6 Tips How To Prepare For Your CCNA Exam!

hi welcome to certificationkits
presentation on how to pass your CCENT or CCNA exam So you may be asking yourself where do I start and what items do I need to have
available to me help me pass my exam on my first attempt well what we suggest you
have are these six items available to your study
Arsenal and you will have an excellent chance to pass your exam on Your First Try so let’s let’s take a look at the six items at
a real high level and we will go into more detail on the following slides the first things will be your CCENT or CCNA study guide and this will be a full-blown study guide we’re also going
to complement that was some sort indepth subnetting study guide the next
item is to have a CCNA home lab this way you can
actually get your hands on experience and your gonna need some sort of CCNA lab workbook
to compliment your CCNA lab the next item is instructor-led CBT your computer
based training these have come down tremendously in price
over the past couple years ago very affordable mail a final you’re
gonna need some sorta test engineer exam simulator to gauge where you’re at it you’re
actually ready go on set for your exam okay so on to next %ah slide the CCNA study guide will all the
study guys that we have listed here are they’re all great choices you can’t go
wrong with any of them cell the first one we have is actually in
online resource if you go to the web-sites free CCNA
study guide dot com you’ll see it um not only is the CCNA said he got there i cnt one there’s no i
cnt to and it set the perfect price it’s free
is easy to read has lots of analogies has lot detail so it’s good for newbies good for
all pro’s good all-round product and it’s free that’s the best part the next item I’ll from Chris Bryant at the Bryant
advantage Chrissy’s CCIE he’s been doing this for
a long time has lots of great articles and videos and former for all levels Cisco
candidates loss a good reviews on his stuff seek
find out at the Bryant advantage dot com our next option for CCNA study guide is its publish actually buy Cisco Press not
authors Wendell Odom his boxer very very detailed re information sometimes it’s a little
bit hard for some our students to have no real networking background or experience
copper and some concepts critical so in debt but under flip side to that generally the people that our students varsity do
have a Cisco background you to stop but because he to springs to
next level how much detailee yell covers in his
book in the final solution we have there’s a
Cybex book by Todd well-known book it’s very easy to read
for it newbie with lots of analogies sometimes is not isn’t in depth enough
for the whole pros that’s probably till only complaint
that we’ve heard on their but all these books are great and yell lou a lot of our student she’s
a combinational yell to Earth 3d cell you may say yell you like help one author writes and but you didn’t understand one topic
you’re there in you you’ll see how another author
presents it and then it really sinks and when you have two
different viewpoints a look at it from okay so the next item here we have are in-depth subnetting guide I’ll we have
to resource is here n the first thing my PS
means like all I’ve look to some study guide in
submarines covered in this study i yes yep six hundred page study guide there and they have cover maybe 10 15
pages at most generally in South netting you
need to know subnetting inside now otherwise you’re not gonna
pass the exam it you word all intimidated by
variable-length subnet mask not ready for the exam dole take it these two resources will really helped cement the concepts into
your head and you will the confident when you walk
into the exam I’ll room did subnetting South gonna be
a problem for you so the Bryant advantage they have a
mastering binary math and subnetting resource it’s over a hundred exercises excellent
resource and your certification kit we had how
likely sup network book over 100 pages over 100 exercises sake to see how much more detail there
is there that gesture overall CCNA study guide its so that’s why we recommend really
hit not books on variable lengths up netting and these are both excellent resources can’t go wrong with odd okay now here’s
the fun part studying we do you actually get
at your hands on some Cisco routers and switches and play with them break Olympic some and all that good
stuff what we suggest is a three routers 3
switch kit is preferred I’ll I’m gonna go over some suggestions
here really quickly cause we have a video for
50 minutes just talking about building a lap but you can
see at the bottom of the slide here we have if you go to certification to stock on
Cisco dash laps dash suggestions you can review their
article there I’ll tons a good M well now the key is getting the right mix of
equipment arm single type a router happened three
dams not always the best arm depending pump budget there’s lots
different ways week pose a serviceable lap for you but you wanna try to get at least one
router with the Fast Ethernet interface for your inner peel and routing trunking
things along those lines one router two serial ports 80 a Frame
Relay Lance a router with tool internet or Fast
Ethernet interfaces for your nap at Lance and something nice to have the even on a
new version exam is I’ll s15 such as 1841 to 3664 router something just to watch out the 120 32
can sport I was 15 so that’s something really want make sure you have the right memory can take their arm but it’s a
nice to have not absolutely required he do you wanna have a minimal at 2950
switch is no 1900 like 1912 24 hours no 2912 24 sings along those lines what is and nice to have is to have a
thirty-five fifty years 3560 layer 3 switching their say make saying hey we’re what do you
mean by that all you’ll find out switches generally
operate at layer 2 routers layer 3 the 3559 3560 switches operating it which can operate it layer
3 they come row social really cool concept not hit
really hard on the CCNA exam deathly on CCNP but it’s nice to get the exposure to
CCNA level another nice thing the hat is on track
to make things nice kneecap sweet little rack like this
no bottom right hand corner in this state right underneath the desk
it’s less than 30 inches ok that under desk it on a desk arm or we
even have one sir on wheels from yell full-blown racks also don’t forget the USB to serial converter
if you don’t have a 9-pin serial port on the back your computer sometimes people are unaware that and
they get a little bit upset if they don’t have arm the ability to be working day one
because to miss their USB to serial converter so
again you could review the URL to bottom to
get more in-depth information on our lab suggestions okay so the next item you need in your
study Arsenal is a real lab workbook you might say
well you know at looked in some other study guys are
some laps and they’re yet they do have some laps you probably
have a total of about 20 pages lapse in areas in your CCNA study guide any generally have a lab something along
the lines that what you see at the bottom
left-hand side here it’s basic lat you have two routers in a way like not
very complicated at all probably not gonna work it company with
only two routers in a whaling campy do probably not getting paid very much so what would really suggest is to have
a full-blown lab workbook like the one that we offer its 450 pages has sixty different
complex laps we also have review questions and
answers and the beach Lance on you could see it all the topics
that are covered its certification kiss dot com for sale
Cisco dash CCNA dash lap dash workbook don’t forget the
trailing slash n here’s a sample I’ll a lack of policy at a workbook are ECU dole when links here sixty your load
balancing said yet different costs under various
links arm each these routers day had two Fast Ethernet ports yet cell we have multiple land segments here I’ll got Mar 1 r2 r2 r3 then teach these
computers so obviously this is a much more complex
scenario an by really been able to see how all this ties together earn to let it helps cement the concepts in the car
to see policy on the exam naturally for your exam success okay said annexing we had cheers
instructor-led CBT computer-based training %uh you could see a whole CCNA class
unfurled really cheap prices suspended three thousand dollars go into an
on-site one I’ll all these are excellent instructors
pick your favorite enable not do well on Chris Bryant be
found damnit E dot Carl its streaming solution and after coupon we’ve seen Alliance
generally about 44 bucks Jeremy at CB the Nuggets will another well-known
instructor their solution is a streaming solution
all shows ninety nine dollar smart smart subscription-based I’ll great videos there too and hear
church cation kit we attack Colin patent double CCIE East done hundreds classes he’s written CCNP book CCNA books I’ll and you could find
its certification kit stock comic headed to one year kits and courses a
physical DVD be sent to you so there’s no streaming in generally when you buy with kid it’s
about fifty dollars okay so the next thing that you’re gonna
need is your test engine our exam simulator and we at test engine stay are every
price point pick one fit your needs I’ll we’re going
to cover for from here transcend are you really can’t go wrong
transcend ur their really great explanations on their the
pass guarantee there too pricey set the botched other
235 dollars I’ll the next fall we have is measure up a currently their only offering i cnt
one exam I’m sure it’ll come up with i cnt to and
CCNA shortly were in November 2013 right now sell I’ll the new version exam was just
released but there’s generally run around ninety nine
dollars I’ll bows on 119 dollars for their CCNA
exam gets transcend a run for your money I’ll good another good test engine exam
simulator yell again just have to look at your
different price points certification kits we have one also be
included will free with purchase of any K if you
want purchases separately it’s twenty nine dollars okay so now you have all the um pieces for your study Arsenal also now what general what we suggest you do is to
take your study guide your CBT you free clutched first three or four chapters cassettes
generally your theory some subnetting complete data then go into the subnetting workbook
complete those exercises im once you’ve done that your ready to
start meat and potatoes CCNA RC said X exam topics and what you gonna do she gonna start to
match up the flap exercises in the lab workbook to study topic you just reviewed ’em
watched cell it is the I GRP you just read the arm chapter on their do the corresponding lawn any keep going
from there OSPF after Dad switching yada yada yada shell Aki complete the books in the
video you take one update exams don’t yell these exams Tess engines have
multiple test banks don’t take them all at one
time because you don’t wanna memorize so you take one purnell all the question she got role
hopefully scored 85 per pattern your you might be ready for the exam but
if he did in print out the one she got role in go back and review does topics 22
laps over wants you are done all those then girl take the 2nd exit see how you do
there keep doing this until your scorn a solid
eighty-five percent you know it’s not for memorization a few follow the simple steps you have a high
probability is pass your exam on your first attempt okay so you’re ready for the exam later
our exam date tips skit we like to schedule the exam for
about 11 a.m. this way if we get up late if there’s traffic or not rushed arm with the guys who work for me we
usually get my hair day offer will have the sake paired or
not stressed out arm yell and it accounts for any unforeseen instant issues that come up
first thing in the morning make sure you get a good night’s sleep
the night before exams don’t wanna be battling a hangover in addition to
Cisco’s trick questions would not be a good combination make sure you know how to get to the
test center many can take your students a day mister test time cause they could
not find a test centre this should never happen keep yourself
plenty of time to get to the test center try to arrived an hour early this rule I eat
and composure sell for exam review any last minute topics you want
to brush up on it also gives you a buffer again in case of a traffic issues
your car breaks down you get lost what have you once you’re there relax retrieve your exam your cram she your notes while you’re waiting for your
exam guide you know the star just need to read it at your questions
carefully in answer to the best your ability knapper leave a question black is if you do its automatically wrong now let me just pack up for sac in here
I’ll first thing you want to do when you sit
down and before you actually start your exam you going to get diesel laminate charts
um right anything you think you might
forget write it down on the charts right down your subnet in charge I’ll
you have the power to or what-have-you for subnetting if
there’s a specific command you think you might get jot it down on this then start the timer
on your exam free the questions carefully Cisco likes to try to confuse you entropy up on that cell just read tra the questions carefully and use
process of elimination ft dull now cell usually there’s one or two answers you
could just throw out in if you could get it down to just
between one or two usually make an educated guess I’ll do not had option on this exam to mark a question for review go back to
it the aware of that see have to answer in
and just move forward and again answer mall because if you
leave any likey death only got all okay so that about sums it up I think if
you follow these simple suggestions we gave you you haven’t excellent chance at passing
your Cisco certification exam on your first attempt we wish you the best of luck if you have
any questions feel free to go to our website
certification kit stock can use the Contact Us button and shoot us an email will be happy to
help you

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