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You’re watching Animal Facts There is just something cute about a little
white dog. Maybe it’s the angelic appearance that comes from lack of hue. These small dogs may be sans pigmentation
and diminutive in size, but these little white dog breeds are fluffy, fun and full of charm. Let’s get started, but before we start,
make sure to hit that subscribe button and click the bell icon to become part of our
notification squad. 7. West Highland Terrier I’ve gotten so many requests to mention
the West Highland Terrier in a video. And yes, a full video on the Westie is coming
soon. He’s a popular little white dog. According to the American Kennel Club, the Westie is
one of the most popular small terriers. At 15 to 20 pounds, he’s a quick, loyal and
happy dog you just have to love. According to the website DogTime.com, “The
best way to describe this wee white Terrier dog breed from Scotland is simply to say that
he’s so full of self-esteem that he knows he’s the best thing around. Always on the
lookout for a good time, he’ll make you laugh while he entertains himself. He’s
friendly and happy, with a lively nature that endears him to everyone, especially when he
cocks his head to the side and looks at you quizzically.” 6. Bichon Frise If you’re an avid viewer of Animal Facts,
you’ve seen the Bichon Frise a time or fifty. He’s been in no less than a few of our videos.
Like for real. With good reason, he’s one of the most highly searched for breeds on
YouTube. He’s a cheerful lively little dog with a
ton of personality and love for play. This fluffy white small dog breed is a happy and
enthusiastic companion with all the traits that make for a great pet for dog lovers of
all levels of experience. With his compact body and babydoll face, he’s hard not to
love. And to top it off, the Bichon is highly gifted
when it comes to learning tricks. I’ll link to Ozzie the Bichon’s YouTube channel in
the description. He’s an amazing little dog that you just must see. 5. Maltese A close relative to the Bichon Frise and another
staple on Animal Facts is the Maltese. Like the Bichon, the Maltese is known for seeing
everyone as a friend and playmate. His fluffy white coat may make him look like
a pampered little dog, but he excels in dog sports like agility, obedience, rally, and
tracking. He’s a sprightly, vigorous dog that excels in anything he puts his mind to,
including being a friend. He may not be as accepting of strangers as
the Bichon Frise, but there is nothing more the Maltese loves than to be with his people. 4. Sealyham Terrier Like the West Highland Terrier, the Sealyham
Terrier is a great choice for novice terrier owners and yet another breed we had not covered
on Animal Facts. Sealyham Terriers, affectionately called Sealies,
are distinctive-looking, affectionate terriers who stand out for their inquisitive, self-confident,
good-humored nature. According to fans, once you’ve had a Sealy, you can never go back. For a small dog, he’s well-muscled and powerful.
Combined with his good temperament with children and you have a sturdy dog able to handle family
life with vigor. The Sealyham Terrier is less active than the
typical terrier, and some call him the “couch potato of terriers.” But, he has a wonderful
sense of humor and is always ready to play. 3. Bolognese We’ve only mentioned the Bolognese in passing
in previous videos. He ’s a Bichon breed related to the aforementioned Bichon Frise
and Maltese. “Baloney, I love baloney” No Bolognese,
also known as the Bichon Bolognese. This comical little dog is a true companion dog that loves
nothing more than to be with his family. In fact, like the Bichon Frise, this little white
dog is friendly toward everyone. He also shares his cousins’ intelligence
and eagerness to learn new skills. He sheds little, is easy to groom and overall makes
a great companion for any level of experience. Do you think little white dogs are a special
kind of cute? Comment below. 2. Coton de Tulear Yet another Bichon breed, the Coton de Tulear
hails from the island of Madagascar off the southeast coast of Africa. He’s not yet
recognized by the AKC, but that hasn’t stopped him from gaining popularity. The happy and boisterous Coton is a people-pleaser,
who, like the other Bichons, wants nothing more than to spend time with his family. He
forms strong bonds with family members and doesn’t like to be separated from them. It should be noted that not all Cotons are
solid white like the other breeds we’ve discussed so far. Before we get to number one, I get a lot of
comments asking “which breed is best?” I can’t answer that question for anyone
but myself and even then that boils down to the individual dogs. The number one dog on this list is no more
well-suited as a pet than a mutt you rescued from the street. The countdown to number one
is nothing more than a device to keep the video flowing forward. It’s not really fair for the dogs to choose
based on breed alone. There are some that are in love with a certain breed and that
is great. There’s nothing wrong with being in love with a breed you know well. But, all
dogs are individuals and have their own unique quirks and charms. Just like you. OK, on to number one…. 1. Japanese Spitz The Japanese Spitz was developed in Japan
in the 1920s and 1930s by breeding a number of other Spitz-type dog breeds together. What they ended up with was an active, loyal,
and bright dog known for his great courage, affection and devotion making him a great
watchdog and ideal companions for older people and small children. His thick double coat is definitely going
to require a lot of brushing and like his Spitz cousins the Siberian Husky and Akita,
expect hair everywhere. But he’s definitely adorable. Like most Spitz breeds, he can be a bit stubborn,
making training a little less straightforward for novice owners than other dogs on this
list, but he is quite intelligent and with consistency and patience he’s moderately
easy to train. If you’d like to join our supporters in
helping create more videos, head on over to Patreon.com/AnimalFacts. And as always, catch
ya next time.

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  1. Animal Facts says:

    Do you think little white dogs are a special kind of cute?

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    I watched the Add lol. I looked on here for video on pygmy goats. Not many. Maybe you can do one?

  3. Candice W. says:



    I want a dog

  5. Janus Loggins says:

    Precious little balls of white fluff!!!

  6. Sheila Dilley says:

    My favorite is the Bichoin Frise I had one named Harley he died but he was a awesome pet while I had him

  7. Daniel Rodriguez says:

    I love my girlfriends toy poodle

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    I have vivid memories of my childhood neighbors who had a pet dog that was little and white, so this video was great for me!

  9. flitterheart Pegasus says:

    Wow I didn't know that the Coton de Tulear was not acknowledged by the AKC. I encountered one on the day I got married and instantly fell in love with the breed. I do hope to own one in the future.

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    Cutnes Overlord

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    Bichon are the best, I’ve had a pure bichon and I now have a cockerchon. Anything with bichon are great.

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    My love is for Maltese. My Misty was the cutest most loved fur baby.. will definitely get another Maltese.

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    I have a 10 week old yorkie and used to have a bichon Maltese

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    Westie my favorrite

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    I would probably get a Westie if pressed to choose from this group. I am, however, loyal to my 16 year old Chihuahua, Paco, and 10.5 year old Wire haired Dachshund, Billy the Kid, thank you. If I get any other doggos they will be rescues.

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