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Sounds Dogs Hate

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41 Responses

  1. n Beats says:

    Sound to make your Puppy Sleep within 5 Minutes 🙂 Check it out and let me know 🙂

  2. Torri says:

    My dog was unbothered and unimpressed !

  3. Pineapple TV says:

    When my dog heard this, he walked out of the room straight away then I stopped it and he came back. 🙂

  4. Snowy WhiteWolf says:

    My dog hated number 5 and my kittens!

  5. Fortnitebest15 Peep says:


  6. hope seeker says:

    My dog did not hate any of these sounds… He was busy sleeping.. a couple of times he lifted his head to see what's happening and then again went back after a few seconds

  7. Taylar Huynh says:

    My dogs didnt hate it he fell asleep to it

  8. Alejandra Lopez says:

    My dog barked at my phone then she ran off

  9. The_Brass_Gamer YT says:

    My cat hated these sounds. My dogs just layed down and did nothing.

  10. Pandakio Plays says:

    I swear the first sound had my dog ready to eat the phone!

  11. Tiler Boston says:

    Thanks this really helped my Asian friend out

  12. RoMate cho says:

    0:17 tactical nuke incoming!!

  13. Nylah Thomas says:

    I was playing with my dog and then she stopped playing when she heard these sounds

  14. Aria Blue says:

    my dog just kept tilting her head and biting my laptop

  15. Sennia rogers-medina says:

    My dod walked away 😂

  16. Natatat Mailman says:

    Smaller Dog: head tilts back and forth the whole video
    bigger dog: doesn't seem to realize theres noise

  17. Satu Martinez says:

    My dog dosent hate this

  18. Noel YTTV says:

    1 one look at me crazy

    3 jump on me

  19. Lili RM says:

    The only thing that got him were the sirens lol

  20. Leslie Mendoza says:

    I played this for my dog and he kep telting his head

  21. moviefreak382 says:

    I hear no sound. Volume turned up.

  22. Penneriah Smith says:

    My dog went crazy

  23. Gl1tch_1n_th3_syst3m says:


  24. LeGaMa 1412 says:

    it does work

  25. Magic dust says:

    Owe the high frequency hurts me ears

  26. Magic dust says:

    My dog was barking like crazy lol

  27. Abigail Hill says:

    my dog just slapped me SOOO hard

  28. fabian duarte says:

    My dog ran away

  29. XzXBlue DemonXzX says:

    Wow that hurt my ears

  30. Chrissy P says:

    me and my dog hated the first one that hurt my ear

  31. Wyatt Butson says:

    I dont like the first sound

  32. Drawing With Maddie!!! says:

    For the the second one my dog got super scared

  33. Jordan youtube says:

    My dogs didn't react

  34. Juan Diaz says:

    My cat is like wtf

  35. XxItzYoboiSpr1nk1e2sxX Hi says:

    My dog just looked at me ,licked his balls ,and layer back down

  36. Shadow says:

    My dog is sleeping.

  37. 이노츄 says:

    Reaction of my dog:
    1) Running and Jumping
    2) Punching me in the face
    3) Jumping on my stomach
    4) Chewing the table
    5) Sleeping

  38. Marie Martinková says:

    he farted. my dog just farted. I'm not happy with the reaction at all…

  39. Jason Ware says:

    My dog didn’t even care

  40. Kylie Boucher says:

    My dog literally just looked at me and walked away

  41. Kylie Boucher says:

    My dog started panting hard and shaking

  42. Ya Boomboom says:

    My dog hated the emergency sounds he tried biting my phone

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