4 Vietnam’s national dog breeds

According to research, wild dogs in nature had been domesticated by Vietnamese inhabitants for about 6000 years. And they play an important role in Vietnamese cultural, spiritual and daily lives. Among them, 4 rare breeds with outstanding qualities are considered “national dogs” They are Bac Ha dogs, Lai dogs (Indochina dingo), H’mong bobtail dogs and Phu Quoc dogs. Bac Ha dogs are native hounds mainly living in Bac Ha, Lao Cai province. They are typically fuzzy, tall. Some even have manes. They have a variety of fur colors such as black, orange, brindle, gray or black and white, some even are reddish. Bac Ha dogs are clever, easy to be trained and organized. Lai dogs (Indochina dingo) belong to a primitive breed. Can be found in the midland and mountainous areas of Vietnam. Typical ones usually are in orange and black fur. Purebred dogs are white at legs like they’re wearing socks, their tails are fuzzy and white at the end They are quite clever and cruel. Ethnic inhabitants raise them as housekeepers or hounds. H’mong bobtail dogs belong to an ancient native breed of an ethnic group called H’mong in mountainous areas of northern Vietnam. They have typical appearances of healthy, muscular bodies With funny docked tails. They have durable physical strengths and can flexibly adapt to different conditions. Because of their outstanding characteristics, they are selected to be trained as working dogs by Vietnam-Russia tropical center Phu Quoc dogs have been well known as good hounds for hundreds of years. They originate in Phu Quoc Island, Kien Giang province. They are easily distinguished from other breeds By cowlicks, short and glossy fur, and webbed feet. Some of their advantages are good physical strength fast and flexible movements, abilities of climbing, jumping, swimming and co-operating in packs These characteristics make Phu Quoc dogs become very powerful assistants for the hunters.

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  1. Đặng Minh Hoàng says:

    chó phú quốc thì đưa ảnh 4 con chó soáy thoái.

  2. Uvuvwevwevwe Onyetenyevwe Ugwemubwem osac. says:

    thank you b cc

  3. Denva Sidwells says:

    You put a picture of 4 Thai ridegbacks and called them phu quoc. They are Mah Thai Lang Ahn

  4. Vivian Lee says:

    I fee bad for all Vietnam's dogs =[

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