Literally Pablo is awake and so energetic but I think he is toilet trained now He’s started going on the toilet and he goes outside for a number two now so finally erm but yeah this is the new Childish Gambino song but erm yeah, how have you guys been lately man like, I have had the best sleep ever because I slept early He’s playing with his supreme lanyard yo, suggest like Supreme or like Hypebeast stuff for Pablo I know there is a Supreme dog bowl So I am going to try and find out on Grailed and stuff but yeah let me know and I’ll keep an eye out and buy it for Pabs good boy are you a Hypebeast chillax bro yo okayI found it I also found the price $500.00 $500 for a dog bowl, are you mad like what that is a holiday around Europe for $500 You ain’t getting no Supreme dog bowl I’m so sorry okay You ain’t getting it no don’t feel sad no Pablo, no I will get you something else okay I will get you like a bogo, a Supreme bogo you can sleep on it good boy so yo guys today I am going to be wearing colour I am wearing some red as you can see now remember this brand ArmourLux they hit me up and sent me a free colour t shirt like beginning of summer and I hated it, I was like no I didn’t want this top, I wanted a different top but never the less I am wearing it and I kinda like it now like yo come check this out so I’m wearing this red t-shirt tucked into my jeans with my belt and I am going to put on my Doc-Martens and Pablo yo, yo, yo but yeah come on then so yo I’m wearing this jacket and this used to be my Dads jacket so I don’t know where its from and this brand is non-existent go Pablo, go Pablo, go Pablo, go Pablo yo I changed my outfit now so I’m wearing this blazer with the tucked in and then the Kenzo ting with my DocMartens yo so this is my fit, no cap today just keeping the hair out and then I got this ear ring um I brought that in a vlog not long ago I will link the vlog down below but yo and then I got my rings on that’s from (description) I will also leave them a link down below too but yeah never the less, lets go to uni yo and then tonight I might go to the House Of Vans event you want to say bye Pabs? say bye bye right now it’s almost eleven and it’s remembrance day in London so everyone at TFL is just standing still and taking 1 minutes silence all the tubes have stopped for 1 minute, for remembrance day remembering those that fought in world wars this Facebook Live thing, who actually uses it like if it’s actually a big thing I might start using it to show me chilling with Pablo some days and just talking, q and a’s so if you guys recommend it let me know one day that will be me drum and base yeah man erm yo this is my fit I don’t really dress like this but I thought I would switch it up, switch it up today you know the smart casual, low key flex It’s always, something weird always happens in London man like never a normal day Is it food time but yo now we are heading to House Of Vans for this event but this is my fit now midnight studios, mel 44 collab this is like Fabric nightclub man, It’s so throwback man, throwback yo, yo there is a photo booth photos of skaters in House Of Vans but never the less, that was a magazine event, party ting screening at House Of Vans and now we are leaving It was a cool day today but yo never the less I keep filming down here, Ill film up here but never the less, hope you guys enjoyed today’s video and just me showing you, just an event I went to I’m not really too keen on going to events now because I don’t know, I’m getting kind of bored with them all but yeah who’s going to the Palace drop tomorrow, let me know in the comments down below I am going to the Palace drop early so yeah, see you guys there and ciao

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  1. J_santos says:

    Fuego ✨🔪

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    I need a Pablo in my life

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    ily man keep it up

  4. Deficon says:

    early boys

  5. RevengeWorld says:

    Dope keep it up

  6. Owen V says:

    haha get Pablo a beanie to play with since they always sit. or try to grab one of those bouncy supreme balls that were a gift a few drops back

  7. YN says:

    I swear the poster just waved 4:06

  8. FR3EBYRD says:

    hey I like your editing

  9. Hugo Miranda says:

    If the events are getting boring start your own!!

  10. Jonny He says:

    I really love u bro keep posting thank u

  11. SHOCKWAVEi says:

    The us price is stupid you can probably get it cheaper here

  12. enter name Enter name says:

    If you keep putting Pablo in the vlogs I will keep watching.

  13. Harry Wilcox says:

    Get him the soup bowl instead. Much cheaper option

  14. Edward Sadler says:

    R u coming to the palace x adidas drop today?

  15. Egor Kupratsevitq says:

    Can you write model number of your sennheiser headphones?Please! 🙂

  16. Mctigerhobbes says:

    why dont you take pablo with you?

  17. Knud Peters says:

    what Font Do you use for The intro ans stuff?

  18. Taranchula TV says:

    wheres the link to your earring cop? lol been wonderin where you got it cause i guessed i missed that vid

  19. jahn uth says:

    the links to em shit mate ?

  20. Zephie Chase says:

    Can't get enough of this content

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    Give me ur jacket hummel x 424 plz

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    1.4k views 185 likes 0 dislikes ayy

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    Hypebeast dog

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    love your content man! much love!

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    Just subbed and loving the videos! Also, you know in the Supreme store do they sell normal box logos or is it just the drops?

  26. Joao Cabral says:

    Get him a Raised By Wolves leash

  27. Obi Wan Kobe says:

    He forgot the links anyone else have the ?

  28. Dominik Nowak says:

    If you arent gonna get him the dog bowl (lmao i wouldnt either), get him the Supreme x Sky Bounce ball. They bounce like hella crazy and they are durable, I had one when I was younger

  29. Cathal Byrne says:

    When the dog got sad I died so funny

  30. Euan Macleod says:

    What's the intro song called it's fire

  31. Seb Marks says:

    Like for pablo! Great vlog !

  32. Yung Aldi says:

    Bro I have a few Bape Dog Bandanas for sale; hit me up on my insta: @yungaldi if you're interested in buying

  33. asics78 says:

    Buy a fake one

  34. Jfresh650 says:

    song at 3:12??? that mix is fireeee

  35. Ben Stringer says:

    Take the elastic out of a pair of supreme underwear, and sew it to his collar, put a bogo sticker on his water bowl

  36. JuJu says:

    It's a great platform get it

  37. Farouk Alao says:

    Hey man i have no idea if you'll even see this message but iv been watching your vlogs for the longest time and your content is straight fire ☝🏾️🔥 you've inspired me to start my own Vlog here in Ireland just wanted to say thanks bro!
    Here's the link to my first vlog if you get a chance to watch it let me know ✌🏾️https://youtu.be/7ImwoYoUC_s

  38. Pirlo says:

    Get the soup bowl for Pablo

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    What breed is pablo??

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    Anyone got a link for the red long sleeve?

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    Tune at 4:55 ?

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    Just get the normal bowl

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    never the less

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    'but yo, nevertheless' that should be your tagline

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