4ft Long Samson Is New York’s Biggest Cat

JONATHAN ZURBEL: He is the biggest cat in all of New York City. COMM: Meet Samson, a huge Maine Coon cat from New York, who weighs in at 28 pounds and measures
4 feet long. JONATHAN ZURBEL: I inherited him from my brother, kind of made him a celebrity on Instagram
and now he is a famous cat. He is the largest cat in New York. So, I’m waiting for a challenger
to step up and say they got one bigger. It’s going to be tough. He is a big boy. JONATHAN ZURBEL: He is a very gentle cat. People call Maine Coons ‘gentle giants’,
he does a lot of funny stuff, but he likes one movie on my iPad. He doesn’t stop watching
it – Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2. COMM: The size of a dog, Samson even has a few canine characteristics. JONATHAN ZURBEL: He will follow me from room to room and just kind of hang out down by
my feet, you know, near me. And he is known to have been growling at the door before. COMM: The four-year-old eats six cans of food a day. JONATHAN ZURBEL: I got to get everything bigger. I have a huge litter box for him, he uses
a lot of litter and he eats a lot of food. COMM: Rounds up grooming bills of $120. COMM: And has his own unique mode of transport. JONATHAN ZURBEL: Usually when I walk my cat in the stroller, people are assuming I have
a kid in there. JONATHAN ZURBEL: People, when they see him, I hold him up and they’re all staring. LADY: I see a lot of cats and dogs but that is by far the biggest cat I’ve ever seen.
It’s crazy, my dog is smaller than the cat. LADY: He is very gentle. MAN: Yeah. Biggest cat I’ve ever seen.
LADY: Yeah, for sure. COMM: The massive cat has over 100,000 followers on Instagram. JONATHAN ZURBEL: I think he is, you know, a stunning cat and I want to make him as famous
as possible, and get him involved in some more cat opportunities. It’s nice that people
appreciate him like I do and so, I love to share him with people. COMM: And he’s been a great wingman to Jonathan. JONATHAN ZURBEL: He changed my love life completely. Can’t tell you how many girls want to come
over and meet him. He is 100% playboy and he gets me a lot of dates and admirers, he’s
priceless to me. I love him. To me he is like my son, he really is. I don’t have any kids
and I’ve just completely bonded with him. To me, he is like a family.

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100 Responses

  1. The Daily Digestion says:

    Awe!! Great video!!!Thank you!??????‍♂️????❤️?????

  2. Curlytop Asmr Lee says:

    Big cat….big s**t litter box!

  3. Pete J says:

    What an awesome cat.

  4. Phyllis Wurm says:

    Beautiful cat and good markings

  5. Gunloc26 says:

    Pfft…my Big Boy Tom just laughed here in KY!

  6. Angela Netherton says:

    Wow he is neat!! My dad had a cat that big once. He is precious!

  7. Katrina M. Aune says:


  8. Love Vizsla says:

    He should mate with a snow leopard. Now that would make the most beautiful hybrid cats ever.

  9. A K says:

    Lot of dates??

  10. Academic achiever says:

    That's nothing, my mother is even bigger.

  11. Σ Μ says:

    Wow…. ??what a cat!!!! ??

  12. Anu George says:

    So sweet???

  13. a normal guy says:

    In awe at the size of this lad

  14. little white says:

    North polar cat

  15. little white says:

    Linux cat ,I can tell

  16. westcoastkilla2009 says:

    He will eat you while you sleeping.

  17. Mist Ollie Vintage says:

    He is gorgeous ???

  18. Gail Johnston says:

    I wouldn't want to clean that litter box.

  19. Leo Vice says:

    Wait he takes a walk in a stroller… Doesn't that basically defeat the purpose and leave the poor kitten without any exercise

  20. SCOTTI BOY says:

    My ex girlfriend had the biggest pussy I've ever seen.

  21. Mobi Opt says:

    get a woman a moron piece

  22. Miss T.E.A. says:

    That cat's just a big cute baby ?

  23. JOHN SMITH says:


  24. Ab Rod says:

    Xbox HUGE

  25. Brandon Walls says:

    Looks like a Bob cat

  26. kaligua says:

    Wow, 3 colored cat is a male. Pretty rare

  27. Nelly Abundis says:

    Mi gatita se cruzó con uno igual, Main Coone y todos sus hijos salieron hermosos! ?

  28. ComeAtMeBro says:

    Chubby bunny

  29. Dany D says:

    So cute

  30. Hannah Riley says:

    Awh that's so sweet, I feel exactly the same about my dog and cat , their my hairy babies!


    Cats never going out of business

  32. comegetus YHWH says:

    I have two gorgeous kitties too and I love them like they're my children as well

  33. sj Z says:

    Super cat!!!

  34. Tapan Debnath says:

    If i could adopt this big cat.

  35. Deborah says:

    He’s a beauty! Hi Samson !!

  36. John Manderson says:

    Goliath sounds a more appropriate name than Samson for this beautiful and gigantic cat ? ??

  37. Bobette Jennett says:

    I am a cat owner of three cute cats and hope my next kitty will be a big kitty like that.

  38. ThaKingzsouljahPR777 says:

    That's no cat, that's a tiger!

  39. NanoSheep says:

    By the way, it isn't just a dog thing to follow their owners room from room. Both my cats play fetch too. It's not un common. Jeeze.

  40. cinema top best says:

    BIG CAT ?

  41. Michele Walburn says:

    I love Maine coins, but many of them are mean as hell. Mine was

  42. Dee says:

    I want a cat like that!

  43. John Alexander says:

    Poor cat doesn't get to play outside lives in a place that smells of piss.

  44. pamula wallace says:


  45. Sarah Skinner says:

    my cat weighs 22 LBs…shes big

  46. Tom Ciaccio says:

    wow – you are a better cat owner than me!

  47. Steve Smith says:

    You'd think he'd clean out the huge cat turds before taking the cat box shot.

  48. John Roberts says:

    Cool but my wife an I have a 32 pound tiger…

  49. tburgher1 says:

    Gorgeous fur baby!

  50. Theresa Thomas says:

    His tail has more hair than on my head…

  51. Shaquoya The Model says:

    Beautiful cat ??

  52. Catgirl says:

    My cats are big too.

  53. el juice says:

    how big are the rats in NY?

  54. Dalemieka Jeter says:


  55. Mary Lawson says:

    Beautiful cat you are blessed with. My local shelter has a orange tabby weighing in at 21.9 lbs.5 yo. Thought about getting him don't know if I could pick him up lol. In my 70s.????

  56. Dave says:

    he is lovely and well cared for

  57. Anita Lanier says:

    Samson is a beautiful cat! !!

  58. Nader Pezeshkan says:

    He is so cute.

  59. Aidil Aidil says:

    So cute

  60. Leslie Davis says:

    Wow love this cat

  61. lewed_comments troll says:

    Dos he gives bodily pleasures to your wife in ur absence?

  62. suzanne david says:

    I love him ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  63. frisches Wiesel says:

    This cat eats little dogs…..?

  64. boo boo says:

    Looks part lynx

  65. Matthew Fraser says:

    Can dogs crossbread with cats

  66. oleaginous says:

    clicked on a video declairing Samson to be 4ft Long ….. hey hoe back to xhamster

  67. Sungod_Da_Don says:

    Yeah it was all good til the stroller came out. Then I was like yep thats about white

  68. Angel says:

    Thats a wild cat.They r bigger breed then domesticated cats. Also wild cats have pointy ears…. So why is this a sensation?? Haahah wao people r dumb. How can u not see a Difference between wild animal n domesticated….??!?

  69. CGB Spender says:

    "to me, hes like my son"

  70. david unmint says:

    Now that is a big cat. i thought mine was big, but he doesn't come close to yours.

  71. DismissiveJuvenile says:

    Goals for a cat person XD

  72. Mom/Color Love All Colors says:

    Beautiful beautiful

  73. Machiavelli Patriot says:

    What did the 500 lb. parrot say?
    “Here, kitty, kitty!” “Wait!” “Not Samson!” “I’m outta here!”

  74. Cat Woman says:

    Big baby! ?

  75. still pg says:

    Does he hunt for dogs?

  76. glow gr says:

    Victoria secret?
    Tall, beautiful,slender, famous.

  77. Kathrin Johnson says:


  78. Ashleigh Jaima Osborne says:

    Stunning cat. ???

  79. Frances Jean Louis says:

    Awwwwww, he's so cute! He reminds me of my cat lucky! My cat Luckt was about the same size as your gentle giant! Love this channel!

  80. Mohd Shafiq says:

    Blame the cat owner for giving it a lot of food…..?

  81. Oya Avincan says:


  82. Oya Avincan says:

    neden büyüdü bu kadar

  83. Michael knight says:

    I take my goldfish in a stroller but don't get much attention I'll take the bowl with water next time

  84. Lilith says:

    I love maincoons!

  85. avocado :3 says:

    707 would LOVE this cat

    only mystic messenger fans will understand haha

  86. Comrade G says:

    A little tiger!!!

  87. V. Ningthoujam says:

    The father must be a tiger.

  88. S R says:

    1:20 Why did he had a bandage around his head , covering his ears…and his neck shaven clean…with what look line little bloody, swollen spots or bumps on his shoulders? And the "groomer" person was way too heavy handed….no need to be that rough.

  89. Sahil Kumar says:

    He's taller than my brother

  90. Hasna Mdd says:

    ????trés trés beau !!!!!!

  91. Katia Martins says:

    ???? ???♥️
    BIG! So cute ???
    Lovely and Very Sweet Angel ??????????????
    I loved so much ♥️
    I wish you, a blessed and delicious weekend ??
    ?? Rio de Janeiro-RJ

  92. legrandmaitre says:

    I'm not sure I'd want to be around when Samson does a big smelly trump!

  93. Soph M says:

    Mega cat stole my heart ♥️

  94. Reza O'Line says:

    Thats a bobcat..

  95. Blitz Comet says:

    Word is the real big ones are in the sewers

  96. Alexander LaVey says:

    2:05 “Cat opportunities”

  97. Robert Jameson says:

    2:29. I'm sure his dating preference is women.

  98. lise mcnamara says:

    Love your cat I have 3 cats ? ??but my daughters cats he big but not like yours beautiful.

  99. lise mcnamara says:


  100. bebo mohamed says:


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