7 Cool Facts about Sulcata Tortoise | Pet Reptiles

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  1. zxzhisian says:

    soooo cute =D

  2. dansza says:

    i used to have one of these. she was called luli. we gave it to one of my daughter's friends who had other turtles and suddenly we discovered lull was a he! lol… how do you know if a turtle is a male or female? 

  3. Elizabeth Ludwig says:

    THAT explains the existence of the myth that the world is a tortise. Tortises really do make their own "worlds" in their habitats. Pretty cool!

  4. Alex Skywalker says:

    thats just awesome

  5. Shahanaj Akter says:

    Question… what tortoise species stays the smallest??? I need to know before I get a Tortoise

  6. Ricky Calderon says:

    Speaking of poop help ms out here I took my sulcata to the vet hasn't poop in like a month they took x rays he has a calcium stone he didn't eat untill like a week ago he stated eating but he hasn't passed the stone yet any ideas on how to help my sully pass I put him in warm bath for mayb 30 min 3 x a day n been eating romaine so it helps cause their watery any more ideas pls let me know thanks

  7. christopher brunk says:

    We have a friend who has a sulfate that weighs but 35 – 40lbs. it has been a family pet for a long time but like most large animals it has just become to much for them. they have been looking for someone to give him a new home and we have decided to step up to the challenge. I personally have dealt with many large breeds of exotics in the past (Nile monitors, green igunas,Burmese pythons, and ect….) however this will be my first giant tortoise. We live in Florida on two acres. So we have the land to keep him and I started doing research but their is just not a lot of information on them. Any suggestions?

  8. Jonathan Melancon says:

    Cacti are a New World plant.  There are no cactus native to Africa. Just saying…

  9. Victoria Masters says:

    I'm getting one for my son's birthday

  10. DahSupreme says:

    dang they live a long time

  11. MJ Gaudier says:

    How is it that clean?

  12. DeadAssTimbs says:

    I love sulcatas so much!

  13. Ryan Caslar says:

    1:Galapagos tortoise
    2:Adabran Giant tortoise
    3:Seychelles giant tortoise-Not obtainable
    4:African Spurred tortoise(sulcata) there actually the 4th biggest

  14. Levent Dv. says:

    lol at how it nods while the guy praises it hahah

  15. Jose Alday says:

    I love me them tortoises aha xd

  16. Saintnix69 says:

    The tortoise looks like he's saying, "put me DOWN!" LOL!

  17. Thundertazzy 412 says:

    can you do 7 facts about the afghan tortoise (Russian Tortoise) Pet Reptiles

  18. Nolan Bernicky says:

    I want one so bad. I already have a tortoise. I hear these tortoises make good pets!

  19. panfishing 101 says:

    I like tortoises have 1

  20. The Soul of a True Slav says:

    He's like "walking along walking al- wait HEY PUT ME DOWN (intense music starts playing and the Tortoise goes into MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE) GOTTA GO FEST)

  21. Fall out Bae says:

    I have one and I Love him so much❤️😍🐢

  22. Random Gaming says:

    Is it usual for a sulcata to have a black strip on their mouth.

  23. jenny myers says:

    He is only the 3rd largest tortoise!


    snapping turtles are bigger and beaster

  25. Cool maniac Happyguy says:

    So cute but teenage girls like to torture and kidnap cute and innocent pets

  26. Xx ItzPurpleGirl xX says:

    How fast can a baby grow

  27. Dark Sev. says:

    Ain't that beautiful and sad-

  28. Jose Sánchez says:

    I found a tortise in a street i pick him up

  29. David Myers says:

    Tank the tortoise brought me here. Very interesting video.

  30. Anthony Pena says:

    is it possible to tell the gender while its still young?

  31. Pudge the fish. says:

    i just got one yesterday he's so little and cute i named him Hermes

  32. kristi Rivera says:

    what does he eat.

  33. ItsBeliz Bish says:

    Fuc k I found one today it's the size of a water bottle cap it was almost run over by a car so I took it in I'm officially screwed 150 years?????? It's big asf helppppppp

  34. I'll Make Cereal says:

    I got 1 2days ago she is adorable her name is Tilly look at her musically @tillythetinytortoise

  35. Amanda Hightower says:

    Can anyone tell me if that turtle will be able to stay in a 75 gallon fish tank

  36. LOYal keyboardcoolkid-co-leader says:

    I have that kind of tortoises it's my pet and I have 2 of them I didn't know they can grow that big

  37. The Noscoping Squirrel says:

    Lol I have one big sulcata and got 3 more babies today

  38. معارج حسن says:

    Me and my descendants can carry on this one pet,great!!!

  39. Nico S says:

    i have 3 of them

  40. kbar4x4 says:

    how old is the one in the video?

  41. MisKy x says:

    I would love to pass this on until my grand children (don't have any yet) so they can share the love Ihave for animals 😊

  42. Cake_gecko says:

    I want one of these,my friend has one that he  got from the railroad

  43. Michelle Campbell says:

    🐢 cute!!

  44. Jeremy Smith says:

    Excellent video. Where can I see more presentations by this host?

  45. gorlanandorf says:

    would a sulcata be okay on a barn property?

  46. Daisukin says:

    Got my sulcata a month ago named him Franklin

  47. Simona Hazel says:

    I go to your store to buy food for my Russian tortoise

  48. Lux Hunsinger says:

    He forgot to mention that when they shake their legs aggressively, that means that they want to be put the hell down and left the hell alone.

  49. Pit says:

    Hi! I am from South Africa. I rescued a baby like this just last week. He is about the size of a golfball. He lost his left front leg and also right back leg. The vet says if I can get him to eat he will be fine. He doesn't want to eat at all. Any help it suggestions will be much appreciated.

  50. musicalmarion says:

    Sulcatas seem more prone to pyramiding?

  51. Chryssesandchaos says:

    I am so gonna get one of these. My rottie of 8 yrs just died and I'm devastated! I don't think I can handle another grief such as the death of a fur baby, sooo…since I love tortoise too, it's what I'l be having next. I just can't live without a pet. Life's boring and dull w/o them.

  52. Mia LaRuffa says:

    I have one and he's so cute!

  53. AnasMations says:

    I have a tortise but it's not that huge yet and it makes a lot of poop but it's not lazy at all!!

  54. Jeff Odessa says:

    crepuscular!! sweet

  55. Alphaツ says:

    this is why i love sulcata tortoise

  56. THE HOLY NÜT says:

    I've just got my baby sulcata Sheldon and he is awsome!

  57. Meena Sharma says:

    All trotiose want care.

  58. Nieve Williams says:

    I'm getting a tortoise I don't know what one to get tho because I've only got a small house

  59. Dr. Hartman says:

    I’m gonna get one when I’m 70, just to piss of my great-grandchildren

  60. Queeneve 18 says:

    I bought a baby one today

  61. Toby S says:

    Omg my salkata digs under his hut. He moves it, he is so strong

  62. Dmeads 56 says:

    Damn, they build their own homes, technically make their own gardens, house other animals that are looking to escape the heat. They are completely independent and are friendly.

  63. EvesInParadise says:

    What a coincidence! ! I also come out when the temperature is right

  64. Kris LaWho says:

    Tortoises look like old people

  65. Rogue Video Productions says:

    How much are these fellas?

  66. Keith Strong says:

    I just got one fire my b day I’m turning 12. On April 10

  67. suburbandrudgery says:

    We had one since the early 80’s. I moved away and my mother gave her to my sister. She dug up the garden and foundation under a guesthouse. She is still alive and very social. Used to sunbathe with me and lay next to my towel. Ate fruit and loved strawberries

  68. Lucky Love says:

    Yesterday I got a tortoise and it’s 6 months old he is so cute his name is joy

  69. robert wright sr says:

    i have a sulcota her name is lil rosey

  70. Vidal Rivera says:

    I say buy a bunch and release them into the habitat here in the north America's and keep fingers crossed that they prosper.

  71. Hidayah K says:

    Great video!

  72. Samuel Lamar says:

    Mine is just a few months hold, but exhibits so much personality already.

  73. Nicola Davies says:

    How old is that sulcata tortoise in your arms.

  74. God given strength Make it happen says:

    Check out our Sulcatas


  75. Alidia Duggan says:

    Very cute!

  76. Idk says:

    I’m getting one

  77. FleshMilk says:

    i have a sulcata tortoise XD

  78. fire truck 23 says:

    Can yjey live in arizona?

  79. Chloe Sedon says:

    Do NOt buy these if you can't provide the care it needs for it's lifetime. My grandfather bought one and kept it in a meter wide metal container where he could barely turn. We inherited him and now he lives in our half acre back yard. He's very big and runs at you fast when he's mad. We love him he's great

  80. eli carrillo says:

    My neighbor has one and she is around 12-15 years and she's huge

  81. Lizzie Toups says:

    Is it bad that mine is scared of everything and will never come out no matter what??

  82. Melanie Gonzalez says:

    I have 2 sulcata tortoises and they’re 2 months old

  83. Sara P. says:

    Death to poachers!!!!!

  84. Crazy Lamont says:

    I gave this tortoise

  85. Mr T says:

    Gotta love the little guys.

  86. Kelvin Rodriguez Jr says:

    I can't stop laughing over the tortoise continuing to walk in mid air

  87. sarina76667 says:

    Tortoise is like “Put me down so help me!”

  88. Ichigo says:

    I have one

  89. GreenFiction says:

    Jungle Bob is so cool

  90. Taylor Polifka says:


  91. Sheepdog Sherlock says:

    Do they do well in NC mountains? We have 4 seasons.

  92. Morenita says:

    I rescued one of those today it was bigger than my computer! 150 years they live that long im screwed

  93. Sulcata Malick Berthé says:

    Wow sulcata tortoise

  94. Jack Bizzell says:

    Cactus in the sahara. lmao okay Jungle Bob.

  95. Eddie May says:

    I read the oldest one recorded was 80 yrs

  96. Pet lovers says:

    cool video

  97. Lisa Williams says:

    Are you waxing him at the shell station?

  98. Lizard Leg says:

    This morning I found 9 in my yard! I live in Tucson, AZ. All are hatchlings. Just made a nice home for all of them, Im so happy rn they're so cool.

  99. * says:

    I feel special for having this tortoise.

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