing the wire on top of the battery so that the two Ends of the wire are in contact with the magnets the wire should begin to spin Now you can see that the wire did begin to move, but it quickly destabilized and fell off So we’re going to add a couple of curves on the bottom wires to hold it more securely onto the magnet by bending the wire Around the battery we can create a sort of groove that will line up with the magnets and hold our wire in place I’m gonna see if it worked any better with the magnets on the other side so the Little nib of copper doesn’t have to balance quite so perfectly on the tip of the battery Well now it just slipped off the other part of the battery It still made contact right there on the little edge, so it’s still I’ll finally slow down alright I keep having my little copper motor spin so fast that it falls off And I’m trying to find ways to make it stay in place so I think what I’m gonna try and do is I’m going to Try and put a tiny divot in the back of the battery that will give our little pivot point something to stay balanced in so It doesn’t fly off quite so easily I have a nail with a slightly dull head and I’m going to try and line that up with the very center of the back of the battery and Lightly tap it with a hammer to give it a nice dent I need to be careful of course that I don’t stab into the battery I don’t know exactly what that would do, but I’m sure it wouldn’t be good All right, that’s not bad, let’s try that out and see if it’s gonna work That’s working pretty well Oh my gosh And it’s spinning so fast that it’s inertia is causing the battery and magnets to rotate the other direction a little bit. That’s pretty funny There you have it seems that making a dent in the battery does a pretty good job of helping it stay centered And it doesn’t fall off as easily Now let’s make another kind of motor this one uses the same principles, but is a different design We’ll need our double-a battery a couple more magnets two small safety pins our coded wire and some electrical tape the coated wire is copper wire that has a thin layer of protective enamel on the outside of it the enamel prevents the copper from making contact with the battery so Electricity can’t flow through it unless we remove part of the enamel to start cut off about one foot of your coated copper wire Leaving about two inches at the end wrap your wire around your double-a battery several times Wrap the ends of the wire around the coil a few times to hold it all together Now we want to trim the excess wires so that they extend about one centimeter beyond the edge of our double-a battery Now that our wires trimmed we need to remove the enamel from one side of the wires Take some fine grit sandpaper and remove the enamel from one side of the wire until you can see the copper beneath it you can See the copper color that shows that the enamel has been removed from one side of the other But it’s still in place on the other side with the enamel removed from both sides of the wire our coil is ready And it’s time to assemble the rest of our motor with electrical tape attach the safety pins So they are in contact with the two ends of the battery you’ll want to be sure that the loops and the safety pins are At the same height and lined up with each other Secure your battery and pins to the table with the pins pointing straight up Attach one magnet to the battery in between the two pins Feed one wire from your copper coil through the loop in one of the pins Feed the other wire through the loop in the other pin let go of your coil and it might start moving If it doesn’t take off on its own right away give it a little nudge For the last experiment we’re gonna need a little bit more copper wire I have about 20 feet of it right here And we’re also going to need a triple-a battery And four of our rare earth magnets it can sometimes be tricky to find copper wire without any sort of coating on it The copper wire I’m using comes with a plastic coating around it I just shave that off and it gives me some nice exposed copper I’m gonna show you how I use a razor blade to quickly remove the plastic coating from this copper wire Now that I’ve removed a thin strip of the plastic from the whole wire I can easily peel it off from the rest Next we want a wooden dowel with a diameter slightly Larger than our magnets what we want to do is tightly coil all twenty feet of this copper wire around the dowel Now this seems like it’s going to take a really long time So I’m gonna try and speed it up using power tools With the dowel now securely attached to the Chuck of the drill I can now start spinning it and wrapping the wire around it evenly Remove your copper coil from the dowel and spread it out Just a little bit So there’s a tiny bit of space in between each loop if there are any spots where the gap is too large You can usually just push it back together We now have a copper coil about one foot long, so let’s take our magnets and attach them to our battery Before you attach two more magnets to the other end you need to make sure that they’re oriented correctly Facing one direction the magnets are attracted to each other and will pull themselves together But if you flip them around the magnets will repel each other in that same orientation with the magnets repelling each other attach two more magnets to the bottom of the battery At this point if you fit the battery and magnets into the copper coil something pretty fun should happen Check that out the battery and magnets pull themselves through the copper coil like a little self-driving electric train, let’s do that again Mm-hmm there goes flies right through the whole coil We Made it around the curve Okay, so what is happening as our little train goes through its little tunnel when the magnets make contact with the copper coil electricity is running through them and through the copper as We know electricity running through the metal wire turns it into a magnet because we have our magnets facing opposite directions The magnet of the coil is pulling on one side and pushing on the other running it through like a train It goes all on its own, that’s so fun I could probably just play with this thing all day So cool so many neat things you can do with magnets and electricity a quick recap a Powerful magnet drop through a tube of aluminum foil will fall very slowly because it’s movement creates an electromagnet Which slows it down this small type of motor was made by just bending a piece of copper So it touched the top of the battery and the magnets stuck to the bottom of it it had some problems Destabilizing until we flip the battery upside down and put a small divot in the bottom of it Another type of small motor can be made by running electricity through a tightly wound copper coil Rotating over a magnet a couple of magnets stuck to a battery in opposite directions will run through a copper coil like a miniature electric Train there you have it now. You know a few small simple tricks you can do with magnets and electricity at home Thank you for joining us for this project and we will see you in the next one. Talk to you then Do things with them? Next we want to get Hey guys quick reminder that king of random t-shirts are available once again Just go ahead and click the link at the top of the description and it’ll take you to where you can get one today

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    In a similar fashion, when an electric current flows in a wire, a magnetic field is set up around the wire. Wind 50 or so turns of wire around a nail. Connect the ends of the wire to a battery and the nail will be a magnet.

    It turns out the magnetic field created by the electric current in the wire will have the opposite N-S polarity as the magnetic field that created the current in the first place. The magnet falling through the aluminum tube creates a current in the tube. This current in the tube creates a magnetic field around the tube which will oppose the magnet, slowing it down.

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