4 Ways to Tell Your Cat “I Love You!”

Team Cat Mojo– it’s in the air. Love is in the air. It’s Valentine’s Day. That’s right. It is a perfect time to learn
about the cat I love you. Are you guys ready
to get catified? Oh yeah. Let’s go. [MUSIC PLAYING] All right, y’all. It is time to learn
about the cat I love you. What is the cat I love you, you
ask yourself, or you ask me. If you’ve watched “My Cat
from Hell,” even that all, you’ve probably seen me
walking around talking to cats by blinking at
them, the slow blink, right. Believe me, I know a
whole lot of people know about this now because
you walk up to me in the street and you blink at me. Which is weird,
but totally cool. Because the concept
is everyone’s getting to know the
language of cats. Way back in the
’90s, early ’90s, I was learning how
to be a cat boy. I was working at
an animal shelter. And I learned that
cats liked me. I was so obsessed
with these guys and obsessed with learning
about their world. So I started reading. And one of the books that jumped
out at me in the beginning, made me feel like, hey, there
might be a community of people who think like me,
or who are obsessed the way I am, and this woman
right here led the way. Her name is Anitra Frazier. This is actually
my copy of the book that I got back the early ’90s. Go figure. In this book I was reading
about the cat I love you. And basically she was talking
about how she learned this by walking down the streets in
the Upper West Side of New York and just looking in the
windows of the brownstones and seeing cats in
there and noticing that they were blinking. What is that, she wondered. So she would blink back at them. And suddenly there
was a language between Anitra and these cats. And that became
the cat I love you. They’re letting you know that
they are vulnerable to you. These are prey
animals, animals that sleep with one eye open,
almost literally, cat napping. Because they don’t want to
be preyed upon in the wild. So the concept of closing their
eyes to you in a slow way– not something that they would
do very willingly unless they’re trying to tell you something. In the spirit of
Valentine’s Day now I’m going to teach you how
to do the cat I love you. If you stare at people they
tend not to trust you very much, you know? So if you’re doing– we’re
going to lose our glasses now. When you do this, stare. Now I’m even– let’s remove
my facial expressions. Not very inviting. So the secret is to
relax, relax your face. So do this with me–
a little scrunch up, a little Gilbert Gottfried here. And then release it. Now you got it. Now we’re softening our eyes. This is the way that we want to
approach a cat, with soft eyes. We’re not staring at them. So let’s take it
to the next step. When you look you soften, and
then behind your vocal box– don’t use your words,
just think them. I’m not speaking right now. I’m thinking. You’re hearing my
inside voice right now. I love you. One more time. Take your time with that. That’s kind of key. When your cat does
that to you, remember– they are showing
vulnerability, in which case we’re not just going
I love you– oh, what? I love you– oh,
are you still there? You know what I’m saying? That shows lack of trust. Trust is really closing
your eyes to the world. Practice that with your cat. What about the cat I
love you how ya doin’? When you walk into a room
and your cat sees you, tell me your cat doesn’t do
yeah, yeah, how ya doin’? I just did it. So let’s incorporate the cat
I love you with the how ya doin’, which is the cat I love
you how ya doin’, originally enough. So you go– Try it! I’m telling you, you
feel stupid doing it. But try it, all right? Now let’s try the bow. And the bow is you’re literally
just bowing to your cat. But you don’t necessarily
have to go all the way down. And in the same way, you don’t
have to do the all the way blink. The I love you bow is like this. It’s almost as if in the back of
your head you’re saying, yeah, I love you. Yeah. Let me teach you about
the 3-step handshake. The 3-step handshake
is using the cat I love you in succession
with some other things. People are always wondering
why they can’t pet a cat. Because you didn’t
ask permission. That’s why. This is how you ask permission,
the three-step handshake. First we’re going
to try the blink. Yeah, throw in a how ya
doin’, throw in the bow, OK. Next thing you do is you present
something with your scent on it for them to explore. Often I will use these bad boys. Step three finally
of the handshake, the real how ya doin’, is
offering your hand to your cat. Now the thing that
I will always do is extend my hand in
a very relaxed way. I’ll treat this
finger like a nose, because cats often
will nose to nose. There’s my nose. I’ll present to them. And often what they
will do once they trust you is allow
them to pet you. They will then push their
nose up, towards the third eye here, and down. These are universal
signs that your cat has fed you over and over again. And if you just use them up a
little bit, don’t feel silly. I mean literally, we’re behind
closed doors here, just you and me in the cat cave. Try it. And try it with your cat. Of course that’s homework. Go and try the cat I
love you with your cat. A true expression of your
love for a cat is saying, I will communicate
on your terms. The cat I love you,
the 3-step handshake, the how ya doin’, the
bow, the finger nose– all those things are going
to their side of the fence. And let me know about it. Write some comments
right down here. Subscribe to this
channel, by the way. Write to me on Facebook
and Twitter and Instagram. Show me some videos, man. Show me some videos,
and pictures, of you doing the cat I love
you, or your cat doing it back to you, or doing the how ya
doin’ or the finger nose. I would love to see
all those things. I mean, honestly, if you want
to do a great Valentine’s Day thing for the Cat
Daddy, show me some of that stuff with
you and your cats. Videos man, I love that stuff. Some pictures on Instagram–
I love that stuff. Please bring it on. I want to tell you
one more thing. I want you to look
at this right here. Cats are cool. People we all knew that, right? Go to catsrcool.org
and you can find out some more about this
very interesting program. Speaking of Cats R
Cool, Cats R Cool sponsors me and my tour,
the Cats Uncaged tour. And it’s coming to
some places near you, not so far off in the future. If you want to find out more
about it, go to my website. Sign up for the newsletter. Check it out right here
on the Animalist Network, and on YouTube. And you will find
out when I will be traveling with Cats
Uncaged at a shelter near you, in a town near you, under
the Cats R Cool banner. So folks, happy
Valentine’s Day to you. Go and spread that love. Go blink a little bit. Go do the how ya doin’. Let me see it from
you and your cat. In the meantime, I have
no way of expressing how big my heart is
for team Cat Mojo. You people have been
coming out in force, letting me know how you
feel about Cat Mojo. And I’m pretty psyched about it. Until next time, all
light, all love, all mojo. [KISSES] Love you. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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100 Responses

  1. Mariah Guzman says:

    It’s so cute when I pretend to cry my baby comes up to me to see what’s wrong and starts meowing then proceeds to try and suck my ear 🤦🏽‍♀️ she’s still a kitten btw lol she’s been doing this for 3 months

  2. Jonathan Powell says:

    I usually do that slow blink with my family's cat, Osiris, and he definitely likes it. Also, Osiris will usually let you know if he wants your attention: He'll walk up to you and meow nonstop. I definitely think Jackson Galaxy would definitely like to meet Osiris.

  3. Chris Lowe says:

    So amazing, if i ever get a cat again, i will definitely be using this information…Not saying i was a bad cat owner, but some of these thing could have come in handy…Every little info helps…Thanks for this!

  4. Micha미차_ says:

    I would love to do these but my bangs are covering my eyes TT

  5. Aaminah Essak says:

    I always love watching ur program on tv

  6. Max Films says:

    Weren’t you on animal planet

  7. Kayley Seanna says:

    When I put my hand to my cat she moved her head to my hand 🔮🌙

  8. THEWOLFMAN 5 says:

    Only place where I can use these emojis 😼😺😽😸🙀😹😿😾😻

  9. Joei Sanford says:

    You are the most awesome teacher of cat everything…i work at a shelter and thanks to all ive learned from you. I have way more success with helping the cats.

  10. Hayley /LilMomyak Johnson says:

    My cat and I do this all the time. My fiancé doesn’t have the same luck but I will continue to encourage him to continue.

  11. jatzzed says:

    I always thought my cat was falling asleep but now I know he loves me

  12. James Johnson says:

    for years before i found your tv show i use to think i was a real nut cause i had learned from my own cats these very ways to communicate with your cats. i am really thrilled to know that 1 im not just imagining their response to me. 2 that there really is a large community of cat lovers. in my city you can tell theres a definate leaning to dogs and cats are not given much credit so i suppose this is why im so passionate towards the amazing creatures. they are really quite a complex animal to live with. thanks again for your posts the whole family enjoys them.

  13. John Harrington says:

    Anyone with a show called "Mt cat from hell" is an asshole, making money by claiming they are from hell, and he has some special quility. and this guy knows very little about cat behavior, a con man creep who exploits cats by claiming they have issues, no animal is more gentle and zen like, he claims he has some connection by claiming they can be communicated with by some blinking. What a freakin weido, know nothing exploiter.

  14. John Harrington says:

    Cat's know you're an idiot. All cats look at you like a whackjob, cat's are smart, unique, they don't buy this shit. This guy's a kook who want's to sell books and treats. A con man.

  15. Fatma Darwish says:

    I slow blind at my kitten then she ran away 😿

  16. Ally’s Rocket says:

    I’ve known about the blink for a long time and sometimes I accidentally blink humans…

  17. bsherrard0002 says:

    Slow-blinked to my cat…she held up one paw and blinked back, "I'm good, but thanks anyway. Have an early meeting." Awkward silent look followed. Lol

  18. Draw me Studios says:

    I blinked and my cat tried to lick my eye😭💕

  19. Fred Smurf says:

    Funny. I cat whistle at my cat like he's a good looking girl. Pretty sure he understands.

  20. goldenfire5 says:

    Cat I Love You.. How You Doin'!
    Yes! It is two blinks. My cat needs two blinks and then all is right with the world. It is very consistent. Two blinks, then she can relax.

  21. Gregora says:

    I've always present my index finger to cats and they generally sniff it and if they rub their head against my hand, I take it as their permission and it works. I can't give my eldest these words you covered because he's using my upper chest as a bed with his back up against my neck.

  22. Iris Sitton says:

    i have two kitties and one of them is just very accepting of everything (i can even rub her belly) but the other one not rly. i already tried the blink and after that i took my hand out, but because i didnt immediately pet her, she came to me and it was sooo amazing! i could even pet the side of her body without her attacking my hand!!! she still wont let me pet her belly though, but i think that is also just different for each cat, some like it, some dont.

  23. CelestiaFan Forever says:

    What does it mean when your cat always bloody meows at you whenever you lock eyes with him or her?! I have had my cat for ten bloody years and after his time of healing from abuse has now become a mama's boy and always meows at me whenever he sees me. He would sometimes swat his paw at my ankles demanding something. To me his meows mean
    1. Food
    2. Water
    3. Cuddle
    4. Mom let me outside!
    5. Mom I'm home let me in the house!
    6. Mom I caught a mouse or a bird!

    I've only have had him for ten years, half of his life was with two other families and they had abandoned him and his sister, please don't ask what happened to his sister.

  24. us and them says:

    This creepy freak probably spends more mirror time fixing its face than any woman would.

  25. Rosemary Gaeta says:

    I hand raised a brother and sister from a week old. The male has so much personality he thinks he's a dog. The female who is all grey and gorgeous is very timid but sweet. When she looks at you it's like a deer in headlights she never blinks, ever. She will come to me only on her terms. She purrs and gives kisses but her nails are always out. I have to remove them from my shoulders she just can't relax. She never bites or scratches. But i love her anyway

  26. Athina Dillmann says:

    People do the blink to you? 😂 Obviously they think you’re a cat, too. That’s awesome. 😁

  27. Simple Life says:

    Hello Jackson,
    I have a question. I have two indoor cats, both with some trust issued and i'll have to go to Therapie for a few weeks in a bit. I have people who can look after them, gut i'm worried, that they will not trust me anymore when i vet back.

  28. Eric Ferguson says:

    My cats do what I call " the stretchy foot dance." Usually one foot at a time, sometimes both feet simultaneously.

  29. pink unicorn says:

    I desperately want to adopt a cat but my parents won't let me 😭

  30. LizGacha Animal says:

    Nobody thinks my black cat is cute anymore bcz we got a baby kitten that looks like a cinnamon bun. But I love my black panther and my cinnamon bun.

  31. Takeda Mataroshi says:

    We always interpreted his nod as ‘Hey’. Turns out we were right. I’ve been using much of your stuff for years, decades but it’s great to have a resource to deep dive or refer others too. Thank you!

  32. Laci Kaix says:

    My Cat doesn't act like other cats. He doesn't do the blink, he'll squint when he sees me and turn onto his back and remain squinting as I talk to him. Then he'll do this cute whisper meow sometimes nothing comes out but he's mouthing the meow lol. A lot of hir behavior is not cat like. But our connection is unique I think. He shows his love by cuddling up to my stomach like a baby as he lays on my lap. He loves to be carried, and most of all spoiled.

  33. Rosa Bolanos says:

    I named my cat gucci for some reason😂😂😂😂

  34. Litte_ Rock_Fire says:

    I have the same cat as the thumbnail what a coincidence lol

  35. Dick Kline says:

    Thanks for the tips. We have three cats. Two males and one female. All rescued and they know it. The female is small and the most vocal. Her name is Pango and she is extremely assertive and demanding. Probably born that way. I created a little cave with our bed sheets and brought her into it. Now she demands it morning and night whenever we get into bed. She gently bites my chin or hands it the cave while purring like a motor boat. She presses herself up against me while I have my arms around he. My wife and I get so many laughs from our little family. Here is my recipe for life. Be grateful for what you have. Be a nurturer. And have a purpose that gives you satisfaction. I am in the sweet spot of life.

  36. One World says:

    I am firmly convinced that the cat you bond with learns through pheromones your response to certain people. My now-13 yr old brothers from a feral litter bonded with me in their first 3 months. The ex unleashed the guillotine, I didn't see them for 3 years. When she brought them to me in carrier, they IMMEDIATELY knew who I was. As we rekindled our bond, I'd be on our queen size bed talking to them……. and one of them did the MGM lion…… like he was getting it out on the table he was really angry I disappeared. In that 3 years she kept them locked in bathroom, people visiting would say they hissed at them……. let's out it this way now…… and I tell them all the time I love them MUCH more than 1,000 entire universes put together…… and when I think I can't love them more, I love them twice as much.
    About those pheromones……. they're timid at first with new faces, almost always fire one shot across the bow with a hiss, I assure people "it's not about you!!!!! they OWN ME……" However, when the landlord, who lived a few houses away, would come up to the house, they were trying to claw their way under the 1" gap between bottom of door and floor in terrified PANIC. He was a sketchy person, stinking of the booze the night before and the freshen-up in the morning. The routine was his wife hated the stink, he'd come to house to take it out on me….. my cats could literally hear his footsteps on asphalt road 50 ft from house. On trash day, the cans are being thrown onto the street, etc. and they cared little. When the landlord was en route, they were as terrified as a baby monkey in a pit full of snakes, literally clawing in panic to get out of there. No other explanation I know of than they could smell my response…… his presence had nothing good about it, ever.
    Nice channel, Jackson Galaxy……now back to YOUR regularly scheduled program 🙂
    P.S. a chic I'd recently met once said to me "there's something about a guy that loves cats who's got something special going on……". Eh…. maybe…… I'll go with that……

  37. Heåvenly XX says:

    I slow blinked at both of my cats earlier and when I opened my eyes they weren’t even looking at me. 💀

  38. Lucas Kramer says:

    05:22: 'Third eye'. What?? I thought this guy deals with cats on a scientific basis. What does he mean here?

  39. Lillian hollin Hollin says:

    U. .are. Cool..IAM..acat.. person. Love you r .show

  40. Kelcy Tobey says:

    I literally just did this to my newly adopted cat (less than a week with me)… she mewed loudly, came running over to me and flopped on her back and purred immediately.

  41. Lillian kline says:

    I grew up with cats and had a dumb dog that would run away and jump the fence
    Cats love me they always sleep on my bed. And cuddle 😺😸

  42. Belqis Aldimshawy says:

    Dude, you're awesome! I finally adopted 2 gracious rescue maus.. I've been watching your videos and I used all your advice. You're amazing, cat daddy!

  43. Cyn Forest says:

    You are so amazing, Jackson! Thanks for all the cat-education. The semi-feral Cat I adopted last year is starting to come around. She’s still skittish — who knows what hell she had on the streets — but now is responding to the techniques I’ve learned from you. I’m so grateful b/c now kitty acts happy and content. Thank you THANK YOU! 😻❤️

  44. Abduxp says:

    dont forget no homo

  45. Rachel Lambert says:

    My lil boy is 20 this year, and we've been slow blinking to each other for years. As he gets older he as held onto his independence as much as he can so it still makes it all the more special when he comes to me looking for some eye contact and petting.

  46. peter parker says:

    I have that book and over time you don't even have to ask permission to pet them, They ask you (just pet me).

  47. Enola D says:

    jackson please help! my cat likes to lay on top of me purring, sleep under the covers with me, even put her mouth on my mouth! but she will never return the slow blink. does she love me or not? 🙁

  48. Chris Macphail says:

    cats love me forever

  49. Spiritwood Live says:

    My Kitty winks at me!! Hey Jackson. What does it mean?

  50. Igor Jajic says:

    respect man,…i m not a weirdo but i do things ,i found right…do you have some short direction for how to learn the cat to in the outside enviroment not to go too far and walk by he own,…for now i had great unexpetdidlly perfect results,.but i always like to ask more experiance person for something i m not totally shoure,.she s still small around 2,3 mounths…..thanks from serbia

  51. yogeeta Sawale says:

    When my cat blinks, hey did you get the fishy for me 😻😹

  52. Rex Wolfdog says:

    My favourite way to love blink at my cats is to, weird as it sounds, blink *upwards*. Keeping your brows unfurrowed, but squinting mostly with your cheek muscles so your lower eyelids come up to meet your top lids. Looks very similar to what cats do, which is blinking mostly with their cheeks when relaxed.

  53. sunny4lady says:

    My cat slow blinks at me all the time and loves rubbing his face on my hand 😀 woohoo, my cat loves me 😀

  54. Abel Morgan says:

    i didn't know this is how they say i love you i feel so loved right now

  55. GoldVesp says:

    It is so funny, I kind of always knew it, the love blinking, the how you doing, the permission. Cats really like me, even street stray cats. One day my cat came to me and started meowing worried. I told my family that another cat entered the house. And i was right, I totally could understand my cats by the way they would communicate to me.

  56. Jade Jade says:

    I slow blink to my cat and he jump on me and lay on my chest and sleep…….

  57. Antonio Colõn says:

    Thank you for all the info

  58. Lady Dyke Vader says:

    For a year I've been doing "hi, I love you, how you doin'?" few times a day just because she started it so I did it back and it went from there. But it really is a special language – I found out that not long after I got her we started having this way of communicating really well on our own terms and it's like when kids were inventing their secret language so no one could understand what they are saying to each other.

  59. Sidnaciousness says:


  60. Believe In Vegan says:

    Is it strange that I've been doing this with cats naturally before watching this vid? 😂😻🤷🏼‍♀️

  61. everycolourinthesky says:

    When u do the blink and they up it up with a head bump 😩🥰🧡

  62. Boopitty boop says:

    Holy dangg, I've been doing these things with my cats over the time I've learned from them over the 3 years. They communicate so much through ways you wouldn't expect.

  63. Amy Sullivan says:

    Omg! My cat does this stuff! The bow, the nose rub, how you doing! It all makes sense now! Lol

  64. Allyx Kelley says:

    Gonna go try these now!

  65. CanadianCharlie64 says:

    The 5th way to tell your cat that you love him is to stick your finger in their bum

  66. Aïe Aïe says:

    So true 👍🏼 Love from Brussels

  67. Heather McLaughlin says:

    Yep got my first cat friend in 1999 and learned the cat I love u by watching them . It works! If it's a cat you don't know then stick to patting their cheeks they love it. I've graduated to the slow blinking ( one eye then the other joins in god only knows what that means but my 3 cats love it ) enlighten me please if its important lol xx

  68. Nikki Polotan says:

    No wonder Abimbola slowly blinks at me everytime I cuddle him!

  69. Tracy Robinson says:

    Wowsers! I really had no idea I've been doing the I love ya how are ya nod since I was a kid! My sister calls me the cat whisperer lol. I've always felt that cats are extraordinary beings and felt a worship kind of LOVE for them . I just tried my best to mimic them as I knew that's one of the best ways to flatter the object of your focus. Always thought I was a kindred spirit to kitties or at least I prayed I was. Love from Miss Grateful sweet Jackson ❣️ 💖💜🐾🐾

  70. Quartz Hyalos says:

    I blink at my boyfriend and he says 'you mistake me for a cat again'. I had a lot of cat 'I love yous'. One time when I was younger I was laying in bed, cat was on top of the counterpane, back to me, I was thinking 'I love you' . That same moment, kitty turns around its fluffy head and says very loudly 'PURRRRR'

    The sweetest, softest spot that's most adorable to very, very tenderly pet is that tiny nosebridge😘😘😘😘

  71. Blueosier says:

    I always thought that cats who did it are just very sleepy, so their eyes are shutting down


    I did the slow blink with my friend’s cat and he did a slow blink right back at me. 😻

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    I trying to sound weard, but that silent ”I love you” -slow blink was super sexy! 😍
    Maybe am a cat…? 🧐

  74. Princeofcups Poc says:

    At the zoo I once slow blinked a big bored male lion. He blinked back. We talkin!
    On the other end, if you want to really spook your cat, get some cosplay cat ears that pointed forward. That means "I'm coming to eat you!"

  75. sakura 0127 says:

    Why did My cat look at me with disgust when i did this

  76. FlamingMolestress says:

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  78. and i oop- says:

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  79. and i oop- says:

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  81. CowTaurog says:

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  82. Ashalon Francis says:

    I open a can of soft cat food…they don't stop loving on me each feeding time til they figure it must be gone or I'm not giving it to them that time. Well, they love on me….just not as ravenously. Except Shadow. He is exuberant in his loving on me at random times.

  83. Ellana Crew says:

    Could you possibly try to verbally explain more of what you are doing? I am a blind cat owner and love the videos, but you often explain what you’re doing by using phrases like “and then do this“ or “put your hand right here,“ without verbally explaining what you were doing or saying what to do or where to put your hand in words.

  84. Kristýna Pokorná says:

    Wow, I did the blink and cat handshake before and I didn't knew about it! I did it automaticly and that's why strange cats are so friendly on me!

  85. Cookie Love says:

    He’s that guy from Alvin and the chickmons😱😱😱

  86. Ace Maximillion says:

    You cant just walk up and pet a cat the way you pet a dog. They have their own space.

  87. STrAnGeX StRaWbErRy says:

    Wow I’m so impressed this really works

  88. Susan Roberts says:

    Over the years I’ve done these things bc they do them to me. I’ve just not known what I was saying. I’ve had cats my whole life. I’m 57 now. 💝😺

  89. Jakkal Jakobie says:

    This video has been out for a LOOOOONG time now, but I'm going to reply anyway. TL:DR cat is a great language to learn.

    My husband and I adopted a human and her 6 cats for the first year of our marriage, and even though they all have moved out, my husband and I still speak to each other in cat, with sprinklings of English when we need to express complicated human thoughts. It's versitile, it's easy to understand, and it's not as akward as you expect starting out.

  90. mugs moonie says:

    I just got a kitten, want to know how to get her to trust me.

  91. CatCraftYT says:

    well I just spent the last 10 minutes blinking with my cat

  92. Valerie Escabi says:


  93. Joshua R says:

    Some people dream of becoming a rockstar
    Some people dream of becoming a gaming god

    I dream of becoming Jackson Galaxy and spending my entire life surrounded by cats

  94. Helen L says:

    OMG, I love the idea of, but am also a little creeped out about, people blinking at Jackson in the street! 😁
    I think had I not seen this I'd have felt it would be creepy if I did that to him, but knowing he gets and likes it means I might, if our paths ever do cross!

  95. Sock •-• says:

    Imagine a stranger coming to your house and then he suddenly says ,,I love you.“

  96. Dmitri Silversoap says:

    nice cat cave bro

  97. innocent heart says:

    I work with an animal shelter in New Jersey. We have one tortoiseshell whos about a year old. She doesnt like anyone, she lunges at everyone who passed her cage. My last volunteer day I sat down with her and tried the combination and I saw amazing results. Everyone was amazed. Shes mever been so calm. She wouldn't let me pet her long but we definitely made progress.

  98. Andy Magnuseth says:

    Okay tbh, Jackson, if i ever embarass myself by meeting you in public and immediately slow blink, its 50% being raised with cats since birth and 50% im not good with verbal expression. Apologies in advance.

  99. Greeneye dreamer says:

    I slow blinked at my cat..everytime I opened my eyes he was closer to me…creepy.

  100. GATURKS says:

    Youtuber GATURKS says: I was like, how in the hell did this video get over 5 million views? (I'm not a cat person) Then I watched it, understood & Loved it.

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