5 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds

– [Narrator] Traditionally,
we think of dogs as man’s best friend. We typically think of
Lassie, the Collie. The faithful canine companion. But the truth is, some breeds of dog are
dangerous and aggressive, and some even have
it bred into them. If you encounter
any of the breeds we’re going to talk about, you might wanna take care. Because here are the five
most dangerous dog breeds in the world. You might think it strange that this odd looking
bear-like faced dogs with blue-black tongues
would make it onto the list. But according to vital
statistics, the Chow Chow or Chow for short,
is one of the most aggressive breeds
of dog out there. They might look
cuddly, but watch out, because recent DNA
evidence suggests that they were among the oldest
breeds of dog around, and probably originated
in Mongolia or Siberia, which is a harsh, and
unforgiving climate. Ancient Chinese
reliefs show dogs remarkably similar
to the modern Chow. It is one of the dog breeds that is very close to wolves
in terms of relatedness. Maybe that explains why you
need to be careful around them, since in the U.S. alone, despite being only 0.01% of the U.S. dog population, they are responsible for 55
incidents of bodily harm, 36 child victims, 16 adult victims, 7 deaths, and 37 cases of maiming. Maybe they do have a bit
of bear in them after all. A very common dog breed, even people who don’t
know much about dogs will instantly recognize a
German Shepard when they see it. They have a somewhat
wolf-like appearance, and are usually black and tan. They are the quintessential
working breed, and are known for
their work with police as sniffing dogs, as
guard dogs, and more. Part of their pedigree
is to be very alert, and sometimes this can
spill over into aggression. So the working
nature of the breed can be a double-edged sword if they’re not trained properly. In the U.S., they make up
2.3% of the dog population, but have caused 96
incidents of bodily harm, are responsible for
60 child victims, 28 adult victims, 14 deaths, and 59 cases of maiming. So the next time you see
one in your neighborhood, better take a step
back, just in case. The Siberian Husky is easily one of the most beautiful
breeds of dog in the world. With gorgeous blue eyes,
and a unique thick coat, as well as a distinctive,
wolf-like appearance, and what’s more important,
they love to work. So, it might seem
like you’re getting the full package with them. But looks and reputation
can be deceiving. Because Huskies can
be very aggressive. The Siberian Husky
belongs to a group of dogs sometimes called
high latitude breeds, all of which have a
documented genetic admixture from the now extinct
Taimyr Wolf of North Asia. This means, that some of those wolf-like traits have
carried over to the breed, making it both willful,
and potentially dangerous. Combine that with their
relentless energy, and need to work,
which if not sated, can result in
destructive tendencies, and you might want to
reconsider getting one, regardless of how beautiful
you think they are. In the U.S., Huskies make up
0.05% of the dog population, and are responsible for 71
incidents of bodily harm, 44 child victims, 5 adult victims, 24 deaths, and 20 incidents of maiming. They are truly a case of
beauty, and the beast. The ultimate German
breed of dog, the Rottweiler is world famous, or infamous, depending
on how you look at it. It has a powerful build, and an instinct to
guard and protect. It can be irredeemably vicious. They are instinctually
territorial, and are a very old breed. Ultimately derived from
ancient Mastiff type dogs, of the sort depicted on
Ancient Roman murals. These Roman dogs were bred for aggression,
intelligence, and readiness, and were often deployed
in battle as war dogs. That history, coupled
by the fact that the Rottweiler has
reprised its role as the ultimate guard dog, ready to engage robbers,
and dangerous people if necessary, has
made the breed deadly if it is not properly trained. In the U.S., they make up
2.2% of the dog population, but are responsible for 495
incidents of bodily harm, 278 child victims, 131 adult victims, 81 deaths, and 277 cases of maiming. If you see one,
it might be better just to cross the street. Pit Bull is actually
an over-arching term for several specific
breeds of dog, that all have a common
history and purpose, and include, but
are not limited to, the American
Staffordshire Terrier, American Pit Bull Terrier, American Bully, and others. These dogs were all
originally bred to engage in cock fighting, bear
baiting, bull baiting, and sometimes,
even dog fighting. Something that
continues even today in secret hidden
underground circuits. Because of this history,
aggression, alertness, and raw power have been bred
into the Pit Bull’s DNA. They have one of the
strongest bites of any breed of dog, and there
have been so many incidents with them involved in harming
humans, that some states and municipalities
actually have legislation prohibiting people
from owning them. More than any
single breed of dog, the class of dogs
called Pit Bulls is the deadliest,
and most dangerous on this list. Making up 4.4% of
the dog population, but are responsible
for a staggering 2,235 incidents of bodily harm, 911 child victims, 806 adult victims, 233 deaths, and 1,268 cases of maiming. If you see a Pit Bull, its best just to run in the
opposite direction, really, really fast. For more topics just like this, be sure to leave a like, and subscribe if
you haven’t already. Don’t forget to check out our other lists. Thanks for watching,
and thanks for learning.

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100 Responses

  1. German shepherd Lady says:

    I won't take a step back cheack my Chanel

  2. German shepherd Lady says:

    Sut up about pit pulls

  3. 2K goon says:

    this list is bullshit he is basically saying fuck that dog he is gonna kill you if you go near him because some human on the other side of the universe made him a killer

  4. 2K goon says:

    this video is bullshit my husky literally piss on the floor when someone comes home that is how much he wants to meet them

  5. sojo0803dg says:

    A dog is only as aggressive as the owner allows if you don't know how to train a dog even a yorkie poodle can be aggressive

  6. Brie Voss says:

    Any dog can be dangerous it all depends on how it was raised😐🐶🐕🐶🐕🐶

  7. Luftwaffle says:

    doggo is gud boi fak u. m8 y u ly?? doggos r gud man is bad.

  8. Tommy Erlandsson says:

    I dont belive you husky are frindly

  9. deependra kailasia says:

    Pagal hai kya kuch bhi batata rahta hai gaaon ka hai kya nalley ,ghadey ,pagal,gavar gaaon ke nalley 3 pey german shepherd aata hai nalley gavar

  10. aubrey s.limelight says:

    Pitbulls are not dangerous their sweet innocent little things you everybody looks at the wrong end of the leash I personally own 2

  11. David the body builder says:

    I have had Rottweilers my whole life 29 years with no incidents.

  12. andrew warye says:

    You're super stupid pittbulls are some of the best dog breeds super athletic this is the worst video I've ever seen on dogs screw you

  13. AfortniteNoob - fortnite Battle Royale says:

    Terrible video

  14. AfortniteNoob - fortnite Battle Royale says:

    Terrible video

  15. Rain Star Lemoine says:

    1:00 literally not even a Chow Chow. That's a Pomeranian 😂 this guy knows nothing about dogs or animal behavior

  16. Carmelo Knowles says:

    Rottweiler is number 1 u must miss

  17. Troubled Albert says:


  18. Tomasina Covell says:

    Just like their owners, the pit bull(s) et al need to be exterminated, I would love to watch them die!

  19. James Pwned says:

    what happens when you mistread a human beeing, incidents of violence might happen. it's not much different with animals. killers are usually made by the society, not born per definition…

  20. Rafael Andrade says:

    Pitbulls are the most sweetest dogs ever

  21. The Ghost says:

    That guy talking crap and fear mongering

  22. AngleFan1 says:

    I love a lot of dogs and while training and upbringing is important, genetics and breeding plays a huge factor in their behavior as well.

  23. Dragon Lover306 says:

    No dogs are born aggressive it is the Owner :{

  24. WhiteScorpion gaming says:

    hey what should do when you own a pitbull?????

  25. WhiteScorpion gaming says:


  26. Harry Birley says:

    I have had two Rottweilers in my life and one still alive panda and Sophie they can only be vicious when wild or not brought up properly I hated the fact that you said if you see one then go to the other side of the road immediately at that time of the video I wanted to slap you please make other vids because all you say in this is crap

  27. Samantha K says:

    Pit bulls are one of the friendliest dogs in the world in back then they called nanny dogs means babysister

  28. Dexter says:

    where is doberman

  29. Blast monkey says:

    My dog is a pitbull mix and he is really nice. We found him in the streets walking by himself and he was super skinny. One time he ran away just to play with another dog he liked, most pit bulls would just leave to attack another dog or person but he didn't.


    i have a german sheperd

  31. B8 gaming says:

    That’s shit I have a husky and you think it’s a wolf. Huskys can have wolf in them but that’s only because some breeders breed husky with wolf, trust me I know what I’m talking about because I grew up with them

  32. B8 gaming says:

    Why didn’t you put Stanfordshire bull terrier that’s a dangerous dog

  33. Dr Sherry vinith says:

    Chow chow is not dangerous

  34. Matthew Hammond says:

    I have a full blooded american rott his name is jax

  35. Barney Barney says:

    Go fuck yourself. You just beleive all the fucking fake bullshit news. My pit is the fuckon nicest dog on the planet once again.


  36. Shadow 1233's Corner says:

    Pit bull lovers would be like: I have 16 pit bulls and they are the most love able creatures in the world. And also kill yourselves.

    And I'll be like: Let's just hope they don't kill you or your kids. And also hold my beer.

  37. Bw Productionz says:

    pitbulls are actually very hard to train to become aggressive, also I have a german Shepard and he’s the friendliest dog ever and I did have a pit bull and he was super super friendly. All of these are bad stereotypes

  38. Dhara Rajpoot says:

    it depends on training

  39. Fierce CJ says:

    HOW DARE YOU PUT PITS AT NUMBER 1. ACTUALLY studys show that the chawawa is one of the most aggressive dogs

  40. s i m p l y p o p p y says:

    It is NOT the dog fault it is the human if they raise them wrong

  41. Amaz 556 says:

    The only fucking reason pitbulls have the most is because they are only shown by the public as horrible dogs I have 1 pitt bull I love with my heart she plays more gently with my baby brother than any other of the dogs that my family owns and still today with tests showing pitt bulls are the top most tolerable dogs in the world beating the more seen dogs as German sheperard chiwawas and countless other breeds that I'm scared to leave my baby brother with I would never find pitt bulls in anyway violent unless they have never been taught other wise and what would you do if you were taught to hurt other things and not live them don't say you did research when none of it's true

  42. CinnamonXDoodle says:

    But I really want a husky

  43. Adarsh k says:

    I have a Rottweiler and pit bull

  44. Andrew Anderson says:

    Well I want a German Shepherd because there a protective dog and so cute

  45. Andrew Anderson says:

    I want a Siberian husky because they’re cute and someone has three Siberian Husky‘s they Don’t bite them

  46. LilMerk205 says:

    I got my ass ate up by a Chow when I was about 4 years old! Them sap suckers are crazy!

  47. guitardude8179 says:

    This needs to come down. If you are dumb enough to think that these false stats are true, then maybe you need to stop watching YouTube for reviews before getting a dog. I personally have a Doberman another of the “dangerous” breeds. She is a sweetheart that wouldn’t hurt a fly. As are all of the breeds in this video from my experience. Those that are getting bitten are not respecting their space, or are doing something illegal.

  48. Arto Lauri says:

    Great! Our dog is mix of German Shephard and American Pittbull terrier. Thats why im not afraid of robbers or pedophiles in our town 😀

  49. HD says:

    U forgot Tibetan mastiff and the Caucasian shepherd they might not be in America but they are more dangerous than all those dogs if not trained right

    My German shepherd is a big teddy bear

  50. blake stephens says:

    I have a big huge pure bread pit bull and he’s the sweetest thing ever it’s all on how there raised

  51. abbi mandie says:

    no dog is dangerous it's just their owner and the way they wher raised

  52. Muhammad Ahmed says:

    I've 2 pitbulls and 3 german shepherds i raise them with love❤

  53. Alexia Fairchild says:

    This is not true i own and breed all of these breeds and they are the sweetest and best dogs ever they are all amazing and we are always having babies and lil kids coming up to them and so many love them so much so i dont wanna hear this freaking fake ass stuff

  54. Guardian of Wolves & Dreams says:

    Huskies are friendly but they do not get along well with small creatures like unknown small dogs and cats. I grew woth all these dogs in this vid but not even one bit me before. Never seen Amstaffs before irl. But why would a husky and a rottie would be dangerous. Also one more thing, Any dog can be dangerous like a golden retriever and Pitbulls are more friendlier than golden retrievers!

  55. Devendra Bhola says:

    But you didn't add doberme

  56. Candy Skyz says:


  57. PETOTRIKS DE says:

    You are stupid German sheperds are stronger and more aggressive than a huskie

  58. Richard H says:

    Every Rottweiler I've met was lovely and friendly. But they had nice owners too. My best friend had two German Shepherds. A male and a female. The male was as soft as anything. Never saw him get aggressive once. The female was more feisty but she was pretty much all bark and no bite lol.

    Silly thing to say, "walk to the other side of the road if you see a Rottweiler." Oh and if you run from a pitbull (or any dog) it'll probably chase you as it thinks it's a game. Whether the pitbull would attack you or not…

  59. Demetrius Castillo says:

    I have a pitbull and it don't bite

  60. Allyssa J Estess says:

    I have a pitbull and she isn't mean at all she loves people

  61. Ari Ari says:

    Kalashnikof, number 1

  62. Stacey Lowe says:

    Pit bolls are guest sensed and amoshenl

  63. Yaznic Rodriguez says:

    German shepherds are not mean dog. It depends the way the owner treats them. If the owner abuses them. The are going to react with a aggressive attitude. If you they treat them like a baby, they are so sweet. Same with pitbulls! My German shepherd is so sweet. Het name is tulip, we treat her like a baby. (She is one big baby) We love her so much!❤

  64. Robert Bright says:

    Fuck you top lists

  65. Robert Bright says:

    Top Lists Your fucking stupid as horse shit

  66. Suhail S.n says:

    pit bull best dogs in world

  67. Suhail S.n says:

    pit bull best dogs in world

  68. roseapplesauce says:

    Chow chows are the devils creation those dogs are mEan

  69. SeeDzNutts says:

    As a pitbull enthusiastic I agree that the dog is more capable of killing you than any other breed….. but it's also the least likely to if raised normally.

    I would also rank it in the top 5 for most affectionate dogs.

  70. Tim Roijers says:

    German Shepard? it is a German Shepherd and the are not dangerous https://youtu.be/3eVxsPXSAQ0 but humans are though.

  71. Master Trolls says:

    We Have 11 siberian huskys

  72. Miranda Blackburn says:

    i cried when it said germen sheperd

  73. Anes Hafsi says:

    Pitbull is the king of dogs 💪

  74. Clark Gibson says:

    Why no Belgian malinwal

  75. Sohrab Gauba says:

    Where is Doberman

  76. kyle v says:

    If you see a pit bull, run away??!! You're a fucking idiot!

  77. Madelyn Lewis says:

    any body can have a nice dog, but to have a mean dog you have to raise it wrong or it had a tramatic past…you can not blame anyone but the disgusting owners that raise their dogs in a way they should not

  78. Megan Alcott says:

    OK I find this video to be full of bs cause all 5 of those dog breeds are so kind and caring and friendly I should know since I volunteer at my local animal shelter and have seen all of these breeds come in cause their owners say that the dog is "dangerous" and "aggressive" while the dog is sitting there wagging its tail happily and being friendly. And I have seen this a lot over the 6 years I have been volunteering

  79. A Poet Called Bulldog says:

    Just glad English bulldog ain't in here

  80. A Poet Called Bulldog says:

    Wut is maiming

  81. Keyanna Ortiz says:

    Pit bulls being first is a lie should be a Rottie. Have a way higher pressure bight and are reasponsible for way more dog attacks!

  82. SamLeBergerAllemand says:

    My german shepherd love kids you just need to train them good

  83. Yo-yo Lady says:

    Omg I have tow red chow chows but their the loveliest dogs but be careful once we had one that went crazy so we had to sell it

  84. Remo Lalougarou says:

    my syberian husky is best behave with tons of dogs bug or small and ppl. kids too. we re all right depends how you raise them. tks lupe for your high IQ . my patience was key but can viciously attack. ive seen it and man not fun. she protected me from a coyote in dog park where we live. to all dog owner or future ones,, tons of live attention running and always encourage hiw good and smart they are. they hear you and they know.
    love to all and joy for ever

  85. Rafael Peraza says:

    This host stupid asf rottweilers can beat pitbull and leave them in pieces

  86. NPC#0 1 says:

    Pit bulls are just big babies. Big babies with a whole lot of muscle.

  87. pradeep kumar says:

    My dog is pit bull but it is happy with my kids it hasn't been aggressive since I bought him

  88. Cole Urquhart says:

    I researched into the statistics this video provided, the video is a lie.
    The world's most agressive is the German shephard

  89. Sahil Modi says:

    Bull shit video. All dogs are good dogs, unless they are raised by shitheads. "Some dogs have it breed in to them" , man this guy is a fucking dumb ass. Dont watch this video for fear of lowering your IQ.

  90. Jιmιn'ς Jαms says:

    …….the voice sound creepy……😰😰😰

  91. Collin Sandy says:


  92. Forza223 Bowe says:

    Dogs are not dangerous, obviously you can’t trust them 100%,

  93. Riot Omega says:

    Kangals are a thing so this list is full of shit

  94. Anonymous Dancer says:


  95. Loopy Lola says:

    You are a fucking dickhead there’s no such thing a a dangerous dog it’s just the way the owner treats them I have dealt with so many “dangerous” dogs even a Caucasian shepherd and she loves puppies kids everything she is the softest sweetest dog ever u are just a asshole

  96. OIdSoIdier says:

    Unfortunately, if pit bulls didn't have a bad reputation no one would want them.

  97. Neil Ball says:

    I got a pit bull dident even know it was when it was a pup , most loving affectionate loyal dog I've ever had never would hurt anyone……

  98. Dakotah R says:

    I did not think pit bull was going to be in the top 5 I was more thinking Dobermans would be up in top 5

  99. Jamie Schaap says:

    Dogs are NEVER born aggressive, they’re MADE aggressive by humans. You raise, train and socialze these dogs well from a young age, they aren’t dangerous.

  100. miiyu69 says:

    Omg, at the end there…. no no no.. NOO!! Never, ever run away from a dog, especially if you think it might be aggressive, by all means get away from it if possible or necessary, but do not run. It will most like chase you if you do….. so that's some really stupid advice. Also are those numbers yearly, or like ever?

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